Central Office Directory

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Name Title Phone Number
Dr. Charles Foust Superintendent of Schools 279.2235
Board Clerk 279.2652
Greg Goheen School District Attorney 371.3838
Supt’s Conference Room 279.2375
Dr. Lynett Hookfin Deputy Superintendent 627.5641
Alexus Salinas Senior Office Administrator to Deputy Superintendent 627.5641
Henry Horn KCKPS Police Department Chief of Police 627.4110
Stephen Linkous Chief of Staff 279.2238
Noemi Sanchez Senior Office Administrator to Chief of Staff 279.2265
Dennis Covington Chief Financial Officer 279.2232
LeAndra Hood Senior Office Administrator to Chief Financial Officer 279.2232
TBD Data Entry/Receptionist Assistant 279.2229
Lenora Miller Executive Director of Operations (Supervises TIS, Nutritional Services, Shop, Transportation) – Suite 354 279.2269
Tracy Kaiser Executive Director of Business Operations (Supervises Purchasing, Finance, Payroll, Risk Management, Resource Development) 279.2254
Tammie Romstad District Athletic Director 627.5640
Business Office – 3rd Floor
Brad Isnard Director of Finance 279.2250
Danita Robinson Assistant Director 279.2252
Nalini Dale Business Office Executive Secretary 279.2312
Melissa Shields Senior Budget Clerk 279.2253
Tressie Brown Payroll Manager 279.2275
Sandra Watson Budget Clerk 279.2092
Jenise Hattley Payroll 279.2245
Patricia Povlitzki Payroll 279.2291
Stephanie (Conner) Faris Wellness Coordinator (Monday thru Thursday here, Fridays at Cbiz via email) 279.2030
Department of Risk Management – 3rd Floor
Dennis Covington Chief Financial Officer 279.2232
JaNia Motley Director of Risk Assessment (Auditor & Workman???s Comp Issues) – Suite 352 279.2147
Griselda Garcia Finance Manager 279.2148
Lachelle Monroe School Training Manager
Beth (Marcia) Porter Inventory Assistant 279.2281
RaQeisha Portley Risk Support 627.2405
Communications Office – 3rd Floor
Edwin Birch Executive Director of Communications & Marketing 279.2242
Sharita Hutton Director of Communications & Marketing 279.2225
Sarah Thacker Marketing Specialist 627.2610
Chris Jackson Video Production Specialist 627.2604
Mike Keener Web/Graphic Design Specialist 279.2236
Kamron Porter Administrative Assistant 279.2311
Custodians – 1st Floor
David Tatum Head Custodian (Cell # – 913-982-7788) 279.2116
Department of Curriculum and Instruction – 1st Floor (unless noted)
Darcy Swan Director of Curriculum and Instruction 279-2255
Tresia Hassan Secretary to the Director Curriculum and Instruction 279.2289
Suzie Legg Curriculum Coordinator 627.4380
Early Childhood-Grade 5
Tracy Smith Lead Instructional Coach (EC-5) 279.2288
TBD Lead Instructional Coach (EC-5) 627.2423
Christopher Hamman Lead Instructional Coach (EC-5) 627.5668
Julie Leach Curriculum Instructional Coach 21st Century 627.5632
Allison Rice Curriculum Instructional Coach English Language Arts 627.2661
Cheryl Beyer Curriculum Instructional Coach Science & Social Studies 627.2926
Marica Rhone Curriculum Instruction Coach Math 627.2284
Secondary Team
Jenny Kramer Secondary Lead Instructional Coach 627.2685
Tiffany Judkins Secondary Lead Instructional Coach 627.2088
Wendy Elkins Curriculum Instructional Coach 21st Century Skills 279.2276
Spencer Martin Curriculum Instructional Coach Science 627.4385
Brenda Burney Curriculum Instructional Coach Social Studies 279.2287
Kurt Parker Curriculum Instructional Coach Math 627.2279
Kristi Chalk Curriculum Instructional Coach English Language Arts ??627.5636
Tracy Cooper Curriculum Instructional Coach Targeted Literacy Instruction ??627.2624
