Communication with Staff and Families

KCKPS communication with parents, students, and faculty/staff in the event of an extended school closure

KCKPS will continue to use the same channels it employs for routine day-to-day communications with parents, students, and faculty/staff. All of these systems are remotely accessible and will function in an emergency. They contain auditing tools that will allow KCKPS to ensure that all students and parents are receiving vital
communications. The table below describes these systems:

Channel Audience Description & Access
Text Messages Teachers, Staff, Parents Text messages will be used for all majorcommunications and announcements.
Email Principals,Teachers, staff, parents, students Email will be used for all major communications and announcements, including those from the district leadership and principals. Teachers will also use email to communicate, although they will use other platforms to interact with their students as well.
Google GSuite 4th-12th Grade Students Google GSuite (including Gmail, Docs,
Classroom, Hangouts, Meet, etc.) will continue to
be the platform used by most teachers.
Seesaw Early Childhood – 3, however, all grades have access Seesaw gives students a place to document their learning, be creative and learn how to use
technology. SeeSaw also allows students and teachers to easily communicate with classroom teachers.
Infinite Campus Principals, Teachers, staff, parents, students Infinite Campus will be utilized to keep track of grades and make announcements.
KCKPS Website General Public KCKPS will maintain general information at

Families should expect more specific information from the school(s) and teacher(s) that directly serve their students. Building level teams of teachers and administrators are working behind the scenes to ensure each of our students has an opportunity to continue learning.  

KCKPS will continue to follow the approved calendar for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. For more information about the district calendar, click here.

***Implementation of the USD500 2020 Continuous Learning Plan will begin the week of April 6th -10th. The District will prepare and mail to each students’ household the KCKPS 2020 Continuous Learning Plan which will include information on how students and families can access the various learning options included in the plan, as well as other pertinent information such as grading policies that will be used. Additionally, important contact information on how to access meals, technology support, and health services will also be included. As possible, information will be translated into those student languages which represent the largest proportion of the overall student population.
Additionally, the District plans to conduct a survey of students and families in order for them to provide feedback on necessary adjustments needed to increase the effectiveness of teaching and learning in the USD500 2020 Continuous Learning Plan. The survey will be offered online, as well as mailed to each students’ household. Options for completing the survey online or returning to the school through other more traditional methods will be available. As possible, surveys will be translated into those student languages which represent the largest proportion of the overall student population.