Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know about open positions at KCKPS?
All employment opportunities are posted here.

Other listings:

KCKPS Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube

Educational Institutions: Colleges and Universities

Government and Regulatory Agencies

Private and Public Organization Websites or Newsletters

Equal Opportunity Media Websites and/or advertisements

How do I know if I am qualified to teach in the KCKPS District?
The Recruiting team evaluates each teacher candidate’s application, resume and experience to determine the type of license an individual has or may be eligible for in accordance with the job posting requirements. The Professional Workforce team provides additional review and assistance, as needed, for all traditional and alternative licenses pathways such as: Restricted Licenses, Expired License, STEM, Out-of-State, CTE, Visiting Scholars, and International teacher programs.

How can I become a Special Education Teacher in the District if I have a general education degree?
We have provided opportunities for general education teachers to become Special Education teachers by paying for their Special Education waiver courses. KSDE allows general education teachers to immediately teach in the Special Education area while obtaining 10 courses that would provide them with a provisional license. This was a result of going back and reviewing applications out of our applicant tracking systems.

Do you review applicants from previous times for current job postings or do I have to apply each time?
It’s always best to reapply for positions that you are interested in pursuing.  We do try to scan old applications but most of the time applicants have already taken other positions especially if the application is more than 30 days old.  Additionally, the Recruiting team constantly scans resumes from multi-licensed teachers, to encourage them to review additional job openings. Invitations are sent to all candidates for our local District Career Fairs. This may include, but is not limited to: to applicants, previous employees who may have left our district and wish to return, and referrals. If a previous employee is able to be rehired, invitations are provided to them as well.

Do you have opportunities for “special assignments” or volunteer opportunities for those who like to work with kids but don’t have teaching degrees?
Teachers are required by state law to be “licensed in order to be in the classroom with students.” We do not hire teachers for “special assignment”.Individuals who come into our schools have to be hired as an employee with our onboarding process (background check, TB test, references) If someone wants to work within our schools and are not hired as an employee, s/he could apply to be a volunteer within a school. To be a volunteer, a person is required to complete an application and background check through the Student Services office. To reach Student Services please call 913-279-2248.

Who makes the decisions about hiring classroom aides?
The budgets are set annually which affects the amount of classroom aides we have within each building. It is our hope that as the school district budget allows, we can continue to offer these positions to some of our KCKPS alumni while they are attending community colleges or universities locally once they obtain either 48 or 60 credit hours which many of our classroom aide jobs require.


Is there a calendar for paycheck schedules?

The Transportation Pay Calendar is linked here. The Pay Calendar for everybody except Transportation is linked here.

How to read the color coded pay schedule: The highlighted weeks are included in each pay period, and you can see the pay period at the bottom of each calendar.  For example, if you work from August 29th thru September 11th this time period will be paid on your 9/30/21 pay check.

How do I identify the extra duty pay on my paycheck?
In the earnings section of your check stub, which you can find in Employee Online, you will see a line under CNT PAY called CNT E/P. This is where your extra duty and/or stipend pay will be listed.

How do I change my payroll tax hold outs?
Go into Employee Online, click Tax Info and then select whatever tax exemption that pertains to you.  (This can only be done 7 days prior to the pay date).

How do I know if my stipend has been paid or when it will be paid out?
The stipend will show on the CNT E/P line of your check stub. There is no other system for alerting you to when your stipend will be paid.

When are extra duty items/ stipends getting paid?
Stipend pay varies throughout the year.  Extra duty is paid according to the regular payroll salary schedule.

If I get a lump sum, how does that affect my tax rate?
Stipends or extra duty pay is taxed at the same rate as other pay, which sometimes results in significant amounts being withheld on lump sum payments. If you’d like to change your tax withholding information you can do that in the Tax Info section of your Employee Online account.

Is there a calendar for paycheck schedules?
Yes. Here is the link.

What do the acronyms mean on my paycheck stub?

Below are the most common acronyms that will appear on your paycheck. 

