Central Office Directory
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Name Title Phone
Dr. Anna Stubblefield Superintendent of Schools 279-2234
Dawn Downing Superintendent Assistant 279-2235
Leslie Smith Board Clerk 279-2652
Greg Goheen School District Attorney 371-3838
Dr. Judith Campbell Associate Superintendent of Leadership and Learning 297-2240
Brandi Mendenhall Senior Office Administrator to Associate Superintendent Teaching & Learning 279-2240
Henry Horn KCKPS Chief of Police 627-4110
3rd  FLOOR
Ralph Teran Chief Finance and Operating Officer 279-2232
Le’Andra Hood Senior Office Administrator to the Chief Financial Officer 279-2232
Lenora Miller Executive Director of Operations (Supervises TIS, Nutritional Services, Shop, Transportation) 279-2269
Tracy Kaiser Executive Director of Business Operations 279-2252
Department of Business
Brad Isnard Director of Finance 279-2250
Danita Robinson Assistant Director 279-2252
Nalini Dale Business Office Executive Secretary 279-2312
Melissa Shields Accountant – General 279-2253
Tressie Brown Payroll Manager 279-2275
Sandra Watson Accountant – Grants and Federal Funds 279-2092</td
Jenise Hattley Payroll 279-2245
Patricia Povlitzki Payroll 279-2291
Purchasing/Accounts Payable
Purchasing Fax 551-3253
Wayne Correll Director of Purchasing 279-2270
Brian Hernandez Assistant Director of Purchasing 279-2244
Deirdre Gooden Administrative Assistant 279-2295
Chelle Thompson Financial Accounts Payable Clerk 279-2217
Lisa Jones Financial Accounts Payable Clerk 279-2251
Mindy Danberry Purchasing Card Administrator, System Analyst 279-2243
Department of Risk Management
JaNia Motley Director of Risk Assessment—Suite 352  (Auditor & Workman’s Comp Issues) 279-2147
Griselda Garcia Finance Manager 279-2148
Lachelle Monroe School Training Manager 279-2333
TBD Inventory Assistant 279-2281
TBD Risk Support 627-2405
Communications Office
Edwin Birch Executive Director of Communication & Marketing 279-2242
Sharita Hutton Director of Communications & Marketing 279-2225
Sarah Thacker Video/Marketing Specialist 627-2610
Chris Jackson Video Production Specialist 627-2604
Mike Keener Web/Graphic Design Specialist 279-2236
Kamron Porter Marketing Specialist 279-2311
Department of Federal Programs – 3rd Floor
Lisa G. Walker Executive Director of Federal Programs-District Title IX Coordinator 627-2829
Bridgette DeSmet Coordinator of Federal Programs 627-2475
Juli O’ Mealey Simmons Federal Programs Grant Writer 627-2465
Curtis Nicholson Federal Programs District Title IX Investigator 627-2829
Magdalena Mumphrey Federal Programs District Title IX Investigator 991-0557
Melissa Cantu Federal Programs Office Administrator 627-2476
Human Resources – 3rd Floor                       Main Line: 279-2262
TBD Chief of Human Resources 627-4358
Jared Alexander Senior Office Administrator to Chief of Human Resources 279-2258
Pamela McKnight HR Administrative Assistant 279-2387
Jody Mitchell Director of Human Resources 279-2355
Angela Monroe HR Advisor—Classified Staff 627-2421
DeAndre Tuggle HR Advisor – Classified Staff 279-2374
Otherine Bembry Assistant—Classified Staff 279-2351
Ana Perez-Sievert HR Advisor—Certified Staff 279-2314
Shaunteh Jones HR Assistant—Certified Staff 279-2360
Roxie Vaughns HR Payroll Manager 279-2384
Human Resources — Development & Recruitment Recruitment Line: 627-2413
Human Resources — Substitute Staffing  Substitute Line: 279-2194
Dr. Ronald Knight-Beck Human Resources Director 297-2356
Cynthia Fulks HR Assistant Director of Operations and Sub Recruiting 279-2364
Eric Tyler HR Recruiter 627-2411
Aaron Watkins HR Recruiter 706-5283
Alexus Salinas HR Branding Manager 627-5641
Tanya Selectman HR Professional Development Manager 279-2259
Sherrie Piedimonte HR Advisor—Talent Development 235-8902
Dr. Elizabeth Meitl HR Advisor — Alternative Certifications 279-2380
TBD HR Assistant — Professional Workforce Development 279-2259
Karen McCarty HR Assistant — Substitute Services 279-2383
TBD HR Assistant — Substitute Services 279-2260
Professional Workforce Development
Lindsey Schneider Director of Professional Workforce Development 627-2414
Julia Linkous Clinical Instructor 279-2288
