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KCKPS Celebrates the April 2021 Students of the Month

Yoan Estrada-JassoYoan Estrada Jasso
Pre-K at Morse Early Childhood Center

“Yoan is a joy to have in our classroom! He is always on time for our Zoom circles with a smile on his face. He participates in our activities and answers questions and offers input when encouraged! He completes all of his assignments and enjoys sharing his arts and crafts projects when we have a “show and tell” time at the end of our day. I appreciate the support of Yoan’s family, as well. His mother works with and encourages him to be a learner as he begins his academic career. As challenging as this online learning has been for all of us, Yoan has embraced this opportunity and I look forward to working with him in person when the time comes!”

Denis Medina Carbajal portraitDenis Medina Carbajal
5th Grade at Whittier Elementary

“If an award could be given for perseverance, Denis would win hands-down! I have taught Denis for many years and she has always worked hard but this has been high-lighted during remote learning. Sometimes she has had connection issues but she always gets right back on. Sometimes her computer doesn’t work properly but she figures out a “work around”. Yesterday she couldn’t get into a different teacher’s Zoom. Many kids would give up but not Denis! She popped on to my Zoom to ask for help. She has a beautiful singing voice, a sparkling smile and just makes teaching more fun. I’m so honored to know and be inspired by her!”

Christopher Rios-MeijaChristopher Rios-Mejia
7th Grade at Argentine Middle School

Christopher is an excellent student with a great work ethic. He shows up to every online class on time and answers questions from his teachers. He has also shown a willing to help out others and share his screen as an example to the class. I was fortunate enough to have Christopher last year in class as well. I remember that he was kind to everyone and always respectful to teachers while also helping others. I appreciate that Christopher can be fun and have a good time without becoming distracted. However, the thing I find most remarkable about Christopher is that he is a conscientious worker who always makes sure he does a thorough job on each and everything he does. For these reasons and more, I think he deserves Student of the Month.

Floyd Brooks portraitFloyd Brooks
10th Grade at Washington High School

I have had Floyd in my Family Advocacy for 1.5 years and in my Yearbook class for half a year. I nominate Floyd because he is a student I know I can always count on. His attendance in all of his classes is exemplary. He has been absent from only 1 class period all year (so not even the full day). Learning does not come easy to him in all subjects, but he always tries and his grades reflect that consistent effort. Floyd’s consistency is one of his best traits. Even when faced with an insurmountable task, like having his partners in a group project abandon him during a Yearbook project while we are in online learning, he still never gave up, showed up every day, asked questions, and met his deadlines. He is learning to advocate for himself during this difficult year. The other thing I can always expect from Floyd is his positive attitude. When I am having a rough day and can’t force a smile for my students as easily, Floyd can tell and he always says something small, with a smile, to remind me of why I love my job. I expect that many years from now, Floyd will be nominated for one of those “Reasons to Believe” posters. But right now, he definitely deserves to be recognized as a Student of the Month.


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