Central Office Directory

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Name Title Phone
Dr. Anna Stubblefield Superintendent of Schools 913-279-2234
Dawn Downing Superintendent Assistant 913-279-2235
Leslie Smith Board Clerk 913-627-2652
Greg Goheen School District Attorney 913-371-3838
Dr. Judith Campbell Associate Superintendent of Leadership and Learning 913-279-2240
Brandi Mendenhall Senior Office Administrator to Associate Superintendent of Leadership & Learning 913-279-2240
TBD KCKPS Chief of Police 913-627-4110
Instructional Improvement Officers
Dr. Alicia Miguel Instructional Improvement Officer for Early Childhood/Elementary Schools 913-279-2268
Dr. Kim Shaw Instructional Improvement Officer for Early Childhood/Elementary Schools 913-627-5659
Kristen Scott Instructional Improvement Officer for Middle and Alternative Schools 913-627-2403
Dr. LaShonda Bilbo-Ervin Instructional Improvement Officer for High and Alternative Schools 913-627-5675
Patricia Bautista Office Administrator to Elementary Instruction Improvement Officers 913-627-2412
Matthia Kelsey Office Administrator to Secondary Instruction Improvement Officers 913-627-2412
Finances and Operations
Ralph Teran Chief Finance and Operating Officer 913-279-2232
Tracy Kaiser Executive Director of Business Operations 913-279-2252
Le’Andra Hood Senior Office Administrator to the Chief Financial Officer 913-279-2232
Lenora Miller Executive Director of Operations (Supervises TIS, Nutritional Services, Shop, Transportation) 913-279-2269
Department of Business
Brad Isnard Director of Finance 913-279-2250
Danita Robinson Assistant Director 913-279-2252
Nalini Dale Business Office Executive Secretary 913-279-2312
Melissa Shields Accountant - General 913-279-2253
Tressie Brown Payroll Manager 913-279-2275
Sandra Watson Accountant – Grants and Federal Funds 913-279-2092
Jenise Hattley Payroll 913-279-2245
Patricia Povlitzki Payroll 913-279-2291
Purchasing/Accounts Payable
Purchasing Fax 913-551-3253
Wayne Correll Director of Purchasing 913-279-2270
Brian Hernandez Assistant Director of Purchasing 913-279-2244
Deirdre Gooden Administrative Assistant 913-279-2295
Chelle Thompson Financial Accounts Payable Clerk 913-279-2217
Lisa Jones Financial Accounts Payable Clerk 913-279-2251
Mindy Danberry Purchasing Card Administrator, System Analyst 913-279-2243
Department of Risk Management
JaNia Motley Director of Risk Assessment 913-279-2147
Griselda Garcia Finance Manager 913-279-2148
Lachelle Monroe School Training Manager 913-279-2333
Dennis D. Martine Inventory Assistant 913-279-2281
Katorrica (Torri) Holman Risk Secretary 913-627-2405
Communications & Marketing
Edwin Birch Executive Director of Communication & Marketing 913-279-2242
Markl Johnson Director of Communications & Marketing 913-279-2225
Sarah Thacker Video/Marketing Specialist 913-627-2610
Chris Jackson Video Production Specialist 913-627-2604
Mike Keener Web/Graphic Design Specialist 913-279-2236
Kamron Porter Marketing Specialist 913-279-2311
Department of Federal Programs
Lisa G. Walker Executive Director of Federal Programs-District Title IX Coordinator 913-627-2829
Bridgette DeSmet Coordinator of Federal Programs 913-627-2475
Juli O'Mealey Simmons Federal Programs Grant Writer 913-627-2465
Magdalena Mumphrey Federal Programs District Title IX Investigator 913-279-2267
Melissa Cantu Federal Programs Office Administrator 913-627-2476
Human Resources
Samrie Devin Associate Superintendent of Human Resources 913-627-4358
TBD Director of Human Resources 913-279-2355
Dr. Ronald Knight-Beck Human Resources Director 913-279-2356
Cynthia Fulks HR Assistant Director of Operations and Sub Recruiting 913-279-2364
Human Resources - Office Support
HR Phone Number 913-279-2262
Jared Alexander Senior Office Administrator to Chief of Human Resources 913-279-2258
Pamela McKnight HR Administrative Assistant 913-279-2387
Alexus Salinas HR Branding Manager 913-627-5641
Rachel Swartz Compensation Analyst 913-279-2277
Human Resources - Certified Support
Ana Perez-Mathews HR Advisor—Certified Staff 913-279-2314
Shaunteh Jones HR Assistant—Certified Staff 913-279-2360
Human Resources - Classified Support
DeAndre Tuggle HR Advisor—Classified Staff 913-279-2374
Otherine Bembry HR Assistant—Classified Staff 913-279-2351
Human Resources - Payroll Support
Angela Monroe HR Advisor---Payroll 913-627-2421
Roxie Vaughns HR Manager---Payroll 913-279-2384
Human Resources - Employment & Substitute Support
Recruitment Phone Number 913-627-2413
Substitute Phone Number 913-706-5283
Eric Tyler HR Recruiter - Certified 913-627-2411