Human Resources — Compliance & Analytics
Magdalena Mumphrey HR Advisor — Investigations 627-2558
Presley Schumacher HR Assistant — FMLA & Leave 279-2257
Human Resources — Benefits
Rachel Swartz Compensation Analyst 279-2277
Stephanie (Conner) Faris Wellness Coordinator (Monday thru Thursday here, Fridays at Cbiz via email) 279-2030
Crystal Primers Senior Assistant Benefits 279-2200
2nd Floor
Stephen Linkous Chief of Staff 279-2238
Noemi Sanchez Senior Office Administrator to the Chief of Staff 279-2265
Tammie Romstad District Athletic Director 627-5640
Department of Student Services
Lisa Garcia-Stewart Director of Student Services 279-2248
Yutcemel Hernandez Administrative Assistant to the Director of Student Services 279-2248
TBD Administrative Support for Records (Bilingual) 279-2249
Wendy Anderson District Switchboard Operator (Bilingual) 279-3200
Libby Graham Budget Manager/ Administrative Support 627-4363
Octavio Estrella Assistant Director of Students Services (Bilingual)—Suite 225 627-4370
Rosie Rodriguez Coordinator of Student Services 627-2612
LaDerrick Collins Coordinator of Alternative Services 279-2091
Angela Dunn Coordinator of Behavioral Health 627-4364
Tracie Chauvin Coordinator of Social Emotional Learning 627-2631
Brittany Talley Coordinator of Trauma Informed Care 627-2633
Student Services – Kidzone Program 627-4390
Mechelle Wortham Coordinator of Kidzone 627-4391
Lia McLoughlin Program Specialist — Kidzone 627-4356
Laura Yanez Administrative Assistant to Kidzone Program 627-4390
Student Services—Attend to Achieve Department
Naomi Tolentino Program & Prevention Specialist 279-2247
Jonathan Wilson Truancy Monitor 627-4350
Hannah Feipel A Social Worker 627-5628
Student Services – McKinney-Vento Program 279-2087
Jessica Smith, LMSW McKinney-Vento Program Coordinator 279-2150
Julius Brownlee McKinney-Vento Program Specialist 279-2152
Marie McFeders McKinney-Vento (Homeless) Office 279-2087
English for Speakers of Other Languages                                                                                                                   
Jacqueline Rodriguez ESOL/Migrant Director 627-4381
Kourtney Rogers ESOL/Migrant Department Secretary 627-5626
TBD ESOL Data Technician 627-4384
Connie Thao ESOL Data Specialist 627-4387
Dasiel Suarez ESOL Data Technician 627-4384
Ira Wright Migrant Data Specialist 627-2484
Department of Equity and Inclusion
Canise Salinas-Willich Executive Director of Equity and Inclusion 627-2842
TBD Equity and Inclusion Coordinator 627-2534
Zakry Akagi- Bustin Equity and Inclusion Coordinator 627-2536
Dr. Alicia Miguel Instructional Improvement Officer 279-2268
Dr. Kim Shaw Instructional Improvement Officer 627-5659
Dr. Lashonda Bilbo-Ervin Instructional Improvement Officer 627-5675
Department of Early Childhood – Elementary Instruction (EC-5)
Leanne (Patricia) Bautista Office Administrator to Department of Early Childhood- Elementary Instruction 627-2412
Dr. Megan Cook Director of Head Start/Early Childhood 627-4395
Deborah Harvey Secretary to Director of Head Start/Early Childhood 627-5257
Alysha Nichols Admissions Specialist – Early Childhood 627-4378
Stacey Foskett Program Compliance Monitor 627-5672
Christine Dewberry SPARK Project Specialist 627-5629
Sally Massa Head Start Health/Nutrition Specialist 627-2673
TBD Head Start Mental Health & Disability Specialist 627-5617
Keisha Harris Head Start Education Specialist 627-2644
Michelle Taylor Head Start Family & Community Partnership Specialist
Kwamea Smith Head Start Family & Community Partnership Specialist
Michelle Hamilton Family & Community Partnership Specialist 627-2643
Amy Webb Budget & Auditing Specialist, Head Start 627-5613
TBD Head Start Interpreter/Translator 627-2654
TBD Head Start Interpreter/Translator 627-2654
Bryce Shoemaker Data Assistant Head Start 202-2864
Marisa Gearin Early Literacy Access Specialist 627-2524
Department of Secondary Instruction
TBD Director of Diploma+ 627-5675
Lisa Martinez Assistant Director of Diploma+ 627-2877
Monica Sykes Office Administrator to Executive Director of Schools & Director of Diploma+ 627-4813
Helga Brown Diploma+ Coordinator Career and Technical Education Programs 627-2662
