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A high school diploma is not enough, in today’s economy, for students to access high-pay, high-demand jobs that transform their lives and their community. In order to prepare our students for success in a global society, the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools is implementing a district-wide initiative called Diploma+.

Diploma+ means that each student will exit high school prepared for college and careers in a global society, and at every level, each student’s performance is on-track and on-time for success.

High School Lead College and Career Coordinators:

Mr. Franco, (FL Schlagle HS)
Ms. DeVries, (Sumner Academy)
Ms. Stone, (JC Harmon HS)
Mr. Wall, (Washington HS)
Ms. James, (Wyandotte HS)

College Advisers:

Ms. Davis, (FL Schlagle HS)
Ms. Antunez, (JC Harmon HS)
Ms. Ramirez, (Sumner Academy)
Mr. Hullaby, (Washington HS)
Ms. Brandenburgh, (Wyandotte HS)
Mr. Ruiz Cervantes, (Wyandotte HS)

High School Students and Parents

Do you have questions about College and Career Readiness? The Diploma+ College and Career Readiness Team is ready to assist! Please email the Lead CCC or the College Adviser at your school for more information.

Please check your student email for the code to join the College Center Google Classroom at your high school. Important information is updated daily! Including links for Zoom meetings where you can connect each week with the Lead CCC and the College Adviser from your school. 

Office Hours 8:00-4:00 Monday-Friday

Link to Virtual College Visits and Advisors

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Have questions about classes at KCKCC and/or KCKCC TEC? The College and Career Facilitator at every high school is available through email, ready to help you navigate any issues that may arise. Weekly Zoom sessions have also been created at each high school.

College and Career Facilitators:

Mr. Herrington, (FL Schlagle HS)
Ms. Lindahl, (JC Harmon HS)
Mr. Taylor, (Sumner Academy)
Ms. Metoyer,  (Washington HS)
Mr. Hoffman, (Wyandotte HS)

Middle School Students and Parents

Do you have questions about College and Career or High School Readiness? The Diploma+ College and Career Readiness Team is ready to assist! Please email the Diploma+ Liaison at your school for more information.

Middle School Diploma+ Liaisons:

Ms. Thomas, (Gloria Willis MS)
Mr. Mortensen, (Arrowhead and Eisenhower MS)
Ms. Spohrer, (Argentine and Rosedale MS)
Mr. Jones, (Central and Carl B. Bruce MS)

How to Support your Diploma+ Student