Frequently Asked Questions – Employment
  1. How do I know about open positions at KCKPS?
    All employment opportunities are posted here.

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  1. How do I know if I am qualified to teach in the KCKPS District?
    The Recruiting team evaluates each teacher candidate’s application, resume and experience to determine the type of license an individual has or may be eligible for in accordance with the job posting requirements. The Professional Workforce team provides additional review and assistance, as needed, for all traditional and alternative licenses pathways such as: Restricted Licenses, Expired License, STEM, Out-of-State, CTE, Visiting Scholars, and International teacher programs.
  2. How can I become licensed to teach in the KCKPS District?
    We have promoted the Paraprofessional to Teacher program during the past three years and the newly formed Teacher Appreciation Program (TAP) program where paraprofessionals, with a bachelor’s degree, in special education, elementary and early childhood can become a special education teacher or general education teacher while pursuing their Masters degrees. We are grateful that the Board allows this as part of the recruiting incentive process to assist in our Grow Your Own programs. The reignited Teaching Fellows Program remains an active Grow Your Own program and has netted 47 Teachers with an 84% retention through the Restricted License and Certificate process. The Certificate process is one that we began three years ago under the deactivated Innovation Coalition group, and one that KSDE recently adopted as a pathway that can spread throughout the state of Kansas because of the prior work that we have accomplished. Consequently, other schools would follow our process that we designed in order for KSDE to grant the same Teacher Certificate within their respective school districts.We place a high priority on hiring qualified individuals who are licensed through the state of Kansas. Licensure is monitored on a regular basis to ensure all teaching staff remained licensed during their careers with our school district.
  1. How can I become a Special Education Teacher in the District if I have a general education degree?
    We have provided opportunities for general education teachers to become Special Education teachers by paying for their Special Education waiver courses. KSDE allows general education teachers to immediately teach in the Special Education area while obtaining 10 courses that would provide them with a provisional license. This was a result of going back and reviewing applications out of our applicant tracking systems.
  2. Do you review applicants from previous times for current job postings or do I have to apply each time?
    It’s always best to reapply for positions that you are interested in pursuing.  We do try to scan old applications but most of the time applicants have already taken other positions especially if the application is more than 30 days old.  Additionally, the Recruiting team constantly scans resumes from multi-licensed teachers, to encourage them to review additional job openings. Invitations are sent to all candidates for our local District Career Fairs. This may include, but is not limited to: to applicants, previous employees who may have left our district and wish to return, and referrals. If a previous employee is able to be rehired, invitations are provided to them as well.
  3. Do you have opportunities for “special assignments” or volunteer opportunities for those who like to work with kids but don’t have teaching degrees?
    Teachers are required by state law to be “licensed in order to be in the classroom with students.” We do not hire teachers for “special assignment”.Individuals who come into our schools have to be hired as an employee with our onboarding process (background check, TB test, references) If someone wants to work within our schools and are not hired as an employee, s/he could apply to be a volunteer within a school. To be a volunteer, a person is required to complete an application and background check through the Student Services office. To reach Student Services please call 913-279-2248.
  4. Who makes the decisions about hiring classroom aides?
    The budgets are set annually which affects the amount of classroom aides we have within each building. It is our hope that as the school district budget allows, we can continue to offer these positions to some of our KCKPS alumni while they are attending community colleges or universities locally once they obtain either 48 or 60 credit hours which many of our classroom aide jobs require.