Board ReCap – April 26, 2022

Mask Policy Discussion

The Board discussed the District’s current mask policy during a regular board meeting and asked for parents’, guardians’, and staff’s input. Dr. Anna Stubblefield shared results from the ThoughtExchange platform survey, which asked if the Board should continue with the current policy requiring masks or not. Here is a breakdown of the survey results:

survey graph

The Board continued with the discussion following a presentation with the survey results. The Board voted to make masks optional for students and staff as long as the total COVID-related absences remain below five percent (5%). In the event that an individual building (school) exceeds this threshold, that building (only that building) will temporarily return to the mask requirement and will need to drop below five percent (5%) of COVID-related absences for one week before moving back to optional masking. This is effective April 27, 2022 and for the remainder of the 2021-22 school year.

map of Kansas counties

Confidence in Kansas Public Taskforce Challenge Awards

Challenge Award winners

The Confidence in Kansas Public Education Task Force has named 92 schools, including some in Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools, as recipients of the 2021 Challenge Awards.

The Certificates of Merit were presented to seven KCKPS schools by the Vice-President of the Kansas State Board of Education, Janet Waugh, during the regular board meeting held on Tuesday.

Our KCKPS recipients of the Challenge Award

Sumner Academy of Arts & Sciences
Emerson Elementary School
Bertram Caruthers Elementary School
John Fiske Elementary School
Mark Twain Elementary School
Thomas A. Edison Elementary School
Arrowhead Middle School

Students of the Month

The board recognized students for the month of April.

Kaylin Evans portrait

Kaylin Evans, Pre-School – ME Pearson Elementary School

Seth Works portrait

Seth Words, 5th Grade Emerson Elementary

Payton Herr portrait

Payton Herr, 6th Grade – Gloria Willis Middle School

Kylie Yost portrait

Kylie Yost, 11th Grade – Fairfax Learning Center – Michael Knight

Employee of the Month

employee of the month Kurt Wagner

Kurt Wagner, the Assistant Director of Facilities, was recognized as one of April’s Employees of the Month. Reggie Byers, Supervisor of Special Projects, was also recognized.


Capital Improvement Plan graphic

Brad Isnard delivered a presentation on the District’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). The CIP provides an overview of school facility maintenance and renovation needs. The plan covered the following considerations and areas:

  • Key considerations are safety and security, educational effectiveness, operational efficiency, equity, cost, and availability of resources.
  • The plan covers the current fiscal year plus 3 years.
  • The CIP is a living document. Changes will occur due to unforeseen needs.
  • Most construction and larger maintenance work will happen during the summer when students are not present.
  • All projects over $20,000 will be brought to the Board of Education individually for approval.

Board Approvals

Chase Resources

That Board of Education approved the purchase of chase resources for 7th Grade Kansas history, Psychology, Sociology, and World Geography. The current materials are outdated and need to better align with Kansas College and Career Ready Standards.

The 2021-22 exploration and selection process are as follows:

  • First Quarter: Initial Exploration Cadre
  • First and Second Quarter: Teachers tried out possible resources
  • First and Second Quarter: Text Bias cadre work; follow up with DEI and SEL
  • November – February: Final Selection Cadre

The decision-making process was based on:

  • Cultural Relevance and Equity
  • Alignment to Standards
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Evidence-based
  • Differentiation
  • Usability and Teacher Support
  • Support for Developing College and Career Readiness


The Board of Education approved the KidsCare MOU for Head Start. The KidsCARE program identifies and addresses medical, dental, or developmental conditions that may interfere with attendance or the academic success of our students. The program is a collaborative effort between Swope Health and the Unified School District No. 500/ Kansas City Kansas Public Schools. The school-based services are delivered via Telehealth and virtual communications, Mobile Pediatric Services, Mobile Dental Services, and/or via facilitated access to a Swope Health Clinic for clinic-based services.

The actual delivery of services is dependent upon the implementation of site or program-specific collaborative processes established under this MOU.

Extended Learning Summer Program

The Board of Education approved the purchase of curricular resources for Extended Learning Summer Program.  Teacher and student materials are needed to provide a robust, hands-on summer learning environment. These resources provide enriching, project-based and inquiry experiences for students at grades PreK-5th grade. The Bridge to Diploma+ will include:

  1. Grade-level core resources to fill gaps and extend learning
  2. Social-emotional learning resources
  3. Specials (art, music, PE) experiences
  4. Project-based learning and inquiry/real world learning (resources needed)

Mosyle Mobile Device Management (MDM) for Apple Products

The district will now utilize Mosyle to manage all apple devices which include:

  • All student iPads
  • Teacher/Staff iPads
  • Teacher/Principal MacBook Airs
  • Student MacBook Airs
  • District Issued Cell Phones
  • All Apple TV’s

Mosyle provides us the ability to remotely manage all the devices listed above. We can remotely lock/unlock devices, install software or software updates, and apply security patches. In the case of lost or stolen devices, it will allow us to remotely lock/wipe the device.

SGI Concrete Repairs

The Board accepted bids from SGI Company in the amount of $195,830 for concrete repairs at various locations.

Repair of concrete surfaces and structures will address multiple issues, including cracked and otherwise deteriorating concrete at the following locations:

  • New Stanley Elementary (West Side Curb & Sidewalk;
  • East Side Curb & Sidewalk; East Side Platform Steps);
  • FL Schlagle High School (Curb & Sidewalk);
  • North Central Office (North Drive Curb);
  • John Fiske Elementary (Sidewalk & Curb);
  • Eisenhower Middle School (Curb & Sidewalk) and
  • Sumner Academy (North Stairs to Parking Lot).

This work will improve safety of students and staff and address related hazards.  Work will be completed by the end of Summer 2022.

Posted April 28, 2022

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