Enrollment Information

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New to the District?

August 12 – August 30 enrollment will take place at your student’s school during the hours of 8:30-11:30 a.m. Schools will be unable to enroll students during the first three days of school on August 7, 8 and 9.

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Current Student?

When is Re-Enrollment conducted? Every year the district will conduct a Spring Re-enrollment registration for students currently enrolled. For more information, visit www.register.kckps.org.

What Is Needed For Enrollment?

What is required to enroll a new student in Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools? Whenever a child is enrolling in Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools for the first time the parent/guardian is required to provide the following:

  • Proof of Address (bring one item): A utility bill (gas, water, electric, or phone), Rental Agreement or Mortgage Agreement or Driver’s license with current address or mail that includes name and current address. (Please Note: Mail addressed to “Resident” or “Current Resident” is not considered a valid proof of address.)
  • Proof of Identity: Certified copy of state issued birth certificate. (Please Note: Wallet size birth certificates and hospital certificates are not accepted.)
  • Record of Immunizations: A Kansas Certificate of Immunization for each child. All students in the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools are required to have up-to-date immunization records before starting school.
  • Physical Exam/Health Assessment: Children 9 years of age or younger that are new to the district will be required to have a physical examination no more than 12 months old on file before starting school. Those coming from another school in Kansas must present a copy of the physical health assessment when enrolling in Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools.
  • Certified transcripts of school records

Who is eligible to enroll in school in the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools district?

  • Children must be five years of age on or before August 31 to enter kindergarten. A child enrolling in first grade who did not attend kindergarten must be six years of age on or before August 31.
  • Only students residing in the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools district boundaries and within each local school’s attendance zone are eligible for enrollment.
    • The address of all students is defined as the legal address of the parent or legal guardian.
  • Students who move from the school district during the school year and not in the district attendance boundaries are considered a non-resident. The parent/guardian must apply for permission to finish the school year by filling out a Request to Enroll from Student Services at Central Office.
  • Non-residents may be admitted based on available resources and district criteria (academics, attendance and discipline) on a tuition fee basis.
  • Regardless of address, no student who has been suspended or expelled from another school district will be admitted until the period of such suspension or expulsion has expired.
  • Foreign Exchange students from an approved organization who meet the criteria shall be admitted on a tuition-free basis.

Exceptions to Residence Requirements:

  • All permits are reviewed by the Director of Student Services
  • All new permits are available for application April 18 through August 16.
  • All permits must renewed each year in the Department of Student Services. The student and family must remain in good standing with attendance, grades and behavior.
  • All exceptions to residence requirements must be approved by the Director of Student Services prior to enrollment or starting school.
  • Childcare Permits (K-8)’ permission to attend the school located is in the attendance area in which childcare services are located approved by the Director of Student Services.
  • All permit requests will be closed after August 16.

What student/parent contact information is needed?

  • Information pertinent to each student must be accurate in case of emergency and for communication purposes.
  • Contact names are required to be listed and current for release or pickup (only enrolling parent/guardian authorizes contact list)
  • Parent/guardians are required to provide this information at the beginning of each school year and any time thereafter if the information changes.
  • Each student is also assigned a family advocate; a staff member who can act as a liaison between home and school. This person can be of assistance in many situations.