Michael Harrity

2013 Reasons to Believe Alumni Honor Roll

Michael Harrity Portrait

Sumner Academy of Arts and Science, 1995

Mike Harrity believes that the foundation for success is having belief in yourself and the courage to pursue your aspirations. That belief was shared and cultivated by caring teachers and staff members in the KCK schools he attended, which has played a vital role in leading him to a prosperous and fulfilling career helping college student-athletes achieve their ambitions.

It was his high school English teacher who planted the seed that would open doors to many opportunities in his future. She told Harrity, “You’re a really good writer. Would you consider working for the school newspaper?”

He did, and he went on to become the sports editor. Then during his senior year, he won a KC Metro wide journalism competition. That led to a full scholarship to The University of Kansas, where he received national journalism honors during his college career.

Today, Harrity is the Senior Associate Athletics Director for Student-Athlete Services at the University of Notre Dame. He said he is blessed to have such an influential position at a prestigious academic and athletic institution. He is thrilled with the opportunity to make a direct positive impact on students daily.

Growing up with parents who always emphasized education, Harrity knew that college could open doors to his future. He is proud to be a first generation college graduate.

Harrity is the author of “Coaching Wisdom,” a book featuring leadership lessons from first-hand interviews with 13 coaches, who have won a combined 103 championships, and their players. The book identifies common themes across all of their leadership philosophies, many of which were mirrored by the caring teachers Mike learned from at Stanley Elementary, Argentine Middle School and Sumner Academy of Arts and Science.