ESOL – Levels of Support

Our district supports our English Language Learners in a variety of ways. An English Language Learner may experience one or more of these supports:

  • Intensive Language Centers: The purpose of the Intensive Language Centers is for students new to the country to gain the cultural, social, and language skills necessary to navigate successfully in American classrooms and schools. Intensive language support is provided in a safe / sheltered classroom environment for the majority of the day with opportunities to work with English speaking peers through mentorship and participation in electives / specials. When a student is ready to move out of the ILC, he/she will return to his/her home school.
    • The ILCs are located in the following buildings:
      • High School – Washington
      • Middle School – Central
      • Elementary – Eugene Ware (3rd-5th) and Frances Willard (2nd – 5th)
  • Direct Service Language Courses (English Language and Fundamentals of English Language): Instruction will focus around gaining LANGUAGE skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) to be successful in content courses. This support is available primarily at the secondary level.
  • Sheltered Courses: The students in these courses have acquired the necessary LANGUAGE skills, but still need the scaffold supports provided by sheltered instruction to meet the content specific standards. This support is available primarily at the secondary level.
  • Co-Teaching: Students in a co-teaching classroom will receive instruction from two instructors: one being the content expert and the other being the language instructor. This method can be achieved in a variety of ways.
  • Mainstream Courses: Students in these courses will receive content instruction with significantly reduced language scaffolds. They may receive support services through push-in support by an ESOL Instructional aide or through consultative services by an ESOL staff member.

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