Aaron Watkins HR Recruiter - Classified 913-706-5283
Karen McCarty HR Assistant — Substitute Services 913-279-2383
TBD HR Assistant — Substitute Services 913-279-2260
Human Resources — Licensure, Development & Alternative Certification Programs
Dr. Elizabeth Meitl HR Advisor — Alternative Certifications & Licensure 913-279-2380
Tanya Selectman HR Manager - Certifications, Licensure & Practicum Placements 913279-2259
Sherrie Piedimonte HR Advisor—Talent Development 913-235-8902
Lindsey Schneider Director of Professional Workforce Development 913627-2414
Human Resources - Investigstion & Grievance Support
Syler Colaco HR Advisor — Investigations & Grievance Support 913-627-2557
Anissa Jackson HR Assistant — Investigations & Grievance Support 913-279-2557
Human Resources — Benefits, FMLA, Leave & ADA
Presley Schumacher HR Manager — FMLA, Leave & ADA 913-279-2257
Kathy Holthaus HR Assistant — FMLA, Leave & ADA 913-279-2565
Crystal Primers Senior Assistant Benefits - (Short-Term Disability, Insurance, Retierment, Etc.) 913-279-2200
Stephanie (Conner) Faris Wellness Coordinator (Monday thru Thursday here, Fridays at Cbiz via email) 913-279-2030
Stephen Linkous Chief of Staff 913-279-2238
Noemi Sanchez Senior Office Administrator to the Chief of Staff 913-279-2265
Tammie Romstad District Athletic Director 913-627-5640
Department of Health Services
Tiffany Lewis BSN, RN Director of Health Services 913-627-2567
Elizabeth Morris BSN, RN, CPN Health Services Coordinator 913-627-5651
Department of Student Services
Lisa Garcia-Stewart Director of Student Services 913-279-2248
Kimberlin Lara Administrative Assistant to the Director of Student Services 913-279-2248
Libni Algarate Administrative Support for Records (Bilingual) 913-279-2249
Diana Herrera District Switchboard Operator (Bilingual) 913-279-3200
Akilah Harrold Budget Manager/ Administrative Support 913-627-4363
Octavio Estrella Assistant Director of Students Services (Bilingual)—Suite 225 913-627-4370
Rosie Rodriguez Coordinator of Student Services 913-627-2612
LaDerrick Collins Coordinator of Alternative Services 913-279-2091
Angela Dunn Coordinator of Behavioral Health 913-627-4364
Tracie Chauvin Coordinator of Social Emotional Learning 913-627-2631
Brittany Talley Coordinator of Trauma Informed Care 913-627-2633
Student Services – Kidzone Program 913-627-4390
Mechelle Wortham Coordinator of Kidzone 913-627-4391
Lia McLoughlin Program Specialist -- Kidzone 913-627-4356
Laura Yanez Administrative Assistant to Kidzone Program 913-627-4390
Student Services—Attend to Achieve Department
Naomi Tolentino Program & Prevention Specialist 913-279-2247
Jonathan Wilson Truancy Monitor 913-627-4350
Hannah Feipel Social Worker 913-627-5628
Student Services – McKinney-Vento Program 913-279-2087
Jessica Smith, LMSW McKinney-Vento Program Coordinator 913-279-2150
Julius Brownlee McKinney-Vento Program Specialist 913-279-2152
Marie McFeders McKinney-Vento (Homeless) Office 913-279-2087
English for Speakers of Other Languages
Jacqueline Rodriguez ESOL/Migrant Director 913-627-4381
Kara Spittles ESOL Compliance Coordinator 913-627-2568
Connie Thao ESOL Data Specialist 913-627-4387
Dasiel Suarez ESOL Data Technician 913-627-4384
Karina Martinez Migrant Data Specialist 913-627-2484
Feliciano Marin ID&R Specialist 913-558-2588
Department of Evaluation, Research, and Assessment (DERA)
TBD Executive Director of Department of Evaluation, Research, and Assessment
Dr. Angela Grant Program Evaluator 913-627-2571
Nathan Harris Systems Assessment Specialist 913-627-5676
Department of Equity and Inclusion
Canise Salinas-Willich Executive Director of Equity and Inclusion 913-627-2842
Linda Un Equity and Inclusion Coordinator 913-627-2534
Zakry Akagi-Bustin Equity and Inclusion Coordinator 913-627-2536
Department of Early Childhood
Elementary Instruction (EC-5)
Dr. Megan Cook Director of Head Start/Early Childhood 913-627-4395
Deborah Harvey Secretary to Director of Head Start/Early Childhood 913-627-5257
Alysha Nichols Admissions Specialist – Early Childhood 913-627-4378
Stacey Foskett Program Compliance Monitor 913-627-5672
Christine Dewberry SPARK Project Specialist 913-627-5629
Sally Smith Head Start Health/Nutrition Specialist 913-627-2673
TBD Head Start Mental Health & Disability Specialist 913-627-5617
TBD Head Start Education Specialist 913-627-2644
Michelle Taylor Head Start Family & Community Partnership Specialist 913-627-5617
Kwamea Smith Head Start Family & Community Partnership Specialist 913-627-2564
Amy Webb Budget & Auditing Specialist, Head Start 913-627-5613
Bryce Shoemaker Data Assistant Head Start 913-202-2864
