Bullying Prevention

Bullying is a concern for both parents and educators. At school students are taught lessons by their counselor from a program called Second Step. Second Step helps students identify what is bullying, how bullying affects others, and who they can talk to about bullying. At home, parents can help their children understand the difference between bullying, conflict, teasing and a mean moment.

Bullying: Bullying is an aggressive or unwanted behavior from one student to another. Bullying creates a sense of power, and is or could be repeated. Bullying can be something said, something done physically or even through social media, called cyberbullying.

Conflict: Conflict is when both students are upset with each other, and both say or do something to harm each other. Conflict can happen once or be repeated overtime.

Teasing: Teasing is playful. Teasing is done between friends and is meant to be harmless and fun.

Mean Moment: A mean moment can look a lot like bullying, but only happens once. Mean moments often happen when one student is upset or embarrassed by another student.

By teaching social-emotional learning and working towards preventing bullying we can help create a warm and safe learning experience for all students. For more information on how you can support your student, contact Student Services at 913-279-2248, or visit one of the links below.

Bully Prevention Resources:

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