CNT Pay – Base contract pay

CNT E/P – Supplemental pay l(for example stipends or coaching)

Regular – Pay from Extra Duty Timesheets. There are many more codes that can appear instead of “Regular” depending on the type of duty worked.

Retro – Retroactive pay due to a salary increase. Could be negative in the case of changing positions for 24 pay employees.

TC Retro – Retroactive pay for overtime or regular pay from CIS due to a salary increase.

FICA – Social Security tax

MEDI – Medicare tax

FIT – Federal income tax

SIT – State income tax

KPERS – KS Public Employees Retirement System Deduction

Medical – Insurance Premiums

DENTPT – Dental

VISNPT – Vision

LWOPTKN – Docked pay for leave without pay

What do the different sections of my paycheck mean?
Top Section, First Box: Reference information only

  • It will include your name and your employee ID. 
  • EFT date is the payday date.
  • Period beginning and period ending reflect the date of leaves recorded and timesheet payments (assuming the timesheets were received in Payroll within two days after period end date).

Top Section, Second Box: Withholding status for both federal income tax and state income tax. The notation will always be S (single) or M (married) followed by the number of exemptions you are claiming. In this example, the employee is using Single with 1 exception for federal and Single with 0 exemptions for state. If you have elected an additional amount to be withheld, it will display under the status. If you wish to change your withholdings, you may enter that information on the employee online portal by clicking Tax Info on the left side of the portal header.

Earnings: Gross pay in the top box. Underneath that there is a box that lists taxable wages, which are noted for each of the taxes required to be withheld. Note that taxable wages do not equal gross wages due to certain taxable benefits and pretax deductions.

Employer Paid Benefits: Benefits paid by the district on your behalf. Examples of these may be employee health insurance, employer’s share of Social Security (FICA) and Medicare. Also listed in this section will be KPERS life and laptop taxable benefit required by the IRS.

Taxes: Taxes deducted from your paycheck by law, based on the taxable amounts and the withholding status.

Pre-Tax Deducations: Pre-tax deductions from your check. Pretax deductions are those items that reduce taxable income when deducted from your check. They may include sheltered insurance premiums, 403(b) or 457 deductions, FSA deductions, etc. KPERS is pretax for federal income tax only. 

After-Tax Deductions: After-tax deductions which do not reduce taxable income. These may include non-sheltered insurance premiums, union dues, garnishments, United Way, etc. Please contact the Payroll department (279-2291, 279-2275 or 279-2245) if you have questions regarding this section.

Banking Information: Direct deposit information. If you have several banks receiving direct deposits, each will be listed with the dollar amount deposited. Should you have a need to change your direct deposit information, you may do so in the employee online portal. On the left side of the screen, click Direct Deposit to initiate the change.

Leave Record: Leave balances as of the period end date are reported in HOURS, rather than days. If you are an 8-hour-per-day employee who earns benefit time, your time earned will be reported as 8 hours per day, and if you are a 6.5-hour employee, your time earned will be reported as 6.5 hours per day. 


How can I check on my benefits?
Use the Provider Contacts Sheet (linked here) to contact the appropriate provider. You can also email the benefits team at

What is our group number for Blue Cross Blue Shield?
All of our carriers and group numbers are listed in the Benefits Acronyms document, which is here.

How do I submit a qualifying life event to make changes to my health insurance?
Send your qualifying life event request to

How do I terminate my voluntary plan(s) coverage?
Send your termination request to

I need to contact an insurance carrier about my coverage?
Please see the Provider Contact Sheet. 

What do the acronyms mean on my paycheck stub?
Please see the Benefits Acronyms Sheet. 

How do I file a claim with the voluntary carriers?
Employees must contact the voluntary plan carrier to file a claim. Please see the Provider Contacts Sheet for information about how to contact them.

Who do I contact when I am ready to retire?
Employees can send an email to to receive information about retirement.

How do I find out how much money is in my KPERS account?Employees can contact a KPERS Representative @ 1-877-275-5737 or set-up a KPERS account at

Can I withdraw funds from my KPERS account?
Employees can only withdraw funds from their KPERS account when they separate service from the district.


