Tyrone A. Garner

2016 Reasons to Believe Alumni Honor Roll

Tyrone Garner Portrait

Wyandotte High School, 1987

While some people have spent their entire lives in Wyandotte County, Tyrone Garner is a transplant, having spent the early part of his life in San Jose, California. Still, since his arrival, he has made himself a part of the community, and it has become his home. At Wyandotte High School he got involved in debate, and learned to understand and deal with “real world” issues that affect every-day people. He also learned to work with others, to collaborate with the team and with his partner, and to be able to address issues and make a compelling and convincing argument.

Garner has spent his entire professional career with the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department. After a stint in the United States Army, Garner joined the police department as a patrol officer. Since then, he has risen steadily through the ranks, becoming a detective, working in internal affairs, and then becoming a captain, major, interim assistant chief and now deputy chief.

The favorite part of his job as a police officer is being able to help others, and being able to provide resources to areas that need them. He also spends a lot of time mentoring kids, and speaking to organizations in the community. He says his greatest accomplishment is knowing that he???s helped someone, and that he’s worked in the field for something greater than himself.

His advice for today’s students: “Take away what worked for me: Faith, family, education. The first step to hope, the second step to opportunity, and the final step to an improved destiny starts with education. Work hard. Work even harder. Don’t let anybody steal your dreams. Believe in yourself; believe in what you are capable of doing, and know that with God, all things are possible.”

“As long as you do right, you can’t do wrong. Do the right thing, and do as much for other people as possible. When you get to where you feel you want to be, always reach down and pull somebody up. Never forget where you come from. If you have an opportunity to help, or plant seeds of hope, or opportunity, or support of someone else: Do that!”