Danira Fernandez-Flores Director of Diploma+ 913-627-5675
Lisa Martinez Assistant Director of Diploma+ 913-627-2877
TBD Office Administrator to Executive Director of Schools & Director of Diploma+ 913-627-4813
TBD Diploma+ Coordinator Career and Technical Education Programs 913-627-2662
Farzaana Visser Career & Technical Educational Instructional Coach 913-279-2371
Lauren Clay Diploma+ Coordinator - Secondary 913-279-2263
Dr. Renee Freers Diploma+ Coordinator - Elementary 913-627-2611
Department of Evaluation, Research, and Assessment
Kansas City, Kansas Foundation for Excellence
Christal Watson Foundation Director 913-279-2237
TBD Development Manager 913-279-2229
Kansas National Education Association (KNEA)
Dominick DeRosa NEA KCK President 913-627-4394 913-268-4005
Parents as Teachers
Beth Foss Program Coordinator 913-627-4375
Christine Waters Administrative Assistant 913-627-4361
Lacey Law Lead Parent Educator 913-627-4361
Carmen Almanza Parent Educator 913-627-2637
Matt Bustamante Parent Educator 913-627-4361
Shelly Crawford Parent Educator 913-627-4366
Leonae DeLaTorre Parent Educator 913-627-4361
Samary Sein Parent Educator 913-627-4361
Priscila Jurado Parent Educator 913-627-4361
Kate Manivong Parent Educator 913-627-4361
Blanca Menendez Parent Educator 913-627-4361
Nene Nave Parent Educator 913-627-4361
Tiffany Van Sickle Parent Educator 913-627-4361
Eny Quintanilla Parent Educator 913-627-4361
Sandy Teachout Parent Educator 913-627-4361
Laura Kienzle Parent Educator 913-627-4361
Courtney Schmitz Parent Educator 913-627-4361
Wendy Anderson Parent Educator 913-627-4361
David Tatum Head Custodian 913-279-2116
Cell 913-982-7788
Print Shop/Copy Center/Inter-School
Ronald Simmons Copy and Print Supervisor 913-279-2297
Rick Leslie Printer Technician 913-279-2285
Vang Thao Printer Technician 913-627-5660
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Darcy Swan Director of Curriculum and Instruction 913-279-2255
Suzie Legg Coordinator of Academics 913-627-4380
Tresia Hassan Administrative Support Professional to Director of C&I 913-279-2289
Matthew Andersen Director of MTSS 913-627-4383
Jodie Lin Coordinator of Integrated Arts (Located at IARC) 913-627-6861
Angel Nunnally Administrative Support Professional for IARC 913-627-6860
Instructional Technology EC-12
Julie Leach Curriculum Instructional Coach - Instructional Technology 913-627-5632
Wendy Elkins Curriculum Instructional Coach - Instructional Technology 913-279-2276
Early Childhood-Grade 5
Tracy Smith Lead Instructional Coach (EC-5) 913-279-2296
Christopher Hamman Lead Instructional Coach (EC-5) 913-627-5668
Ellen Bartels Curriculum Instructional Coach - Early Childhood 913-279-2280
Allison ‘Alli’ Rice Curriculum Instruction Coach - English Language Arts 913-627-2661
Cheryl Beyer Curriculum Instructional Coach - Science & Social Studies 913-627-2926
Secondary Team
Jenny Kramer Secondary Lead Instructional Coach 913-627-2685
Tiffany Judkins Secondary Lead Instructional Coach 913-279-2088
Spencer Martin Curriculum Instructional Coach - Science 913-627-4385
Brenda Burney Curriculum Instructional Coach - Social Studies 913-279-2287
Dr. Kurt Parker Curriculum Instruction Coach - Math 913-279-2279
Dr. Nicole Blakeney Curriculum Instruction Coach - English Language Arts 913-627-5636
Tracy Cooper Curriculum Instruction Coach - Targeted Literacy Instruction 913-627-2624
TBD Curriculum Instructional Coach - Physical Education (Located at IARC) 913-627-6862
Elizabeth Burns Curriculum Instruction Coach – Art (Located at IARC) 913-627-6862
Public Libraries 
Carol Levers Director of Libraries 913-295-8259
Rochelle McCaulley Assistant Director of Libraries 913-295-8250
Candee Hoffman Assistant Director of School Libraries 913-295-8250
Main Library 625 Minnesota Avenue 913-295-8250
Andria Dibbern Finance Manager 913-295-8250
Tammie Sharp HR Manager 913-295-8250
Mobile Library 913-295-8250 ext. 6500
South Branch 3104 Strong Avenue 913-295-8250
Mr. & Mrs. F.L. Schlagle 4051 West Drive, Wyandotte County Lake Park 913-295-8250
Turner Branch 831 South 55th Street 913-295-8250
West Wyandotte 1737 North 82nd Street 913-295-8250
Wyandotte Comprehensive Special Education Cooperative 913-627-5639
SPED Receptionist 913-627-5600
Fax, SPED Student Records  913-627-5688
Dr. JaKyta Lawrie Executive Director of Special Education  913-627-4372
Monica Sykes Office Administrator to Director of Special Education 913-627-4813
Dana Nelson Assistant Director of Special Education
TBD Director of Inclusion and Compliance 913-627-2735
Dr. Kristin Dunlap Coordinator – Special Education 913-627-2541
