Board ReCap – January 26, 2022

KCKPS-USD 500 Standard Board Meeting

Modifications to 2022-23 Calendar

The Board of Education approved modifications to the 2022-23 school calendar as submitted on behalf of the calendar committee. The changes approved by the committee shows returning to work on August 4, 2022 for a half day in-service and a half day of classroom prep. August 10th through 12th will be Family Advocacy Days. Students in grades K-6th and 9th first day of school is August 15th. The remainder of the students’ first day is August 16th.

The Opening of Schools Convocation will be on August 9th and will include a half day for classroom prep. The second semester begins January 5, 2023. The last day for students will May 23, 2023 and the last day for teachers will be May 24, 2023.

Awards and Recognition

The Board recognized and honored the District’s Employee of the Month, Students of the Month, and High School Athletes.

Employee of the Month

Melissa Malcolm, MTSS Coordinator, at Central Middle School was nominated by co-workers for The Cub Cash project for all that she has done since she joined the staff three years ago. Her colleagues say the Cub Cash project has been a huge success.  Congratulations to Ms. Melissa Malcolm for being nominated Employee of the Month.

Student of the Month Recognition

The Board and Superintendent congratulated the following students for being selected Student of the Month for January.

Seraphina Klimek
Morse Early Childhood Center

Alexis Ortega-Guzman
4th Grade New Chelsea Elementary School

Victor Banuelos
8th Grade Carl Bruce Middle School

Edaly Caldera-Tiscareno
12th Grade F.L. Schlagle High School

Fall Sport Athlete Recognition

The District’s Athletic Director, Tammie Romstad, recognized the District’s student athletes who qualified for All-State Recognition for Fall Sports 2021-2022. Please join us in congratulating the following students, their coaches, and the schools they represent.


5A All-State 1st Team

  • Senior – Quantre Moore – also selected to play in the Shrine Bowl

5A All-State Honorable Mention

  • Senior – Savyan Powell
  • Sophomore – Maximillian Borner – Foreign Exchange Student from Germany
  • Junior – Kahliek Rainey
  • Senior – Rickey Brown
  • Junior – Cameron Johnson
  • Junior – Antonio Harrison


5A All-State 2nd Team

  • Sophomore – Darrien Gates
  • Senior – Ram Hnin

5A All-State Honorable Mention

  • Senior – Alejandro Perez
  • Senior – UK Lian
  • Senior – Victor Lian

6A All-State 2nd Team

  • Senior – Jean Friday

Athletics and Activities directly involve and impact students, employees, parents and community members in a positive manner while creating community.

New Business

Expand Opportunities for College and Career Readiness at All Grade Levels

The Board accepted, as an information item, a presentation on the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) Multi Year Proposal and Agreement. AVID provides a structure and a common language that articulates AVID’s theory of action for establishing equity and access to educational resources and experiences, promoting college and career readiness for all students. AVID provides a strategy-based instruction framework that empowers staff and students.

Board Discussion

COVID-19 Contact Tracing

The Board of Education approved KDHE’s and the local Unified Government Health Department’s guidelines for Contact Tracing. Based on the new guidelines, school districts may temporarily suspend identifying specific susceptible close contacts potentially exposed to COVID-19 in classroom and extracurricular settings. The District will suspend contact tracing effective February 1, 2022. This will go into effect for 30-days until KDHE and KSDE reevaluate the recommendation.

KU-Thryve Collaborative

The Board approved an MOU with the KU-Thryve Collaborative. The KU-ThrYve Collaborative is a partnership developed to reduce risk for violence and other challenging behaviors by addressing learning loss and social-emotional development. The community partnerships are essential to strengthen Tier I supports for social-emotional learning, academic progress through tutoring, and wraparound services for the whole child, family and community.

The Department of Student Services also provided the Board with a departmental update.

Washington High School Elevator

Washington HS is the only District High School without an elevator. The Board of Education approved the expenditure of leftover bond funds of $1,520,000 for the addition of a passenger elevator and lifts which will improve the district’s ability to provide a quality learning experience to various populations of students by improving access to multiple areas within the building.

Posted January 27, 2022

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