KCKPS Celebrates National School Bus Safety Week

Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools proudly celebrates its Transportation Department for this school year’s National School Bus Safety Week and School Transportation Appreciation Day on Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Bus Citizenship/Safety Reminders

All riders are expected to wait respectfully and quietly at the bus stop for the school bus. Designated bus stops may be moved to a location farther away from the student’s house if a student fails to respect the property near the bus stop. Parent supervision at the bus stop is encouraged.

Be alert for vehicles that do not stop when the bus is loading or unloading students. Each day, drivers carelessly run through the red flashing lights by school buses stopped for children. Please instruct your students to look before stepping off of the bus as well as crossing roadways.

Students should never touch the school bus while the bus is in motion on the roadway as they are approaching the bus stop or leaving the bus stop. Students should never try to retrieve any item that may end up under the school bus.

Posted October 19, 2021

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