Dr. Jennifer Brown Coordinator – Special Education 913-627-2554
Rebecca Lambert Coordinator – Special Education 913-627-2555
Angel Spann Coordinator – Special Education 913-627-2553
Krista Knight Coordinator – Special Education 913-627-2556
Alexis Wilkerson Coordinator – Special Education 913-627-2543
Lori Allen Coordinator – Special Education 913-627-2538
Amirah Pughsley Coordinator – Special Education 913-627-2913
Dr. Debbie Lair Coordinator – Special Education (Infant/Toddler) 913-279-5510
Jessica McGrail Coordinator – Special Education 913-627-2544
Diane Washington Coordinator – Special Education 913-627-2542
Ann Kelly Coordinator – Special Education 913-627-2537
Dr. Zachary Wilson Coordinator – Special Education N/A
Dr. La Tonya Gillis Coordinator – Special Education 913-627-2559
Sakeena Daud Budget and Audit Specialist 913-627-2654
Dorothy Collins MIS Data Assistant 913-627-5601
Ricquisha Campbell MIS Data Assistant 913-627-5612
Clarissa Santiago MIS Data Assistant 913-627-5676
Marla Guess MIS Data Assistant 913-627-5670
Monique Sotelo SPED Student Records/IEP Requests 913-627-5674
Ja'Lana Sullivan Medicaid Project Specialist 913-627-5614
Flora Nyakatura Medicaid Project Specialist 913-627-2615
Austin Collier School Psychologist 913-627-7530
Brenda Francis School Psychologist 913-627-7844
Ashley Guenther School Psychologist 913-627-4616
Theresa VonColln School Psychologist 913-627-6568
Laura Beer School Psychologist 913-627-6665
Rebecca Benson Special Education Instructional Coach 913-627-2656
Bethel Goodenow Special Education Instructional Coach 913-627-5635
Deidra Harrington Special Education Instructional Coach 913-627-2549
Lauren Campbell Special Education Instructional Coach 913-627-5683
Megan Kiefer Special Education Instructional Coach
Janis Tolly Special Education Instructional Coach 913-627-2617
Charles Uwagbai Special Education Instructional Coach 913-627-2618
Jill Burgdorfer Special Education Instructional Coach
Blake Hodges Special Education Instructional Coach 913-627-2548
Kimberly Thomas Special Education Instructional Coach 913-627-2636
T'erra Chatmon Special Education Instructional Coach 913-627-2656
Diane Fleming Special Education Instructional Coach 913-627-2546
Rebecca Benson Special Education Instructional Coach 913-627-2656
Special Education
Dr. Angie Sublet Audiologist 913-627-5637
Wanda Cain- KCKECC Occupational Therapy Paraeducator 913-627-2683
Gail Green Occupational Therapist 913-627-2859
Brooke Bergerhofer Occupational Therapist
Lindsay Wynn Occupational Therapist
Alexandra Erdman Occupational Therapist 913-627-5663
Anna Watkins Occupational Therapist
Mark Perez Occupational Therapist 913-627-2729
Rebekah Reiford Occupational Therapist 913-627-2947
Mary Le’Roy Occupational Therapist 913-627-2792
Becky Stephens Occupational Therapy COTA No #
Abriel Schlange Occupational Therapist 913-627-5638
Kylie Lewis Occupational Therapist
Allison Palmer Occupational Therapist
Brianna Sugiura Occupational Therapist
Kylie Seaman Physical Therapist
Emily Rose Patrick Assistive Technology/Speech Language Pathologist 913-627-5662
Andrea Sanders Physical Therapist 913-627-2822
Stefeny Jungbluth Music Therapy Teacher 913-627-2678
Vickie Tucker Music Therapy Teacher 913-627-2763
Nicholas Toniazzo Adaptive PE Teacher 913-627-2688
Andrea Janes Adaptive PE Teacher 913-627-2794
IMC Library - Special Education
Kimberly Day Howell Instructional Media Center Specialist, IMC Library 913-627-5654
IMC Library Fax 913-627-5657
Directory for Other Buildings in KCKPS
Name/Department Position Phone
Shop Office 2220 North 59th ST STE 229 KCK, 66104 627.3850
Shop Office Fax 627.3894
Doug Clements Director of Physical Properties 627.3863
Kurt Wagner Assistant Director of Physical Properties (Bond Contact) 627.3851
Kim Thrasher Secretary to Director & Assistant Director 627.3862
Tracy Reed Secretary to Director-Construction Contract Assistant 627.3880
Joe Herbin Coordinator of Buildings and Grounds 627.3868
TBD Building & Grounds Secretary 627.3864
Nikki McDaniel Accounts Payable 627.3867
Sheri Martine Receptionist/Secretary 627.3860
TBD Mechanical Maintenance/Metal Fabricator 627.3886
Zachary Baker Labor Department 627.3879
Jeffrey Belk Delivery Department 627.3876
Stephen Berry Carpentry Department 627.3869
Daniel Bey Concrete Finisher 627.3879
Joe Bonomo Electrical Department 627.3873
Reginald Boykin Labor/Grounds Department 627.3879
Curtis Boykin Labor/Grounds Department 220.0337
Terry Davis Labor/Grounds Department 219.6813
Denny Brake Roofing Department 627.3881
Scott Brown Pipefitter Department 627.3870
