Robert Serda

2011 Reasons to Believe Alumni Honor Roll

J.C. Harmon High School, 1989

In 1997, Robert Serda left Kansas City, Kansas for Hollywood with aspirations of a career that most people can only dream of. Although his family and friends had high hopes for him, many were convinced he would be back. And he has come back ??? but only to visit.

Today, Serda is a highly respected and renowned Recording Engineer and Sound Mixer in the L.A. area. For the past 11 years, he has worked for Cartoon Network. In 2009, he received a Daytime Emmy Award for his work on the television series Ben 10: Alien Force.

Serda confesses he wasn’t a model student in high school. He was a bit of a procrastinator. But some lessons he learned in his psychology class stuck with him. They focused on self-actualization and getting the most out of yourself. It made him realize that he shouldn’t put limitations on himself.

He played the saxophone in the high school band and aspired to have a career in music. But he wasn’t thinking about performing with a band. He was interested in studio work. So he attended the University of Southern California, and then went on to Full Sail University in Florida where he was a student in the Recording Engineering program.

He spent the next three years working on corporate videos and commercials in Kansas City. He moved to the L.A. area in 1997 when a friend told him of a job opening there. He landed at a Hollywood studio, where he began working on commercials, television shows, and movies. Three years later he went to work for Cartoon Network.

Many would say that Serda is lucky to be living out his dream, but he doesn’t really believe in luck.

“You get lucky because you put yourself in position for luck,” he said. “And you have to be prepared and believe in yourself when an opportunity arises.”