Farzaana Visser Career & Technical Educational Coach 279-2371
Lauren Clay Diploma+ Coordinator 279-2263
Dr. Renee Freers Diploma+ Coordinator 627-2611
Kristen Scott Instructional Improvement Officer 627-2403
Dr. LaShonda Bilbo-Ervin Instructional Improvement Officer 627-5675
Matthia Kelsey Office Administrator to Department of Secondary Instruction 627-2412
Karlean Kramer Community Engagement Educator 627-5616
Department of Evaluation, Research, and Assessment
Dr. Yen To Director of Evaluation, Research, and Assessment 279-2298
TBD Data Integrity Facilitator                                                                         Cell 573-3261
Nathan Harris Data Integrity Facilitator 627-5676
Kansas City, Kansas Foundation for Excellence                                                                                                          
Christal Watson Foundation Director 279-2237
Lindzy Monroe Development Manager 279-2229
Kansas National Education Association (KNEA)
Dominick DeRosa NEA KCK President 627-4394
nea.kck@gmail.com 268-4005
Parents as Teachers
Beth Foss Program Coordinator 627-4375
Christine Waters Administrative Assistant 627-4361
Lacey Law Lead Parent Educator 627-4361
Carmen Almanza Parent Educator 627-2637
Matt Bustamante Parent Educator 627-4361
Shelly Crawford Parent Educator 627-4366
Leonae DeLaTorre Parent Educator 627-4361
Samary Sein Parent Educator 627-4361
Priscila Jurado Parent Educator 627-4361
Kate Manivong Parent Educator 627-4361
Blanca Menendez Parent Educator 627-4361
Nene Nave Parent Educator 627-4361
Tiffany Van Sickle Parent Educator 627-4361
Eny Quintanilla Parent Educator 627-4361
Sandy Teachout Parent Educator 627-4361
TBD Parent Educator 627-4361
Laura Kienzle Parent Educator 627-4361
Courtney Schmitz Parent Educator 627-4361
1st Floor
David Tatum Head Custodian 279-2116
Cell 913-982-7788
Print Shop/Copy Center/Inter- School
Ronald Simmons Copy and Print Supervisor 279-2297
Rick Leslie Printer Technician 279-2285
Vang Thao Printer Technician 627-5660
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Matthew Andersen  Director of MTSS 627-4383
Darcy Swan Director of Curriculum and Instruction 279-2255
Suzie Legg Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator 627-4380
Tresia Hassan Administrative Support Professional to Director of C&I 279-2289
Early Childhood-Grade 5
Tracy Smith Lead Instructional Coach (EC-5) 279-2296
Lynn Dykes Lead Instructional Coach (EC-5) 627-5619
Christopher Hamman Lead Instructional Coach (EC-5) 627-5668
Ellen Bartels Curriculum Instructional Coach – Early Childhood 279-2280
Julie Leach Curriculum Instructional Coach – 21st Century Skills 627-5632
Allison ‘Alli’ Rice Curriculum Instruction Coach – English Language Arts 627-2661
Cheryl Beyer Curriculum Instructional Coach – Science & Social Studies 627-2926
Marica Rhone Curriculum Instruction Coach – Math 279-2284
Secondary Team
Jenny Kramer Secondary Lead Instructional Coach 627-2685
Tiffany Judkins Secondary Lead Instructional Coach 279-2088
Wendy Elkins Curriculum Instructional Coach – 21st Century Skills 279-2276
Spencer Martin Curriculum Instructional Coach – Science 627-4385
Brenda Burney Curriculum Instructional Coach – Social Studies 279-2287
Kurt Parker Curriculum Instruction Coach – Math 279-2279
Kristi Chalk Curriculum Instruction Coach – English Language Arts 627-5636
Tracy Cooper Curriculum Instruction Coach – Targeted Literacy Instruction 627-2624
Delia Perez-Solorzano Curriculum Instructional Coach – World Languages 627-2423
Jodie Lin Coordinator of Fine Arts (Located at IARC) 627-6861
Teresa Kloiber Administrative Support Professional for IARC 627-6860
TBD Curriculum Instructional Coach – Physical Education (Located at IARC) 627-6862
Tiffani Thompson Curriculum Instruction Coach – Music – Vocal (Located at IARC) 627-6862
Elizabeth Burns Curriculum Instruction Coach – Art (Located at IARC) 627-6862
Public Libraries 
Carol Levers Director of Libraries 295-8259
Rochelle McCaulley Assistant Director of Libraries 295-8250
Candee Hoffman Assistant Director of School Libraries 295-8250
Main Library 625 Minnesota Avenue 295-8250
