Board ReCap – December 7, 2021

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Awards & Recognition

The Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education recognized the students of the Month for November. The students are:

    • Sofia Aguirre, Pre-K
      Earl Watson Early Childhood
    • Dominic Trujillo Barron, 2nd Grade
      Grant Elementary School
    • Christian Aldana, 4th Grade
      John Fiske Elementary
    • Eh Klo Say, 6th Grade
      Argentine Middle School
    • Kenadee Anderson, 8th Grade
      Gloria Willis Middle School
    • Karina Muñoz, 10th Grade
      Harmon High School
    • Alejandra Zacapala Martinez, 11th Grade
      Sumner Academy of Arts and Science

Employees of the Month – Jody Mitchell

  • Gail Green
    Occupational Therapist
    Nominated by: Andrea Sanders and others
    “Gail has been serving as an occupational therapist for KCKPS and the Wyandotte Special Education Cooperative for many years. Not only does she demonstrate professionalism and kindness in all of her interactions, while a co-worker has been out sick, she has stepped in and provided services and evaluations at schools in addition to her regular caseload.”
  • Wayne Correll
    Director of Purchasing
    Nominated by: Edwin Birch
    Every organization relies on adequate staff to drive toward success. To achieve the mission and organizational goal of being successful takes teamwork. Now we hear the term teamwork often in our daily lives. But let’s be honest, most of us think of ourselves as team players, right?And, that is ok.

    However, the person who is being nominated for Employee of the Month sets the bar and exemplifies what teamwork and being a team player are all about.


Dr. Anna Stubblefield, Superintendent of Schools announced some of the awards and recognitions schools and the District received in November. The events and activities included:

  • KCKPS School Recognized Nationally for Student Achievement
  • GEHA and 15 and the Mahomies Foundation Launch Health and Wellness Playbook Initiative for Kansas City Students
  • District Receives Commissioner’s Award Honor
  • Social Media Threat at Wyandotte High School
  • Strikeout COVID Vaccine Event for Children 5-11

Board Commentary

Randy Lopez shared a few words of comfort to the families of students who lost their lives over the weekend. He wanted them to know that school district and community is here to support them through this difficult time.

Randy also thanked Dr. Stacy Yeager for her service as a Board Member. Tonight’s meeting will be her last as she transitions from serving on the board for the past 4 years.

“This is bitter sweet that I am leaving. I look forward to continuing to serve you in any capacity I can,” she said.

Dr. Stacy Yeager also thank the Board and said she is confident the school board will continue to move the District forward. 

Dr. Valdenia Winn congratulated Dr. Stubblefield for her deposition to state legislators regarding public education. Dr. Stubblefield was one of three superintendents testifying to the education committee.

KCK Library

The Board of Education accepted as an informational item the Kansas City, Kansas Public Library’s Director’s Report as submitted by Ms. Carol Levers, Director of Libraries.

Carol Levers shared her annual report and informed the Board that the KCK Main Branch Library was voted the 2020-21 Best of Kansas City. The library was named the best library in the state of Kansas.

Consent Agenda

Motion was made and approved to accept the consent agenda.

New Business

School Bell Times Revision Proposal and Middle School Ridership Eligibility Change for SY 2022-2023.

The Board of Education accepted  the Cellular Telephone Provider Agreement from Verizon Wireless as an informational item submitted by Wayne Correll, Director of Purchasing. The current cellular telephone provider for the District is Sprint, soon to be T-Mobile by a recent merger. Verizon was the district’s previous cell phone provider for over 13 years. Establishment of cellular telephone service with Verizon Wireless will upgrade all devices, improve signal quality, address issues related to billing and customer service.

Replacement Show Vehicles (Trucks and Service Vans)

The Board of Education accepted ,as an informational item, a proposal from Shawnee Mission Ford in the amount of $153,475 for the replacement of shop service vehicles. The capital budget includes funds for the replacement of aged and high mileage shop service vehicles following a 5-year period. The proposal is for 2 new F-250 pick-up trucks, and 3 new T-250 Transit service vans.

Board Updates and Approvals

The Board of Education approved the purchase of Amplify CKLA for grades K-3

The purchase of Amplify CKLA Reading Resource for K-3 was made to help establish a comprehensive reading program that also encompasses strong language and writing components to best prepare our students for college and career experiences post-secondary education.

KCKPS Staff COVID Testing Policy Update

Staff provided an update on the COVID-19 testing policy. In-person remote options were provided to all of our students for 2020-21 school year. When we returned to full in-person instruction in August 2021, we saw an increase in the number of students and staff being quarantined. This policy helps to mitigate the spread of the virus and decrease the number of students and staff that have to be quarantined during the school year, which ultimately impacts our efforts to meet our students’ learning needs.

Board Reports

Student Enrollment Analysis and Demographic Study Report – RSP and Associates

Board of Education accepted an informational item from RSP and Associates to provide an updated Enrollment Analysis study.

ESSER II Update and ESSER III Input

The district received $36,708,777 in ESSER II funds.  An application is required to be submitted to KSDE and the State Board of Education for approval.  The first application submitted and approved was for $24,554,942.  A second application for the remainder of ESSER II funds ($12,153,835) is pending approval.  ESSER II funds must be spent by September 30, 2023.

The district has been granted $82,500,802 in ESSER III funds.  Input on the use of these funds is requested from the community and Board of Education.

The Board approved this as an informational item.

Policy Review

Accept 3rd Read-Changes to Several Policies

The Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education accepted for 3rd Read- Changes to the following Policies-

Executive Session


Posted December 8, 2021

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