Directory for Other Buildings in KCKPS

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Shop Office 2220 North 59th ST  STE 229 KCK, 66104 627.3850
Name Position Phone
Shop Office Fax 627.3894
Doug Clements Director of Physical Properties 627.3863
TBD Assistant Director of Physical Properties (Bond Contact) 627.3851
Brian Draper Assistant Director 627.3861
Kim Thrasher Secretary to Director & Assistant Director 627.3862
Leslie Smith Secretary to Director-Construction Contract Assistant 627.3880
Joe Herbin Coordinator of Buildings and Grounds 627.3868
TBD Building & Grounds Secretary 627.3864
Nikki McDaniel Accounts Payable 627.3867
Esmeralda Sandoval Receptionist/Secretary 627.3860
Ricky Baker Mechanical Maintenance/Metal Fabricator 627.3886
Stephen Berry Carpentry Department 627.3869
Daniel Bey Labor/Ground Department 627.3879
Joe Bonomo Electrical Department 627.3873
Reginald Boykin Labor/Grounds Department 627.3879
Denny Brake Roofing Department 627.3881
Scott Brown Pipefitter Department 627.3870
Reggie Byers Custodial Department 627.3858
Lloyd Collins Painter Foreman 627.3871
Tommy Collins Labor/Grounds Department 627.3879
Melvin Cox Carpentry Department 627.3869
Larry Creech Locksmith Department 627.3872
Bill Duncan Preventative Maintenance Department 627.3865
Wilbert Edwards Carpentry Department 627.3869
Robert Elijah Plumbing Department 627.3875
Colby Fisher Delivery Department 627.3876
Jeff Fisher Carpenter Foreman 627.3869
TBD Labor/Asbestos 627.3874
Randy (Eric) George Pipefitter 627.3870
Sukarno Grant Electrical Department 627.3873
Doug Gregory Painter 627.3871
Steve Griggs Labor/Asbestos 627.3874
TBD Graffiti/Custodial 627.3850
Kevin Hamm Labor Department 627.3879
Justin Gray Labor/Grounds Department 627.3879
Tony Henderson Plumbing Foreman 627.3875
TBD Electrical Department 627.3873
Brad Hoffman Electrician Foreman 627.3870
David Ivory Mail Delivery Department 232-1659
Don Morgan Mail Delivery Department 449-7787
Tim Jensen Pipefitter Department 627.3870
Mike Johnson Mechanic Foreman 627.3886
Jason Justice Delivery Department 627.3876
Blaine Kempf Labor/Grounds Department 627.3876
Steve Knight Pipefitter Foreman 627.3870
William Krumwiede Carpenter 627.3869
Austin LaBlance Plumbing Department 627.3875
Vincent Manning Electrical Department 627.3873
John Silvey Special Project Supervisor 627.3879
John McClain Garage Mechanic Foreman 627.3892
Jessie Murphy Garage Mechanic 627.3892
Danny Neugent Labor Department 627.3869
Neil Porras Paint Department 627.3871
Garrett Pursley Plumbing Department 627.3875
Thomas Ramirez Laborer/Grounds Department 627.3879
Phillip Ruiz Laborer/Grounds Department 627.3879
Kevin Sanderson Asbestos/Environmental Department 627.3874
Zachary Baker Labor Department 627.3879
Kevin Schlicht Brickmason Department 627.3879
Terry Scott Pipefitter Department 627.3870
Jeremy Silvey Delivery Driver Foreman 627.3879
TBD Concrete Department 627.3879
Anthony Smith Laborer/Grounds Department 627.3879
Mike Speight Pipefitter Department 627.3870
Curtis Stevenson Workplace Safety Facilitator 627.3859
Lisa Swygert Custodian 627.3885
Joe Tapia Locksmith Department 627.3872
John Taulbert Painter 627.3871
Jeron Slater Laborer/Grounds Department 627.3879
Jon Woodall Plumbing Department 627.3875
Nutritional Services 2220 North 59th Street, STE 119 KCK 66104 627.3900
Name Position Phone
Joshua Mathiasmeier, RD Director of Nutritional Services 627.3914
Nicole Jeffries Secretary to Director of Nutritional Services 627.3916
Jo Ann Kitchens Meal Applications, Data Entry Clerk 627.3910
Vanessa Jimenez Secretary to Nutritional Services 627.3911
Ron Harper Technical Support 627.3917
Gene Loiseau Culinary Specialist 627.3908
Jessica (Sechrest) Lawrence, RD Operations Manager 627.3915
Ashlee (Lamar) Welter, RD, LD Operations Manager 627.3919
Michael Schartz, Rd Operations Manager 627.3909
IARC 1620 South 21st Street, KCK 66106 627.6850
Name Position Phone
Jodie Lin Coordinator 627.6861
Teresa Kloiber Administrative Assistant 627.6860
