J.C. Harmon’s Architecture, Construction, Computer Science, and Engineering (ACE) Student Calogero Bradley is a Self-Published Author

Calogero Bradley

Calogero Bradley, a freshman from J.C. Harmon wrote and published his first book Vengeance is Mine: THE REAPING. After reading countless action books, Bradley decided to write his own adventure. Bradley said his push to write the book came from his parents. “I was inspired by my mom because she is an author and both (my parents) supported me along the way while writing,” said Bradley. His open mind and imagination gave him the creative boost to write about a teen named Cody (the main character), who is on a mission to find out who is responsible for the death of his father. Working alongside detectives, Cody goes on an adventure to solve the mystery. Bradley hopes readers will enjoy his book and appreciate the work that was put into creating the story. He describes the feeling of publishing his first book as “unique.”

Vengeance is Mine: THE REAPING is now available on Amazon.com.