Andria Dibbern Finance Manager 295-8250
Tammie Sharp HR Manager 295-8250
Mobile Library (cell phone) Mobilelibrary@kckpl.org 530-5951
South Branch 3104 Strong Avenue 295-8250
Mr. & Mrs. F.L. Schlagle 4051 West Drive, Wyandotte County Lake Park 295-8250
Turner Branch 831 South 55th Street 295-8250
West Wyandotte 1737 North 82nd Street 295-8250
Wyandotte Comprehensive Special Education Cooperative
SPED Receptionist 627-5600
Fax, SPED Student Records 2nd Floor 627-5688
Dr. JaKyta Lawrie Executive Director of Special Education – 2nd Floor 627-43\72
Monica Sykes Office Administrator to Executive Director of Schools & Director of Diploma+ 627-4813
Dana Nelson Assistant Director of Special Education
TBD Director of Inclusion and Compliance 627-2735
Dr. Kristin Dunlap Coordinator – Special Education 627-2541
Dr. Jennifer Brown Coordinator – Special Education 627-2554
Rebecca Lambert Coordinator – Special Education 627-2555
Angel Spann Coordinator – Special Education 627-2553
Krista Knight Coordinator – Special Education 627-2556
Alexis Wilkerson Coordinator – Special Education 627-2543
Lori Allen Coordinator – Special Education 627-2538
Amirah Pughsley Coordinator – Special Education 627-2913
Dr. Debbie Lair Coordinator – Special Education (Infant/Toddler) 279-5510
Jessica McGrail Coordinator – Special Education 627-2544
Diane Washington Coordinator – Special Education 627-2542
Ann Kelly Coordinator – Special Education 627-2537
Dr. Zachary Wilson Coordinator – Special Education N/A
Dr. La Tonya Gillis Coordinator – Special Education 627-2559
Elizabeth Morris BSN, RN, CPN Health Services- Nurse 627-5651
Sakeena Daud Budget and Audit Specialist 627-2654
Dorothy Collins MIS Data Assistant 627-5601
Ricquisha Campbell MIS Data Assistant 627-5612
Clarissa Santiago MIS Data Assistant 627-5676
Marla Guess MIS Data Assistant 627-5670
Monique Sotelo SPED Student Records/IEP Requests 627-5674
Ja’Lana Sullivan Medicaid Project Specialist 627-5614
Flora Nyakatura Medicaid Project Specialist 627-2615
Austin Collier School Psychologist 627-7530
Brenda Francis School Psychologist 627-7844
Ashley Guenther School Psychologist 627-4616
Theresa VonColln School Psychologist 627-6568
Laura Beer School Psychologist 627-6665
Rebecca Benson Special Education Instructional Coach 627-2656
Bethel Goodenow Special Education Instructional Coach 627-5635
Deidra Harrington Special Education Instructional Coach 627-2549
Lauren Campbell Special Education Instructional Coach 627-5683
Megan Kiefer Special Education Instructional Coach
Janis Tolly Special Education Instructional Coach 627-2617
Charles Uwagbai Special Education Instructional Coach 627-2618
Jill Burgdorfer Special Education Instructional Coach
Blake Hodges Special Education Instructional Coach 627-2548
Kimberly Thomas Special Education Instructional Coach 627-2636
T’erra Chatmon Special Education Instructional Coach 627-2656
Diane Fleming Special Education Instructional Coach 627-2546
Rebecca Benson Special Education Instructional Coach 627-2656
Special Education – 1st Floor
Dr. Angie Sublet Audiologist 627-5637
Wanda Cain- KCKECC Occupational Therapy Paraeducator 627-2683
Gail Green Occupational Therapist 627-2859
Brooke Bergerhofer Occupational Therapist
Lindsay Wynn Occupational Therapist
Alexandra Erdman Occupational Therapist 627-5663
Anna Watkins Occupational Therapist
Mark Perez Occupational Therapist 627-2729
Rebekah Reiford Occupational Therapist 627-2947
Mary Le’Roy Occupational Therapist 627-2792
Becky Stephens Occupational Therapy COTA No #
Abriel Schlange Occupational Therapist 627-5638
Kylie Lewis Occupational Therapist
Allison Palmer Occupational Therapist
Brianna Sugiura Occupational Therapist
Kylie Seaman Physical Therapist
Emily Rose Patrick Assistive Technology/Speech Language Pathologist 627-5662
Andrea Sanders Physical Therapist 627-2822
Stefeny Jungbluth Music Therapy Teacher 627-2678
Vickie Tucker Music Therapy Teacher 627-2763
Nicholas Toniazzo Adaptive PE Teacher 627-2688
Andrea Janes Adaptive PE Teacher 627-2794
IMC Library – Special Education – 1st Floor
Kimberly Day Howell Instructional Media Center Specialist, IMC Library 627-5654
IMC Library Fax 627-5657