Stephanie Dickson Physical Education Teacher Leader 627.6862
Matt Richey Instrument Repair – Strings 627.6863
Tom Parle Instrument Repair – Strings 627.6864
Mark Farmer Instrument Repair – Band 627.6864
Forest Stewart Instrument Repair – Band 627.6863
Transportation 6126 Parallel, KCK 66102 627.3100
Transportation South 1528 Meadowlark Lane, KCK 66102 627.3300
Bus Garage Maintenance   627.3121
Name Position Phone
Miguel Martin Director of Transportation 627.3315
Anita Rocha Assistant Director of Transportation 627.3123
Shameka Brown Assistant Director of Transportation 627.3116
Priscilla Kelly Transportation Payroll Specialist 627.3118
Clifford Hall Driver/Trainer 627.3110
Sherry Tubbs Secretary/Dispatch 627.3113
DeLisa Fowler-Nunley Secretary/Dispatch 627.3126
Wendy Nunn Secretary/Dispatch 627.3112
DeBorah Hardin Secretary/Dispatch 627.3100
Linda Duncan Secretary/Dispatch 627.3115
Esmeralda Villarreal Secretary/Dispatch 627.3100
Anita Rocha Bus Routing Specialist (South Lot) 627.3303
Dee Looney Bus Routing Specialist (South Lot) 627.3301
Sandy Kiper Bus Routing Specialist (South Lot) 627.3302
Matthew Boeckman Mechanic 627.3121
Gary Harris Jr. Mechanic 627.3121
Scott Martin Lead Mechanic 627.3121
Michael Robinson Mechanic 627.3121
Cameron McKindra Mechanic 627.3121
Kevin Reynolds Mechanic 627.3121
Christopher Williams Head Mechanic 627.3121
Claire Jobe, Jr. Utility Mechanic 627.3121
Quinton Zenon Night Utility Mechanic 627.3121
Kenneth Taylor Custodian 627.3100
KCKPS Police Department 2220 North 59th St STE 120 KCK, 66104 627.4111
Name Position Phone
Henry Horn Chief of Police 627.4110
Lt. Col. Michael Webb Deputy Chief of Police 627.4113
Sgt. Robert Graham Sergeant 627.4114
Jamia Warren Administrative Assistant 627.4111
Sergeant Graham Sergeant/Headquarters                                                     cell phone 319-9287
Chief Henry Horn Chief of Police                                                                   cell phone 488-7458
Deputy Chief Webb Deputy Chief of Police                                                        cell phone 302-2294
Technology & Information Services 2220 North 59th  St STE 119 KCK, 66104
Name Position Phone
Help Desk   279-2330
Joe Fives Director of Technology and Information Services 279-2286
Steve Rose Assistant Director of Technology and Information Services 279-2226
Sandee Sanderson Secretary to Director of TIS 279-2272
Lisa Jordan Help Desk Technician 279-2016
TBD Help Desk Technician
Myla Todd Telecommunication Technician 279-2368
Griffin Crane Applications Programmer 279-2301
Jeff Storms Applications Programmer 279-2303
Rashid Hoda Applications Programmer 279-2325
Steve Pearson Applications Programmer 279-2118
Jennifer Hernbloom Network Administrator 279-2313
Steve Haney Network Manager 279-2304
Melinda Bauman Network Technician 279-2130
Laura Strutzel Network Wireless Specialist 279-2306
Jason Codding Audio Visual Manager 279-2305
John Stratton Audio Visual Technician 279-2228
Nathan Calvert Audio Visual Technician 279-2315
Sean Phelps Audio Visual Technician 279-2221
Penny Atchley Student Systems Manager 279-2369
Michelle Gould Student Systems Data Technician 279-2058
Eric Harris Hardware Technicians Manager 279-2339
Eric Thomason Hardware Technician 279-2329
James McCray Hardware Technician 279-2192
Sean Olson Hardware Technician 279-2308
Mark Hughes Mac Technician 279-2319
Monique Phelps Mac Technician 279-2318
Nathaniel Lacey Mac Technician 279-2336
Aaron Mauk Mac Technician-Harmon High School 627.7052
Jeff Maisch Mac Technician-Sumner Academy 627.0355
Jon Gould Mac Technician-Schlagle High School 627.7603
Julie Jones Mac Technician-Washington High School 627.7804
Logan Urban Mac Technician-Wyandotte High School 627.7712
Wyandotte County Infant-Toddler Services – Located at 2220 N. 59th St Ste. 114                         627.5500
Name Position Phone
Debbie Lair Coordinator, Infant Toddler Services 627.5510
Cheryl Starr Secretary, Infant Toddler Services 627.5503