Behavioral Health

Kansas City Kansas Public Schools is committed to the mental health and wellness of its students, their families, and the Kansas City Kansas community. In addition to Counselors, Behavioral Health Social Workers are available in each school to provide support to students who may experience behaviors or symptoms that impact their emotional health. These social workers serve as the liaison between the home, school and outside community resources. KCKPS is dedicated to building partnerships with a variety of agencies in the community who can support the needs of our students and families.?? The district has added Behavioral Health Social Workers to each school as another layer of intervention to improve the overall wellness of its student population.

Behavioral Health Social Workers:

  • Meet with students who are feeling intense emotions to help them find tools to cope
  • Provide staff with information on behavioral health signs and symptoms
  • Meet with staff to problem solve behavioral challenges and offer intervention techniques to teachers
  • Complete brief assessments to determine best treatment options for students experiencing behaviors or symptoms impacting a student???s learning
  • Meet with families to provide support and resources to meet their behavioral health needs
  • Connect students and families to helpful resources in the community