Stephanie Dickson Curriculum Instructional Coach- Located at IARC ??627.6862
Jodie Lin Coordinator of Fine Arts- Located at IARC ??627.6861
Department of Educational Research and Assessment (DERA) – 2nd Floor
TBD Director of Evaluation, Research, and Assessment – Suite 244 279.2298
Samantha Bradshaw Data Integrity Facilitator Cell 575.3261
Department of Early Childhood – Elementary Instruction (EC-5) – 2nd Floor
Matthew Andersen Interim Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning 627.4383
Dr. Alicia Miguel Instructional Improvement Officer 279.2268
Dr. Kim Shaw Instructional Improvement Officer 627.5659
Terrence Sanders Instructional Improvement Officer 279.2278
Leanne (Patricia) Bautista Office Administrator to Department of EC-5 627.5680
Dr. Megan Cook Director of Head Start/Early Childhood 627.4395
Deborah Harvey Secretary to Director of Head Start/Early Childhood 627.5257
Alysha Nichols Admissions Specialist– Early Childhood 627.4378
Stacy Foskett Program Compliance Monitor ??627.5672
Christine Dewberry SPARK Project Specialist 627.5629
Sally Massa Head Start Health/Nutrition Specialist 627.2673
TBD Head Start Mental Health & Disability Specialist 627.5617
Keisha Harris Head Start Education Specialist 627.2644
Elizabeth (Beth) Foss Head Start Family & Community Partnership Specialist 627.2621
Michelle Hamilton Family & Community Partnership Specialist 627.2643
Amy Webb Budget & Auditing Specialist, Headstart 627.5613
Yesenia Thornton Headstart Interpreter/Translator 627.2654
Janice Santiago Headstart Interpreter/Translator 627.2654
Bryce Shoemaker Data Assistant Head Start
Department of Federal Programs – 2nd Floor (unless noted)
Lisa G. Walker Executive Director of Federal Programs 627.2829
Bridgette DeSmet Coordinator of Federal Programs 627.2475
Melissa Cantu Federal Programs Office Administrator 627.2476
Department of Secondary Instruction ??? 2nd Floor (unless noted)
Kristen Scott Instructional Improvement Officer 627.2403
Dr. Troy Pitsch Instructional Improvement Officer 627.2422
Dr. LaShonda Bilbo-Ervin Director of Diploma+ – Suite 252 627.5675
Matthia Kelsey Office Administrator to Department of Secondary Instruction 627.2412
Dr. Renee Freers District Coordinator, Career, and Technical Education Programs 627.2611
Dr. Kimberly Sterne Career & Technical Education Coach Specialist 279.2371
Lauren Clay Diploma+ Coordinator 279.2263
Lindsey Schneider Diploma+ Coordinator Cell 449.7565
Lisa Martinez Diploma+ Coordinator 627.2877
TBD Data & Instructional Integration Specialist 627.2662
Karlean Kramer Community Engagement Educator 627.5616
Division of Student Services – 2nd Floor
Dr. Kelli Michelle Charles Executive Director of Schools 627.4372
Lisa Garcia-Stewart Director of Student Services – Suite 208 279.2248
Kelly Fowler Administrative Assistant to the Director of Student Services 279.2248
Yutcemel Guerrero Hernandez Administrative Assistant for Student Records (Bilingual) 279.2249
Libby Graham Administrative Assistant/Budget Manager 627.4363
Octavio Estrella Assistant Director of Students Services (Bilingual) – Suite 225 627.4370
TBD Alternative Service Coordinator 279.2091
Angela Dunn, LSCW Coordinator of Behavioral Health 627.4364
Fatima (Rosie) Rodriguez Coordinator of Student Services
Naomi Tolentino Program & Prevention Specialist 279.2247
Marsha Oyer Truancy Monitor 627.4350
Susan Meier Truancy Monitor 627.4350
Erica Potter, LMSW Truancy Social Worker 627.5628
Mechelle Wortham Student Service Coordinator – Kidzone 627.4391
