ESOL / Migrant Staff

Central Office Staff


Name Position Email Phone
Jacqueline Rodriguez Director of ESOL / Migrant Programs 913-627-4381
Kara Spittles ESOL Compliance Coordinator 913-627-2568
Connie Thao

  • Language(s) Spoken – Hmong
ESOL Data Specialist 913-627-4387
Dasiel Perez Suarez

  • Language(s) Spoken – Spanish
ESOL Data Specialist 913-627-4384
TBD Department Secretary 913-627-5626
Karina Martinez Migrant Data Specialist 913-627-2484

ESOL Instructional Coaches – Elementary

Name Office Email Buildings Supported
Devon Tschumakow Douglass Elementary Banneker, Caruthers, Frances Willard, Frank Rushton, Grant, M. E. Pearson, Quindaro, Earl Watson, KCKECC, Morse, North Central Office ECC
Cory Coe Douglass Elementary Claude Huyck, Eugene Ware, John F. Kennedy, Lindbergh, Lowell Brune, Mark Twain, McKinley, New Chelsea, Stony Point North, TA Edison, Welborn
Ramona Stowe Douglass Elementary Douglass, Emerson, Hazel Grove, John Fiske, New Stanley, Noble Prentis, Silver City, Stony Point South, West Park, Whittier

ESOL Instructional Coaches – Secondary

Name Office Location Email Buildings Supported
Brittany McWilliams F. L. Schlagle High School Harmon, Schlagle, Sumner
Lisa Quirke Washington High School Washington, Wyandotte
Abigail (Abby) Spencer Gloria Willis Middle School Argentine, Arrowhead, Carl B. Bruce, Central, Eisenhower, Rosedale

ESOL Family Advocates and Bilingual Community Outreach Workers



Name Office Location Schools Served Email Phone
Maria Arreola

  • Language(s) Spoken – Spanish
John Fiske Elementary School Harmon / Schlagle Clusters 913-304-4652
Brian Teachout

  • Language(s) Spoken – Spanish
Carl B. Bruce Middle School Washington / Wyandotte Clusters 913-304-4447

Claudia Giner

  • Language(s) Spoken – Spanish
Silver City Elementary School Harmon Cluster 913-335-4538
Aye Hla Shamo New Chelsea Wyandotte and Washington Clusters 913-568-7953
Nestor Rodriguez

  • Language(s) Spoken – Spanish
Grant Elementary School Schlagle Cluster 913-219-5751
Mitima Burhungane

  • Language(s) Spoken – Swahili, French
Claude Huyck Elementary School Harmon and Schlagle Clusters 913-998-8358
Maria Olmo-Rodriguez

  • Language(s) Spoken – Spanish
Banneker Elementary School Wyandotte Clusters 913-593-1731
Saw Kaw

  • Language(s) Spoken – Burmese / Karen
F. L. Schlagle High School All Clusters 913-335-4539
Justin Mugisha

  • Language(s) Spoken – Swahili, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, French
Washington High School Washington and Wyandotte Clusters 913-335-4540
Kumar Monger

  • Language(s) Spoken – Nepali
J. C. Harmon High School Harmon and Schlagle Clusters 913-226-6153

Migrant Family Advocates and ID & R Specialist



Name Office Location Schools Served Email Phone
Brianda Labotos – Early Childhood

  • Language(s) Spoken- Spanish
ME Pearson Elementary School Early Childhood 913-558-3733
Yanina Merritt

  • Language(s) Spoken- Spanish
ME Pearson Elementary School Elementary Schools 913-205-2342
Vanessa Mora North Central Office Elementary Schools 913-558-3596
Michelle Brito

  • Language(s) Spoken- Spanish
North Central Office Middle Schools 913-558-3596
Miguel Vega

  • Language(s) Spoken- Spanish
North Central Office High Schools 913-306-8798
Feliciano Marin (ID&R Specialist)

  • Language(s) Spoken- Spanish
Central Office All Schools 913-558-2588

The department provides instructional support to schools by providing ESOL Teachers and/or Bilingual Aides throughout the district. Buildings may also identify additional needs and provide additional support members. Each building may be contacted individually to identify the specific support staff at the building.

ESOL Teachers – The ESOL teacher is the primary contact for the department, providing day-to-day services and advocacy for our diverse student population.

Bilingual Aides – Provide individualized and small group support in the classroom, to reinforce and or support skills being taught by the classroom teacher.