What paperwork do I need to submit for FMLA? How do I submit FMLA paperwork?
You will need to fill out the FMLA and Long-Term Leave of Absence Form by clicking on this Google Form.
Within 5 business days of submitting this form, the HR Leave team will submit the medical documentation your healthcare provider will need to complete and return.

What happens if I don’t qualify for FMLA but I need to take medical leave?
You may be eligible for a long-term leave of absence with proper medical documentation. Please reach out to to discuss your options.

What do I need in order to return to work from a long-term leave of absence?
Any leave of 5 or more consecutive days will require a release to return to work. This is simply a note from your doctor stating that you have been medically cleared to report back to work, listing the date you will be returning and any restrictions that you may have. Releases must be delivered to at least 1 day prior to your return to work.

Who do I notify for bereavement leave?
Please email Employees are not eligible to enter bereavement leave on Frontline but can send an email to to enter that leave.

Where do I send my doctor’s notes?
Please send them to the Leave Team at

How do I get personal days approved?

Personal days are approved through a two-step process. Your supervisor approves the absence first which makes you eligible to take the personal day. The Human Resources Leave Team is the 2nd approver in the system.


How do I make an employee complaint?
Go to our website,
then go to the Human Resources Tab- click the down arrow, then click on Employee Complaints/Grievances, then choose KCKPS Employee Report


Call a member of the Investigations Team:  Eric Bergsbaken (HR Assistant Investigations)- 913-627-2557 or Magdalena Mumphrey (HR Advisor Investigations)- 913-627-2558

OR email

What information do I need to provide on my complaint?
Please provide as much detail as possible. This will include name (if comfortable), individual making the complaint, individual engaging in the alleged misconduct, date incident(s) occurred, time incident occurred, location where the alleged incident occurred, witness(es); individuals who witness the alleged incident occur.

What are the steps during the Investigation Process?
Please refer to the BOE Policy-KN

This policy will give you information regarding the investigation process, definitions to know, and related board of education policies to review.

Does my complaint warrant an investigation?
Per BOE policy- KN- Any complaint received should be reduced to writing and reported to administration for study, investigation and possible resolution. Whenever possible, complaints should be resolved at the lowest possible administrative level. Any employee who receives a complaint shall inform the individual making the complaint of the employee’s obligation to report the complaint to the administration.

Frontline/Professional Development/Payscale

Who do I contact if I can’t get into Frontline?

Please email and request access to Frontline.

How do I get my college hours added to my professional development transcript?
To get your college hours added to your transcript you must complete the College Hours Form in Frontline. Be sure to upload a copy of your transcript so the hours can be approved. Directions for how to attach files in Frontline can be found here.

What types of classes qualify for movement on the certified pay scale?
The classes must be related to your work and/or correlated to goals established within the Growth Plan in iObservation.

How can I get a list of pre-approved classes for salary movement?
There is no pre-approved list. It is up to the discretion of the Professional Workforce Development Team to approve college credits. If you have questions you can email

Where do I send a college class to get approved for salary movement?Submit your request for approval in Frontline.

How do I send in a completed class to get it logged on my professional development transcript?
After you complete your class submit it to Frontline. Evidence of attendance is required.

What is the approval process for professional development points?In-service professional development, occurring during contract hours, facilitated by a KCKPS USD 500 employee, will have documentation in Frontline created by the IDP rep or the person facilitating the session.

When seeking PD points for professional development occurring during non-contractual times, approval in Frontline is required. Unless the PD is facilitated by a KCKPS USD 500 employee and/or KCKPS Department.

Approval process: (ONLY needed for PD occurring outside contractual times; after school and/or in the summer.)

Step 1: Submit Professional Development Points/Hours form in Frontline.

Step 2: Approval will be granted by the PD Director if the PD correlates to goals established within the Growth Plan in iObservation.

Step 3: Submit all documentation; including evidence of attendance, certificate of completion, transcript, verification letter/email from the instructor/facilitator. (You must have proof of attendance and/or completion from a source other than yourself.)