Laura Yanez Administrative Assistant to Kidzone Program 627.4390
Jessica Smith, LMSW McKinney-Vento Program Specialist 279.2150
Marie McFeders McKinney-Vento (Homeless) Office 279.2087
Tracie Chauvin, LSCSW Coordinator of Student Services- Social Emotional Learning 627.2361
Brittany Talley Coordinator of Student Services – Trauma Informed Care 627.2633
English for Speakers of Other Languages – 2nd Floor
Jacqueline Rodriguez ESOL/Migrant Director 627.4381
Kourtney Rogers ESOL/Migrant Department Secretary 627.5626
Chavonne Lloyd ESOL Data Technician 627.4384
Connie Thao ESOL Data Specialist 627.4387
Dasiel Suarez Migrant Data Specialist 627.2484
Human Resources – 3rd Floor (unless noted) Main Line 279.2262
Keli Tuschman Chief of Human Resources 627.4358
Ana Perez-Sievert Senior Office Administrator to Chief of Human Resources 279.2314
Ariel Kittling Human Resources Advisor — Certified 279.2384
Rachel Swartz Compensation Analyst 279.2277
Ashley Brown Human Resources Assistant to Ariel Kittling (Certified) 279.2292
Jody Mitchell Human Resources Director 279.2355
DeAndre Tuggle Manager FMLA/Leaves 279.2374
Angela Monroe Human Resources Advisor — Classified 627.2421
Otherine Bembry Human Resources Assistant to Angela Monroe (Classified) 279.2351
Elizabeth Faircloth Human Resources Advisor — Investigations 279.2153
Presley Schumacher FMLA & Leave Assistant 279.2257
DeJanee Harris Substitute Services Assistant 279.2260
Karen McCarty Substitute Services Assistant 279.2383
Cynthia Fulks Assistant Director of Operations & Substitute Recruiting 279.2364
TBD Human Resources Recruiting Assistant TBD
Eric Tyler Jr. Human Resources Recruiter 627.2411
Aaron Watkins Human Resources Recruiter 279.2382
Dr. Robin Wilson Director of Development and Recruitment 627.2414
TBD Director of Recruitment TBD
Sherrie Piedmonte Human Resources Advisor — Professional Workforce Development 279.2664
Tanya Selectman Professional Workforce Development Manager 279.2259
Jared Alexander Human Resources Licensure Assistant 279.2258
Dr. Tracy Nix Human Resources Advisor — Alternative Certification Programs 279.2380
Benefits (Located in Human Resources)
Crystal Primers Senior Assistant Benefits 279.2200
TBD Benefits Assistant 279.2274
IMC Library – 1st Floor
Sydney Shepherd Coordinator, IMC Library 627.5650
Day Howell Instructional Media Center Specialist, IMC Library 627.5654
IMC Library Fax 627.5657
Kansas National Education Association (KNEA) – Suite 242
Dominick DeRosa NEA KCK President 627.4394
nea.kck@gmail.com 268.4005
Parents As Teachers – 2nd Floor
Jacki Himpel Program Coordinator 627.4375
Christine Waters Administrative Assistant 627.4361
Lacey Law Lead Parent Educator 627.4361
Carmen Almanza Parent Educator 627.2637
Matt Bustamante Parent Educator 627.4361
Shelly Crawford Parent Educator 627.4366
Leonae DeLaTorre Parent Educator 627.4361
Samary Sein Parent Educator 627.4361
Priscila Jurado Parent Educator 627.4361
Kate Manivong Parent Educator 627.4361
Blanca Menendez Parent Educator 627.4361
Nene Nave Parent Educator 627.4361
Rachel Pollock Parent Educator 627.4361
Eny Quintanilla Parent Educator 627.4361
Sandy Teachout Parent Educator 627.4361
Natalhy Contreras Parent Educator 627.4361
Melissa Nead Parent Educator 627.4361
Courtney Schmitz Parent Educator 627.4361
Print Shop/Copy Center/Inter-School – 1st Floor
Ron Simmons Graphic Design, Print Shop Supervisor 279.2297
Ruben Reyes Printer Technician 279.2285
Vang Thao Printer Technician 627.5660
Public Libraries
Carol Levers Director of Libraries 295.8250
Rochelle McCaulley Assistant Director of Libraries 295.8250
