High School Learning Guidelines

  • The primary tools for communication between teachers and families will be Infinite Campus, Google Classroom, and email.
  • Teachers will either link materials linked in Google Classroom or share materials directly to each student’s Google Drive.
  • Continuous learning for our adolescent learners will focus on having a balanced, holistic learning experience. Students will have both off- and on-screen learning activities designed to engage the high school learner.
  • Learning experiences are designed to be completed independently or in collaboration with other students. Tutoring is not recommended, nor should a parent/guardian be too involved.
  • Resources vary by class and lesson, but will include links to videos, graphic organizers or cloze passages to complete, scanned material to read and engage with, independent research material via Newsela and our databases, reading materials including ebooks and audiobooks via Hoopla.
  • Students are encouraged to be proactive in reaching out to teachers when they have questions or assignments are unclear.
  • Counselors and advisors are always available to support students with academic, social, or emotional needs.

High School: Approximate Time Frames for Learning & Resources


The Continuous Learning Plan for High School will include home learning engagements and/or activities that students can complete independently either online or offline.

Learning Experience: At the beginning of each week, teachers will post a video and/or message on Google Classroom to welcome their students and parents and to briefly explain the learning approach and focus for the week. High School students will participate in reading, writing, math, science, social studies and elective classes. A variety of tasks will be included, and some may include other online platforms (e.g. Freckle, Khan Academy, CommonLit, Newsela, Flipgrid, etc). If another platform is used as part of an activity, teachers will share specific instructions for parents to access the platform.

Learning Timeframe: Students are encouraged to engage in Continuous Learning in the designed and described ways for approximately three hours/day. The quality of this experience is most closely associated with how deeply the child is connecting to the experience. Over the course of this timeframe, students will engage with varying degrees of independence. The more challenging the task, the more support that might be required. Encourage your child to seek support while allowing your child to accept responsibility and take on challenges with increasing independence.

Learning Specifics: The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of the student learning experience. More specific details will be shared by Teachers, Principals and District Leadership weekly.

Approximate Time per Class (4 classes per day) Grade Level
3 total hours per day for all classes Grade 9
3 total hours per day for all classes Grade 10
3 total hours per day for all classes Grade 11
3 total hours per day for all classes Grade 12
Limitless Flex Learning
  • Independent & self-directed
  • Read for pleasure
  • Be active
  • Explore personal interests/passions
  • If safe…
    • Explore local sights
    • Seek out social interaction
Links to Resources & Ideas High School Educational Resources

Credit Recovery for Seniors

The USD500 Board of Education approved the motion at the March 31st, 2020 Board of Education meeting to waive the current graduation requirement of 25 credits to 21 credits for Seniors graduating in the 2019-20 SY. For information on the specific credit requirements, please click here or contact your school counselor. Seniors who need options for credit recovery will utilize Edgenuity. Edgenuity will enable students to work towards recovering credit for failed classes.

For more information regarding High School students, please use the following link to access the KCKPS High School Students Frequently Asked Questions page.

Diploma+ College and Career Readiness Information

College and Career Readiness – ACT, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB)

ACT has canceled all state contract spring testing. This cancellation means no make-up dates are available in April. KSDE is currently working with ACT to allow make-up tests next fall for all juniors who were not able to take the test on February 25th. WorkKeys make-up test information is not yet available. At this time, ACT is still planning to offer national testing in June and July. KSDE does not reimburse schools for students taking the test on national testing dates.

Students taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses have been given the option to take the AP end-of-course exam at home. Contact your school’s AP Coordinator for more details. (School contact information, Appendix A.)

Seniors who are in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program will be awarded graduation through the current assessment grades accumulated thus far this year. The end-of-course IB exams will not be held nor calculated into the final decision for IB graduation. Contact your school’s IB Coordinator for more details. (School contact information, Appendix A.)

All students and families can reach out to their campus-based Diploma + staff at any time for support and information regarding college admissions, scholarships, and assistance completing the FAFSA.

Lead College and Career Coordinators College Advisors
(FL Schlagle HS)

(Sumner Academy)

(JC Harmon HS)

(Washington HS)

(Wyandotte HS)

(FL Schlagle HS)

(JC Harmon HS)

(Sumner Academy)

(Washington HS)

(Wyandotte HS)

(Wyandotte HS)

Grading and Participation Feedback

Work completed during this mandated statewide school closure shall not negatively impact a student’s grades or otherwise impact a student’s academic standing. 

9th-12th Grade: 3rd quarter grades will be the final grades students receive for the year. However, students who have earned an F for the 3rd quarter will be able to pass the class by sufficiently completing either make-up assignments or showing growth to the level of achievement in the 4th quarter. Seniors who are short on credits to graduate will need to contact their school to determine how they can earn the necessary credits. KCKCC will continue with its current grading policy as it applies to our students. KCKCC instructors and KCKPS College and Career Facilitators have contacted students enrolled in dual credit, and all students are enrolled in the online versions of the courses through KCKCC. If you have questions regarding your classes at KCKCC, please contact 913-302-4647.