Reggie Byers Custodial Department 627.3858
Lloyd Collins Painter Foreman 627.3871
Tommy Collins Labor/Grounds Department 627.3879
Melvin Cox Carpentry Department 627.3869
Larry Creech Locksmith Department 627.3872
Bill Duncan Preventative Maintenance Department 627.3865
David Montgomery Preventative Maintenance Department 219.6045
Wilbert Edwards Carpentry Department 627.3869
Robert Elijah Plumbing Department 627.3875
Colby Fisher Delivery Department 627.3876
Jeff Fisher Carpenter Foreman 627.3869
TBD Labor/Asbestos 627.3874
Randy (Erick) George Pipefitter 627.3870
Sukarno Grant Electrical Department 627.3873
Justin Gray Labor/Grounds Department 627.3879
Doug Gregory Painter 627.3871
Steve Griggs Labor/Asbestos 627.3874
TBD Labor Department 627.3879
Tony Henderson Plumbing Foreman 627.3875
TBD Electrical Department 627.3873
TBD Graffiti/Custodial 627.3850
Brad Hoffman Electrician Foreman 627.3870
David Ivory Mail Delivery Department 232-1659
Tim Jensen Pipefitter Department 627.3870
Mike Johnson Mechanic Foreman 627.3886
Jason Justice Delivery Department 627.3876
Blaine Kempf Labor/Grounds Department 627.3876
Steve Knight Pipefitter Foreman 627.3870
William Krumwiede Carpenter 627.3869
Austin LaBlance Plumbing Department 627.3875
TBD Electrical Department 627.3873
John McClain Garage Mechanic Foreman 627.3892
Don Morgan Mail Delivery Department 449.7787
Jessie Murphy Garage Mechanic 627.3892
Danny Neugent Labor Department 627.3869
Neil Porras Paint Department 627.3871
Garrett Pursley Plumbing Department 627.3875
Thomas Ramirez Laborer/Grounds Department 627.3879
Phillip Ruiz Laborer/Grounds Department 627.3879
Kevin Sanderson Asbestos/Environmental Department 627.3874
Bob Sortore Vandalism/Custodial Equipment 218.2239 (cell)
Terry Scott Pipefitter Department 627.3870
Cody Silvey Preventative Maintenance Department 627.3865
Jeremy Silvey Delivery Driver Foreman 627.3879
TBD Special Project Supervisor 627.3879
Jeron Slater Laborer/Grounds Department 627.3879
Anthony Smith Laborer/Grounds Department 627.3879
Mike Speight Pipefitter Department 627.3870
Curtis Stevenson Workplace Safety Facilitator 627.3859
Lisa Swygert Custodian 627.3885
Joe Tapia Locksmith Department 627.3872
John Taulbert Painter 627.3871
Larry Williams Jr. Delivery Department 627.3876
Jon Woodall Plumbing Department 627.3875
Nutritional Services 5604 State Ave. KCK 66102 627.3900
Name Position Phone
TBD Director of Nutritional Services 627.3916
Nicole Jeffries Secretary to Director of Nutritional Services 627.3903
JoAnn Kitchens Secretary for Meal Applications 627.3910
TBD Receptionist (Bilingual) 627.3911
Ron Harper Technical Assistant 627.3917
Gene Loiseau Culinary Specialist 627.3908
Jessica (Sechrest) Lawrence, RD Operations Manager 627.3915
Ashlee (Lamar) Welter, RD, LD Operations Manager 627.3919
Michael Schartz, RD Operations Manager 627.3909
Sandy Alexander Operations Manager 627-3912
IARC 1620 South 21st Street, KCK 66106 627.6850
Name Position Phone
Jodie Lin Coordinator 627.6861
Angel Nunnally Administrative Assistant 627.6860
Christine Scharenberg Physical Education Instructional Coach 627.6862
Tiffani Thompson Music & Theatre Instructional Coach 627.6862
Liz Burns Visual Arts Instructional Coach 627.6862
Matt Richey Instrument Repair - Strings 627.6863
Buddy Ferguson Instrument Repair - Strings 627.6864
Mark Farmer Instrument Repair - Band 627.6864
Joseph Felton Instrument Repair - Band 627.6863
Transportation 6126 Parallel, KCK 66102 627.3100
Transportation South 1528 Meadowlark Lane, KCK 66102 627.3300
Bus Garage Maintenance 627.3121
Name Position Phone
Miguel Martin Director of Transportation 627.3315
Anita Rocha Assistant Director of Transportation 627.3123
Shameka Brown Assistant Director of Transportation 627.3116
Priscilla Kelly Transportation Payroll Specialist 627.3118
Karen Kiper Driver/Trainer 627.3110
Sherry Tubbs Secretary/Dispatch 627.3113
Nikki Snyder Secretary/Dispatch 627.3126
Wendy Nunn Secretary/Dispatch 627.3112
Esmeralda Villarreal Secretary/Dispatch 627.3100
Glenda Iweha Secretary/Dispatch 627.3115
Deborah Hardin Bus Routing Specialist 627.3301
Brie Ross-Davis Bus Routing Specialist (South Lot) 627.3303
Dee Moore Bus Routing Specialist (South Lot) 627.3301
Dennis Martine Lead Mechanic 627.3121
Matthew Boeckman Bus Mechanic 627.3121
Angel Fernandez Bus Mechanic 627.3121
Gary Harris Jr. Bus Mechanic 627.3121
Michael Robinson Bus Mechanic 627.3121
Jacob Reynolds Bus Mechanic 627.3121
Kevin Reynolds Bus Mechanic 627.3121
Christopher Williams Head Mechanic 627.3121
Claire Jobe, Jr. Bus Mechanic 627.3121

