Welcome to Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools!

KCKPS is a nationally-recognized urban school district that is a model of excellence for other educational systems. We are the proud home to the 2019 Kansas Teacher of the Year, Whitney Morgan, an English language arts teacher at Wyandotte High School.

We are the largest school district in Wyandotte County and the fifth largest in the state of Kansas. Our diverse school district serves students in Pre-K through 12th grade. The student population of more than 22,000 students is made up of about 50% Hispanic, 29% African-American, 11% White, and 7% Asian.

The vision of the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools is to be one of the Top 10 School Districts in the Nation.

Our goal is that “Each student will exit high school prepared for college and careers in a global society, and at every level, performance is on track and on time for success.”  To help our students achieve this goal, the district is implementing a district-wide initiative called Diploma+.

Diploma+ logo

The goal of Diploma+ is for each student to graduate with a high school diploma plus one of seven endorsements that include:

  • Completion of one year of college
  • Completion of an industry-recognized certificate or credential
  • Achievement of at least 21 on the ACT or 1060 on the SAT
  • Completion of an IB Diploma Programme or Career-Related Programme
  • Acceptance into the military
  • Completion of a Qualified Internship or Industry-Approved Project
  • An Approved Plan for Post-Secondary Transition

Visit the Diploma+ page on this site to learn more about this innovative program at the heart of success for our students.

Click here for a PDF of our Mission, Vision and Goals