College and Career Readiness

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A high school diploma is not enough, in today’s economy, for students to access high-pay, high-demand jobs that transform their lives and their community. In order to prepare our students for success in a global society, the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools is implementing a district-wide initiative called Diploma+.

Diploma+ means that each student will exit high school prepared for college and careers in a global society, and at every level, each student’s performance is on-track and on-time for success.

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Diploma+ Scholarship Initiative

Together we can change the way our students view post-secondary education. The Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools (KCKPS) scholarship initiative wants as many students as possible to have options regarding a college education. 

The KCKPS intent is to enable post-secondary partners to offer KCKPS seniors scholarships as early as possible in a personal and motivating way. This cultural shift introduces, shares, and solidifies the relationship among the senior students offered, their siblings, parents, school personnel, and our post-secondary partners. It is a way to deepen communication among all of us in a meaningful and profound manner.

It is an opportunity for post-secondary staff to benefit from personal contact with KCKPS seniors and establish awareness that can lead to a rapport and familiarity for secondary students that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. The scholarship initiative intent is to go beyond the accumulation of scholarship dollars. The beauty lies in the communication it is meant to provide, that being the increase in personal contact and engagement among the various parties that serve our students.  In essence, it is a catalyst where secondary and pos-tsecondary institutions link for the benefit of our children. 

Five-Year Summary of Scholarship Totals

Number of College Partners Year One Scholarship $ Total Renewable Scholarship $
SY 2015/16 Partners: 11 $11,360,902 $44,907,928
SY 2016/17 Partners: 21 $16,513054 $64,557,316
SY 2017/18 Partners: 18 $15,188,865 $60,755,461
SY 2018/19 Partners: 20 $18,782,174 $75,128,696
SY 2019/20 Partners: 23 $31,882,197 $120,511,872