Charles Freelon

Bus Mechanic 627.3121
Quinton Zenon Bus Mechanic 627.3121
Jermaine Clark Custodian 627.3100
KCKPS Police Department 2220 North 59th St STE 120 KCK, 66104 627.4111
Name Position Phone
TBD Chief of Police 627.4110
Sgt. Robert Graham Sergeant 627.4112
Sgt. Elizabeth Williams Sergeant 627.4111
Sgt. Martin Augustine Sergeant 627.4111
Sgt. Gary Washington Sergeant 627.4111
Jamia Warren Office Administrator 627.4107
Chelsea Allen Administrative Assistant 627.4106
Veronica Cano Administrative Assistant 627.4105
Technology & Information Services 2220 North 59th St STE 119 KCK, 66104
Name Position Phone
Help Desk 279.2330
Rashid Hoda Director of Technology and Information Services 279.2325
Sandee Sanderson Secretary to Director of TIS 279.2272
Lisa Jordan Help Desk Technician 279.2016
Katty Vasquez Help Desk Technician 279.2264
Anna Heston Help Desk Technician 279.2334
Myla Todd Telecommunication Technician 279.2368
TBD Applications Programmer 279.2301
Jeff Storms Applications Programmer 279.2303
TBD Applications Programmer 279.2325
TBD Applications Programmer 279.2118
Jennifer Hernbloom Network Administrator 279.2313
Martin Hughes Instructional Device Manager 279.2319
Steve Haney Network Manager 279.2304
Galen Spong Network Technician 279.2306
Bailey McCowan Hardware Technician 279.2306
Jason Codding Audio Visual Manager 279.2308
John Stratton Audio Visual Technician 279.2228
Nathan Calvert Exchange Administrator 279.2315
Miguel Torres Audio Visual Technician 279.2221
Penny Atchley Student Systems Manager 279.2369
Michelle Gould SIS Data Assistant 627.4124
Kimberly Kirschenbaum SIS Data Coordinator 279.2058
Karlean Kramer SIS Course Catalog Coordinator 627.5616
Eric Harris Hardware Technician Manager 279.2339
Eric Thomason Hardware Technician 279.2329
James McCray Hardware Technician 279.2192
Joshua Anderson Hardware Technician 279.2329
Leslie Rangel Hardware Technician 279.2318
Anthony Banuelos Hardware Technician 279.2336
Aaron Mauk Mac Technician-Harmon High School 627.7052
Timothy Moore Mac Technician-Sumner Academy 627.7209
Jon Gould Mac Technician-Schlagle High School 627.7603
Julie Jones Mac Technician-Washington High School 627.7804
Logan Urban Mac Technician-Wyandotte High School 627.7712
Wyandotte County Infant-Toddler Services - Located at 2220 N. 59th St Ste. 114 - 627.5500
Name Position Phone
Debbie Lair Coordinator, Infant Toddler Services 816.572.0639 (cell)

Sonia Lopez

Bilingual Administrative Assistant

609.1734 (cell)

Cassie Toomey Contractor 526.5019 (cell)
Alternative School Directory
School Name School Principal School Address School Contact Information School Maps
Bridges/Wyandot Academy Dr. Ryan Most portrait

Dr. Ryan Most

3101 N. 10th Street
Kansas City, KS 66104
Phone: 913.627.6702
Fax: 913.627.6701
Bridges Google Map
Fairfax Learning Center Skyler Myers portrait

Skyler Myers

2226 N. 85th Street
Kansas City, KS 66109
Phone: 913.627.6700
Fax: 913.627.6737
Fairfax Google Map
Juvenile Services Center Geoff Markos

Geoff Markos

738 Ann Ave
Kansas City, KS 66101
Phone: 913.573.8107 JSC Google Map
KVC Academy Sharon Walker portrait

Sharon Walker

4300 Brenner Drive
Kansas City, KS 66104
Phone: 913.334.0294
Fax: 913.334.0284
KVC Google Map
Preschool/Head Start Directory
School Name School Principal School Address School Hours School Contact Information
Dr. Tom Sowers portrait

