District To Use Flyer Connect Platform for Better Parent Engagement and Connectivity

Hello KCKPS Families,

We have been researching how we can enhance our communication, in order to increase engagement among our diverse group of parents within our school district.

As you may know, surveys are a commonly used tool to help uncover the answers to questions that are needed to make those important organizational decisions. KCKPS needs your input to gather vital information about the number of families who have reliable access to internet service. KCKPS is partnering with LeanLab Education and Flyer Connect to launch an assessment on the technology needs of our students and their families. The assessment will assist the school district in its plan to create an effective learning environment that leads to academic success for our students.

The school district and its campuses will be using the Flyer Connect platform to distribute the survey and collect information on this topic of connectivity. There are some very important and simple steps we need you to make so we can gather the valuable information that is needed to help us understand how we can assess and support your child’s technology needs.

Please download the Flyer Connect app and verify yourself to complete the survey. With Flyer Connect, you can:

  • Receive messages from your district and schools
  •  View school & classroom calendars to know events and deadlines.
  • Access resources like food/lunch menus, health & safety information, and more.
  • Set your own notification preferences (email, text, app notifications, etc.) and preferred language.

You will be receiving your invitation from Flyer Connect on December 1, 2020 with download instructions to take the survey. Enter your own personal code into the Flyer Connect app which will allow you access to your school and survey. We are excited to communicate with you through Flyer Connect!

It is just that simple.

Posted November 23, 2020

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