Board of Education Highlights – May 10, 2018

Board of Education Highlights – May 10, 2018

The Board of Education heard about JE Dunn Construction’s inclusion program, community engagement, the dynamic work the company is doing with our students in classrooms and the progress of the school district’s bond projects. The presentation was held during a special meeting of the Board at the JE Dunn Construction Logistics Center, 240 W. 65th St., Kansas City, Kansas.

Inclusion Philosophy and Practices:

The company emphasized their commitment to providing opportunities for all firms interested in subcontracting with them, especially on our bond projects. The Economic Inclusion Committee, formed to help with this effort, is comprised of minority and women business organizations that support the positive utilization and development of minority, local and women business enterprises. Additionally, the company offers the following programs to champion diversity and inclusion:

  • Small business support
  • Subcontractor Management System (SMS) workshops
  • Quarterly meetings
  • MCD (Minority Contractor Development) program
  • Support to minority business enterprise and women business enterprise programs

Community Engagement:

JE Dunn staff’s work to increase community engagement is concentrated on three areas:

  • Marketplace – forging relationships that support, education, healthcare and other industries beyond just the brick and mortar of building and construction projects
  • Workforce – partnering with a variety of groups to obtain access to talent from a wide array of individuals
  • Workplace – hiring and retaining the best and brightest

Industry Connections to Students and Staff:

The company’s staff has been involved in a number of endeavors to connect students to the construction industry through site visits, presentations and internships as part of the school district’s Diploma+ initiative. JE Dunn staff is serving on advisory boards for several of the pathways, participating in career days at schools, and Junior Achievement activities – all in an effort to familiarize KCKPS students with the work of the construction industry. The company is also making connections between their partners and the school district to forge new opportunities for our students.

Bond Project Update

As you are aware, the citizens of Wyandotte County approved a $235 million zero-tax increase bond initiative in 2016. This paved the way for more than 80 much-needed projects for the school district. These improvements will benefit our students and contribute to them being one step closer to graduating Diploma+. To help us spread the news of these projects, JE Dunn has created “The KCKPS School Bond Report.” The first issue of the quarterly newsletter highlights minority, women and local business enterprise project participation numbers to date, a spotlight on KCKPS student Rickie Bowie who is receiving hands-on experience by interning at the company, and much more. View the May 2018 edition of The KCKPS School Bond Report.

To view the meeting in its entirety, click May 10.

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