Dr. Tom Sowers

6611 Waverly
Kansas City, KS 66104
7:50 AM to 11:20 AM Session
12:00 to 3:30 PM Session
Phone: 913.627.5350
Fax: 913.596.5480
KCK Early Childhood Center Heather Turi portrait

Heather Turi

1708 N. 55th Street
Kansas City, KS 66102
Part-Day - 8:45 AM to 12:15 AM Session
Part Day - 12:55 to 4:25 PM Session
Full Day - 8:15 AM - 3:15 PM
Phone: 913.627.6590
Fax: 913.596.1990
Morse Early Childhood Center Debi Apple portrait

Debi Apple

912 S. Baltimore
Kansas City, KS 66105
7:50 to 11:20 AM Session
12:00 to 3:30 PM Session
Phone: 913.627.6550
Fax: 913.627.6566
North Central Office Early Childhood Center Amy Loveland

Amy Loveland

2212 N. 59th Street
Kansas City, KS 66104
7:50 to 11:20 AM Session
12:00 to 3:30 PM Session
Phone: 913.627.5400
Fax: 913.627.5401
Elementary School Directory
School Name School Principal School Address School Contact Information School Maps
Banneker Elementary School Karl Unger portrait

Karl Unger

2026 N. 4th Street
Kansas City, KS 66101
Phone: 913.627.4700
Fax: 913.627.4776
Banneker School Boundary Map (PDF)
Banneker Google Map
Molly Struzzo portrait

Molly Struzzo

1100 Waverly Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66104
Phone: 913.627.4750
Fax: 913.627.4786
Bertram Caruthers School Boundary Map
Bertram Caruthers Google Map
Colleen Dudley portrait

Colleen Dudley

1530 N. 83rd Street
Kansas City, KS 66112
Phone: 913.627.4650
Fax: 913.627.4686
Claude Huyck School Boundary Map
Claude Huyck Google Map
Louis Neal portrait

Dr. Louis Neal

1310 N. 9th Street
Kansas City, KS 66101
Phone: 913.627.5100
Fax: 913.627.5108
Douglass School Boundary Map
Douglass Google Map
Brett Bernard portrait

Brett Bernard

1429 S. 29th Street
Kansas City, KS 66106
Phone: 913.627.5900
Fax: 913.627.5937
Emerson School Boundary Map
Emerson Google Map
Monica Randle portrait

Monica Randle

4820 Oakland Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66102
Phone: 913.627.5950
Fax: 913.627.5986
Eugene Ware School Boundary Map
Eugene Ware Google Map
Dr. Cesar Alvarez portrait

Dr. Cesar Alvarez

3400 Orville Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66102
Phone: 913.627.6100
Fax: 913.627.6126
Frances Willard School Boundary Map
Frances Willard Google Map
Dr. Tamekia McCauley portrait

Dr. Tamekia McCauley

2605 W. 43rd Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66103
Phone: 913.627.3050
Fax: 913.627.3088
Frank Rushton School Boundary Map
Frank Rushton Google Map
Dr. Heather Calvert portrait

Dr. Heather Calvert

1510 N. 4th Street
Kansas City, KS 66101
Phone: 913.627.4300
Fax: 913.627.4303
Grant School Boundary Map
Grant Google Map
J. P. Hornback portrait

JP Hornback

2401 N. 67th Street
Kansas City, KS 66104
Phone: 913.627.7000
Fax: 913.627.7027
Hazel Grove School Boundary Map
Hazel Grove Google Map
Dr. Wilcox Portrait

Dr. Bob Wilcox

2600 N. 72nd Street
Kansas City, KS 66109
Phone: 913.627.4950
Fax: 913.627.4986
John F. Kennedy School Boundary Map
John F. Kennedy Google Map
Dr. Joe Graham portrait

Dr. Joe Graham

625 S. Valley Street
Kansas City, KS 66105
Phone: 913.627.4850
Fax: 913.627.4876
John Fiske School Boundary Map
John Fiske Google Map
Dr. Brooke Brutto portrait

Dr. Brooke Brutto

641 N. 57th Street
Kansas City, KS 66102
Phone: 913.627.5150
Fax: 913.627.5176
Lindbergh School Boundary Map
Lindbergh Google Map
Mick Sechler portrait

Mick Sechler

2220 N. 89th Terrace
Kansas City, KS 66109
Phone: 913.627.5700
Fax: 913.627.5701
Lowell Brune School Boundary Map
Lowell Brune Google Map
Lori Cooper portrait

Lori Cooper

310 N. 11th Street
Kansas City, KS 66102
Phone: 913.627.3150
Fax: 913.627.3176
M. E. Pearson School Boundary Map
M. E. Pearson Google Map
Katie Egidy portrait

Sandra Egidy

2300 Minnesota Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66102
Phone: 913.627.5200
Fax: 913.627.5246
Mark Twain School Boundary Map
Mark Twain Google Map
Valerie Castillo 1301 Armstrong
Kansas City, KS 66102
Phone: 913.627.7350
Fax: 913.627.7380
McKinley School Boundary Map
McKinley Google Map
New Chelsea Elementary School Shonielle Roberson portrait

