Terri L. McKinney Broadus

2009 Reasons to Believe Alumni Honor Roll

Terri McKinley Broadus Portrait

Washington High School, 1986

Making a difference in the lives of students is what drives Terri Broadus. It’s not just her job, it’s her passion.

Broadus is administrator of the Wyandotte County Juvenile Detention and the Wyandotte County Juvenile Intake and Assessment Center.

She has spent a total of 21 years of her life there, working with both adults and youth, climbing the ranks to her current title. The job is not something she aspired toward, nor did it come easily. Growing up, she wanted to be a nurse and took classes during high school to become a certified nursing assistant. But a back injury early on took her out of the field. When she landed a job as a youth care worker at Kaw View Detention Center, she quickly discovered that working with troubled youth was her calling.

“I truly enjoy helping the children and talking to them,” she said. “Some of them are just lacking a parent model in the home and they need somebody to look up to – to be a listening ear. I’ve been able to do that during my career here.”

Though she had a knack for the work, she had to earn her position, which she did by going back to school and receiving her bachelor’s degree in organizational management and her MBA.

Several teachers gave her reasons to believe in herself while she was growing up in the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools and she is proud – and humbled – by the fact that she has befriended many of them as an adult, through her work and activities. Her parents also set great examples for her and taught her to always do the right thing.

Through her work and her community service, she gives students in the community reasons to believe in themselves every day.