Candee Hoffman Assistant Director of School Libraries 295.8250
Main Library 625 Minnesota Avenue 295.8250
Andria Dibbern Finance Manager 295.8250, x6440
Tammie Sharp HR Manager 295.8250, x6400
Mobile Library (cell phone) Mobilelibrary@kckpl.org 530.5951
South Branch 3104 Strong Avenue 295.8250
Mr. & Mrs. F.L. Schlagle 4051 West Drive, Wyandotte County Lake Park 295.8250
Turner Branch 831 South 55th Street 295.8250
West Wyandotte 1737 North 82nd Street 295.8250
Purchasing/Accounts Payable- 3rd Floor
Purchasing Fax 551.3253
Wayne Correll Director of Purchasing 279.2270
Brian Hernandez Assistant Director of Purchasing 279.2244
Chelle Thompson Financial Accounts Payable Clerk 279.2217
Lisa Jones Financial Accounts Payable Clerk 279.2251
Mindy Danberry Purchasing Card Administrator, System Analyst 279.2243
Deirdre Gooden Administrative Assistant 279.2295
Special Education Department
Fax, SPED Coordinators and Specialists 627.5639
Fax, SPED Student Records 2nd Floor 627.5688
Dr. Kelli Charles Executive Director of Schools 627.4372
Sakeena Daud Budget and Audit Specialist 627.4813
Kristin Dunlap Special Education Coordinator
Dorothy Collins MIS Data Assistant 627.5601
Ricquisha Campbell MIS Data Assistant 627.5612
Charla Stafford MIS Data Assistant 627.5670
Marla Guess MIS Data Assistant 627.5661
Jennifer Prock SPED Student Records/IEP Requests 627.5674
Melanie French Special Education Behavior Teacher Leader 422.7970
Connie King Medicaid Project Specialist 627.5614
Stefeny Jungbluth Music Therapy Teacher 627.2678
Vickie Tucker Music Therapy Teacher 627.2763
Nicholas Toniazzo Adaptive PE Teacher 627.2688
Andrea Janes Adaptive PE Teacher 627.2794
Emily Rose Patrick Assistive Technology/Speech Language Pathologist 627.5662
Mary Pearson Special Education IC Curriculum Teacher Leader 627.5611
Kathy Bichelmeyer Special Education Teacher Leader 627.5680
Danita Long Special Education Teacher Leader 627.5690
TBD Special Education Teacher Leader 627.2916
Renee Cooper Physical Therapist 627.2608
Andrea Sanders Physical Therapist 627.2822
Dr. Staci Moody Audiologist 627.5637
Lori Taylor Medicaid Project Specialist 627.5676
Wanda Cain- KCKECC Occupational Therapy Paraeducator 627.2683
Gail Green Occupational Therapist 627.2859
Shawn Barry Occupational Therapist 627.2779
Megan Nolla Occupational Therapist 627.4841
Alexandra Hicks Occupational Therapist 627.5663
Kelly Long Occupational Therapist 627.2796
Mark Perez Occupational Therapist 627.2729
Rebekah Riedford Occupational Therapist 627.2947
Mary Le’Roy Occupational Therapist 627.2729
Becky Stephens Occupational Therapy COTA No #
Abriel Schlange Occupational Therapist 627.5638
Sharon Anderson School Psychologist 627.4830
Rachel Beytien School Psychologist 627.4447
Austin Collier School Psychologist 627.7530
Megan Fuller School Psychologist 627.7047
Ashlyn Thibault School Psychologist 627.7379
Jenny Spears School Psychologist 627.6750
Brenda Francis School Psychologist 627.7844
TBD School Psychologist 627.6593
Abby Knipp School Psychologist 627.5001
Beth Halda School Psychologist 627.2703
Christina Sweeney School Psychologist 627.6180
TBD School Psychologist 627.5362
Ruth Sinon School Psychologist 627.2656
Jill Rangarajan School Psychologist 627.4354
Carreen Blankenship School Psychologist 627.7699
Michael Austin School Psychologist 627.2629
Tana Bowell School Psychologist 627.3086
Ashley Guenther School Psychologist 627.4616
Brett Murray School Psychologist Cell 200.4365
Theresa VonColln School Psychologist 627.6568
Laura Beer School Psychologist 627.6665