Shonielle Roberson

2500 Wood Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66104
Phone: 913.627.5000
Fax: 913.627.5013
New Chelsea School Boundary Map
New Chelsea Google Map
Luis Arres portrait

Luis Arres

3604 Metropolitan Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66106
Phone: 913.627.3950
Fax: 913.627.3976
New Stanley School Boundary Map
New Stanley Google Map
Rhonda Gavel portrait

Rhonda Gavel

2337 S. 14th Street
Kansas City, KS 66103
Phone: 913.627.5250
Fax: 913.627.5276
Noble Prentis School Boundary Map
Noble Prentis Google Map
Dezirae Allbritton portrait

Dezarae Allbritton

2800 Farrow Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66104
Phone: 913.627.4400
Fax: 913.627.4409
Quindaro School Boundary Map
Quindaro Google Map
Zaneta Boles portrait

Zaneta Boles

2515 Lawrence Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66106
Phone: 913.627.4550
Fax: 913.627.4576
Silver City School Boundary Map
Silver City Google Map
Jane Martin

Jane Martin

8200 Elizabeth Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66112
Phone: 913.627.4500
Fax: 913.627.4537
Stony Point North School Boundary Map
Stony Point North Google Map
Stony Point South Elementary School Dr. Melissa Hunter-Boyce portrait

Melissa Hunter-Boyce

150 S. 78th Street
Kansas City, KS 66111
Phone: 913.627.4600
Fax: 913.627.4626
Stony Point South School Boundary Map
Stony Point South Google Map
Cindy Cop portrait

Cynthia Cop

1000 Locust Street
Kansas City, KS 66103
Phone: 913.627.4900
Fax: (913) 722-7486
T. A. Edison School Boundary Map
T. A. Edison Google Map
Colette Chaney portrait

Collette Chaney

5200 Leavenworth Road
Kansas City, KS 66104
Phone: 913.627.4450
Fax: 913.627.4477
Welborn School Boundary Map
Welborn Google Map
West Park Elementary School Dr. Angela Wright portrait

Dr. Angela Wright

2600 N. 44th Street
Kansas City, KS 66104
Phone: 913.627.6250
Fax: 913.627.6282
West Park School Boundary Map
West Park Google Map
Geri Cunningham portrait
Geri Cunningham
295 S. 10th Street
Kansas City, KS 66102
Phone: 913.627.6400
Fax: 913.627.6449
Whittier School Boundary Map
Whittier Google Map
Middle School Directory

Click here for a printable PDF directory of KCKPS important phone numbers.

School Name School Principal School Address School Contact Information School Maps
Trasi Sorrells portrait

Trasi Sorrells

2123 Ruby Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66106
Phone: 913.627.6750
Fax: 913.627.6783
Argentine School Boundary Map
Elvira Hurley portrait

Elvira Hurley

1715 N. 82nd Street
Kansas City, KS 66112
Phone: 913.627.6600
Fax: 913.627.6654
Arrowhead School Boundary Map
Stacey Chatmon portrait

Stacey Chatmon

2100 N. 18th Street
Kansas City, KS 66104
Phone: 913.627.4000
Fax: 913.627.4052
Carl B. Bruce School Boundary Map
Central Middle School Illeana Farney portrait

Ileana Farney

925 Ivandale Street
Kansas City, KS 66101
Phone: 913.627.6150
Fax: 913.627.6152
Central School Boundary Map
Eisenhower Middle School Joseph Jewett portrait

Joseph Jewett

2901 N. 72nd Street
Kansas City, KS 66109
Phone: 913.627.6450
Fax: 913.627.6455
Eisenhower School Boundary Map
Gloria Willis Middle School Samia Guess portrait

Samia Guess

1735 N. 64th Terrace
Kansas City, KS 66102
Phone: 913.627.6300
Fax: 913.627.6358
Gloria Willis School Boundary Map
Rosedale Middle School Travis Helm portrait

Travis Helm

3600 Springfield Street
Kansas City, KS 66103
Phone: 913.627.6900
Fax: 913.627.6957
Rosedale School Boundary Map
High School Directory
School Name School Principal School Address School Contact Information School Maps
Yolanda Thompson portrait

Yolanda Thompson

2214 N. 59th Street
Kansas City, KS 66104
Phone: 913.627.7500
Fax: 913.627.7555
Schlagle School Boundary Map
Jean Carter
Interim Principal
2400 Steele Road
Kansas City, KS 66106
Phone: 913.627.7050
Fax: 913.627.7185
Harmon School Boundary Map
Rick Malone

Rick Malone

1610 N. 8th Street
Kansas City, KS 66101
Phone: 913.627.7200
Fax: 913.627.7205
Cole Amaya portrait

Cole Amaya

7340 Leavenworth Road
Kansas City, KS 66109
Phone: 913.627.7800
Fax: 913.627.7850
Washington School Boundary Map
Mary Stewart portrait

Mary Stewart

2501 Minnesota Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66109
Phone: 913.627.7650
Fax: 913.627.7700
Wyandotte School Boundary Map