Bus Cards for Parents

The Transportation Department is happy to announce Phase 1 of a two-step process to ensure extra safety while your child is riding on the school bus. Today, your child or children will be coming home with what looks like a key card hooked to a lanyard. Consider this their new bus pass. While some of you maybe questioning the need for this, in the next weeks to a month we will be introducing all of you to a great system for tracking your child better.

Here is what all of you need to know right now.

Why are we using these cards?
This is all part of the district’s efforts to ensure the safety of all of our students while on the school bus. The kids receiving the cards and learning to use them is all part of Phase 1. Soon we will roll out the second part of this process.

When will my child receive their card?
On Monday, schools will be handing out the cards either in the morning or afternoon for all eligible bus riders. It is important for your child to keep this with them at all times. This is also a great time to talk to them about a great place to put the card every day to make sure they know where it is. Their backpack would be an ideal spot.

What should my child expect to do with this card?
Starting on Tuesday, riders will be asked to have their card and scan it every time they plan to ride the bus. Of course, there may be a day they forget the pass. The bus driver and transportation department have a plan in place to account for that rider, but it will require extra time which could lead to some delays.

What happens if my child loses their card?
Students who misplace their card will need to notify the transportation. There will be a $20.00 lost card fee.  Payment will have to be received by transportation or the school before new card is issued.

What if I qualify for the bus but my child does not ride it?
Your child will not receive a card on Monday.

Posted October 19, 2021

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