Flyer Distribution

Need to share a flyer? Captivate KCKPS staff and students’ attention by using the following process.

Step 1: Submit for Approval*

Email to Director of Communications and Marketing Melissa Bedford Fears at or fax to 913-279-2085. (72-hour turnaround time)

Step 2: Choose Destination

Send flyers to all KCKPS schools or choose specific school locations.

Step 3: Print**

Print one flyer per student for individual distribution or print 50 copies per school to be posted in plain view in classrooms and common areas.

Step 4: Package

Package flyers in envelopes or boxes and label individually by school

Step 5: Distribution

Bring all flyers to the KCKPS Central Office and Training Center, 2010 N. 59th Street, for distribution. All flyers MUST be delivered through the district???s interschool mail system.

Do not deliver or ship flyers directly to schools.

Notes and Requirements:

It is important to note that once flyers are delivered to schools, it is at the school???s discretion to distribute and/or post any and all flyers.

*Only flyers from non-profit or not for profit organizations will be approved for distribution.**The Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools does not provide printing of flyers. All printing must be done by the vendor.