Step 4: The PD Director will approve PD points in Frontline.

What do the purpose codes in Frontline mean?

Re-licensure – PD transcript hours

  • This box is checked in Frontline when a certified staff member is requesting PD points to be applied to their PD transcript for the purpose of their license/certification renewal.

In-service - PD during school hours

  • This box is checked in Frontline when PD points are requested for in-service professional development occurring during work hours. (i.e. Wednesday early release or District Content PD days)

Individual Professional Development for Salary Adjustment

  • This box is checked in Frontline when PD points are requested for the purpose of salary adjustment. All professional development for salary adjustment MUST be voluntary and occur during non-contractual times. Teachers may NOT receive a stipend or payment AND be awarded PD points for salary adjustment.


  • This box is checked in Frontline when a mandatory training is viewed, whether it be district mandated or building mandated.

What’s the different between mandatory and professional development?
Per negotiated agreement, mandatory and voluntary professional development opportunities are provided for staff. If the training or committee is mandatory then KCKPS, “...shall meet within the teachers' 8-hour workday whenever possible.” If the training or committee must be scheduled after hours, immediately following the participation, teachers, “...shall be subject to compensation as provided in Article XII.” If the training or committee is voluntary, the negotiated agreement states, “non-participation on voluntary committees shall not be considered in teacher evaluations or disciplinary actions.”

In addition, voluntary participation may result in staff earning professional development (PD) points which potentially lead to monetary compensation because as they accrue, staff are able to advance on the salary schedule. For example, teachers in Class IV, holding a master’s degree, may move to Class V after they have completed 15 graduate credit hours beyond the master’s degree - OR - when they have completed at least eight graduate credit hours beyond the master’s degree AND up to 140 hours of PD points. (20 Professional Development Points, for salary adjustment, are equivalent to one graduate hour; 140 PD points, for salary adjustment, are equivalent to seven graduate hours.) Please note, the negotiated agreement also states in-service occurring during the contractual day, or in-service in which staff are paid to attend, “cannot be used for movement on the salary schedule.” Also stating, staff may not be awarded PD points, “...where the individual is earning college credit or is receiving a stipend or payment.” Therefore, staff may qualify for movement on the salary scale when they receive college credit from a regionally accredited institution and/or when they participate in voluntary professional development opportunities.


How do I check on my licensure status?
Go to KSDE’s License Lookup page and search for yourself using the First Name and Last Name fields. If you have questions that your building leaders can’t answer, please email the Licensure Team.

How do I renew or update my license?
The instructions for what you need to do to renew or update your license are printed on the side of your current license. To find your current license go to the KSDE License Lookup  and find the “Print License” button. If your license is expired that will not be an option for you, so you will need to look up the requirements listed on this page.

When I renew or update my license, who do I send it to?

Please send all new or updated licenses to

I am interested in becoming a teacher, but I currently don’t have a teaching license. What options do I have?

We have two alternative certification pathways in our district for people who already have an undergraduate degree, and there are other options in nearby universities. If you’re interested in learning more about the KCKPS Teaching Fellows Program, the Para-to-Teacher Program, or outside resources for becoming a teacher email Liz Meitl.


How can I request a long term sub?
You can request a long-term sub by emailing or calling 913.279.2260 or at 913.279.2383.

How do I review a long-term sub?
You can review a long-term sub by emailing or calling 913.279.2260 or karen.mccarty@kckps.or at 913.279.2383.

New Employees/Transfers/Replacements

Where do I go to get my badge?
If you need a new or replacement badge please sign up for an appointment using this link. At your appointed time you will go to the Maintenance Shop, which is located on the east side of the internal courtyard in the lower part of the North Central Office Building (across the parking lot from Schlagle High School).

I’ve recently changed my name. How do I get it changed in the human resource systems?

If you’re a certified employee please email Shaunteh Jones and let her know about your name change, and if you’re a classified employee please email Otherine Bembry. They will need copies of your new social security card and driver’s license, and possible additional documentation. If your name change is the result of a marriage or divorce, you will also need to submit your marriage license or divorce decree.