Accessing Infinite Campus Portal – Guide

Click here for a printable PDF of these instructions.

  1. Go to the district website and select the link for the Infinite Campus Parent Portal in the menu.
    Website swcreenshot
  2. If you know your username and password, please enter and click “Sign In” and go to step 5. If you do not have an account yet, please contact your school for your Campus Portal Activation Key; you will need this information to create your account. When you get the Key, click on the “click here” link.
    Infinite Campus Instruction Screenshot
  3. Please enter the Activation Key EXACTLY as it is provided by the school (upper and lower case letters must be entered exactly how they are listed) and click “Submit.” Please note that the Activation Key is a lengthy combination of letters and numbers and may be a challenge to enter correctly the first time.
    Infinite Campus Instruction Screenshot
  4. You will enter a username and password (you will enter the password twice to verify) and then click Create Account. Then, click on the link that says Click Here to enter the portal log-in page. Log in with your username and password you just made.
    Infinite Campus Instruction Screenshot
  5. You will see the menu (1) on the left hand side of the screen. Near the top of the page, you will see “SELECT A STUDENT” (2) that will allow you to select each of your students (more information will appear when you select a student – please see step 7 below for details). In the top right hand corner of the screen, you will see a tool bar (3) that includes a link back to your home page (house symbol), the ability to “Try the new Campus Parent” (this will take you to an updated view of the portal), notifications (the bell symbol) and the link to “Sign Out” of the portal. In the center of the screen, you will see any District and School Announcements (4) that have been sent and your Inbox that has messages sent to you by your school(s). Click on the small triangle next to each set of messages to expand and collapse the messages.
    Infinite Campus Instruction Screenshot
  6. Please click on the links below for information on each of the menu choices.
    1. Family Menu
      1. Messages
      2. Discussions
      3. Household Information
      4. Family Members
      5. Calendar
      6. Fees
      7. To Do List
    2. User Account
      1. Account Settings
      2. Contact Preferences
      3. Access Log
      4. Notification Settings
  7. When you choose a student from the list at the top of the screen, you will see another group of choices appear above the “Family” and “User Account” menus. This is where you will access your student’s academic information and progress.
    Infinite Campus Instruction Screenshot
  8. Please click on the links below for information on each of the menu choices.
    1. Student Calendar
    2. Student Schedule
    3. Responsive Schedule (not currently active)
    4. Student Attendance
    5. Grades
    6. Academic Plan (not currently active)
    7. Student’s Academic Progress
    8. Student Transportation
    9. Student Fees
    10. Student’s To-Do List
    11. Student Reports
    12. Student Demographics