Bridging the Communications Gap

In a school district with over 22,000 students with families who speak more than 70 different languages, bridging the language gap has always been a priority for Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools. Now the district is happy to announce a new and innovative way to make connecting families with all of the information they need in a timely manner.

Starting this week, all KCKPS schools will be equipped with services through Propio One. This innovative app allows for families to come to their area school and get answers immediately, regardless of the language they speak.

“I am so excited about this,” said Naomi Tolentino, Program & Prevention Specialist for Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools. “We will not have to turn anyone away due communication barriers.”

During the 2019-2020 school year community members attending forums around the Enough is Enough program spoke out about the need to be able to communicate better with families of all languages. This is just one way the district is working to accomplish those suggestions.

Propio One is an app that allows schools to connect with a live interpreter immediately. The app will be able to assist families in 200 different languages.

While the app only works in person, the school district will continue to offer the great work from the English as a Second Language team (ESOL). These members of the district have bridged the communication gap for year, and will continue to work closely with KCKPS families.

If getting to a school to get your questions answered is not something you can do. You can always reach out to the members of the ESOL team.

ESOL Staff

ESOL Family Advocates

Saw Kaw
Harmon and Schlalge Clusters
Language(s) Spoken – Burmese / Karen

Maria Arreola
Harmon / Schlagle Clusters
Language(s) Spoken – Spanish

Brian Teachout
Washington and Wyandotte Clusters
Language(s) Spoken – Spanish

Bilingual Community Outreach Workers

Julio Casas
Washington Cluster
Language(s) Spoken – Spanish

Maria Olmo-Rodriguez
Wyandotte Cluster
Language(s) Spoken – Spanish

Mitima Burhungane
Harmon and Schlagle Clusters
Language(s) Spoken – Swahili, French

Justin Mugisha
Wyandotte and Washington Clusters
Language(s) Spoken – Swahili, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, French

Claudia Giner
Harmon Cluster
Language(s) Spoken – Spanish

Nestor Rodriguez  
Schlagle Cluster
Language(s) Spoken – Spanish 

Kumar Monger
Harmon and Schlagle Clusters
Language(s) Spoken – Nepali

Aye Hla Shamo
Wyandotte and Washington Clusters
Language(s) Spoken – Burmese, Karen

Posted August 31, 2021

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