Communications & Marketing

The Communications and Marketing Department keeps the community and staff informed of district news. In addition, the staff is responsible for marketing, media relations, crisis communications, social media outreach, website management, graphic design services, the cable channel and assisting with special projects and campaigns.

Stay in the Know!
Media Requests for the District, Schools, Staff or Students

Members of the media who need to get in touch with Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools regarding any news or other information pertaining to the district, individual schools, staff, or students should call email KCKPS Communications Team first. In addition, reach out to Edwin Birch and Sharita Hutton. We will promptly respond and offer any assistance we can.

Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools will vet requests with deference to federal and state regulations such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, the intended use of such media requests, the potential for school disruptions and other considerations. Most media requests have been and will be accommodated.

Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools' allowance of media activity on district grounds is reliant on that media activity not compromising the safety of students of staff, misrepresenting the district or its students and staff, and not interfering with any school's learning environment.

District Policy on Media at School Grounds

Media professionals should contact the KCKPS Communications and Marketing Team for filming permission before arriving at a school. If you arrive without notice, you may be asked to leave.

Permission from the communications office is not necessary when covering public events such as athletics; cheer, dance, color guard and band competitions; theater and musical performances; and parades.

Once you have been granted permission to be on school grounds, you must provide a government-issued I.D. at the building's main entrance to proceed. There will be no exceptions to this district-wide safety policy.

Students and staff have the right to refuse to be interviewed, photographed or videotaped, and will be notified of any media visit.

Please respect our students' and staff members’ privacy. Only students who do not have a Media Opt-Out form on file may be photographed or filmed and only after the district has given permission. Reporters and photographers should check with the school to confirm media opt-out forms before printing, posting or airing pictures or footage.

However, permission is not necessary when covering school-based public events such as athletics-based events and sports or theatrical performances, parades or concerts.

Logo Usage Requests

Please submit logo usage requests by email to the KCKPS Communications and Marketing Team. We strive to respond to requests in a timely manner.

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