KCKPS Celebrates the September 2021 Students of the Month

Benjamin Edlin-Bonilla portraitBenjamin Edlin-Bonilla

North Central Office Early Childhood Center
Nominated by: Bridget Schenk, Paraprofessional

Benjamin has been rocking his first week in preschool! He is aware of the people around him and is always ready to jump in to help when he sees the need. He has been very in control of his body, keeping calm and following directions during our learning times, then expending energy appropriately and safely during centers and recess. He has really stood out as an example in our class and are excited to see him continue to grow throughout the year.

Yarel Gonzalez-Flores portraitYarel Gonzalez-Flores

M.E. Pearson Elementary
Nominated by: Anna Frame, Teacher

Yarel has done an amazing job since coming back to school! She missed being at school over the summer and comes each day with a positive attitude. She has helped all students feel comfortable and happy in our classroom. She has really impressed staff and students by the way she helps students who are new to our school feel like they are at home. She comforts her friends when they are sad and does her best to make them smile. Yarel is a very special student who wants to see herself and others succeed. She takes pride in her learning and is curious for what is to come the next day! She has so much love for school and I cannot wait to see where Yarel’s future takes her!

Jordan Bridges portraitJordan Bridges

Argentine Middle School
Nominated by: Kristi Palmer-Stuetelberg, Teacher

Jordan has started this year with amazing positivity, curiosity and initiative. He is a wonderful example to his peers of how to interact with adults and other students, being kind and interested. He participates in class work and works hard on the football team. He has a sense of wonder and loves to learn while also joking and having fun as we go. I enjoy getting to spend my days with him because he truly makes our classroom a better place.

Jesse Felix portraitJesse Felix

J.C. Harmon High School
Nominated by: Susan Borsella, Paraprofessional   

Jesse is a SAILS 2 student and such a blessing to have in class. I have been with him now for 4 years (I’m truly sad to see him leave us after graduation). I have watched this young man grow in so many ways over the years. He is such a helper and has come so far in his tracing. He went from circles as a freshman to tracing letters now. He gets so proud after tracing his name and runs over with the biggest smile to show us his hard work. Jesse is also an excellent team player. He is part of the Unified Sports Team that I help coach. He loves basketball. Watching this boy make his first shot of the season a couple years ago will forever stay in my heart. We can be in a down mood, but as soon as Jesse comes around the entire room lights up. Not a day goes by that we are not singing Red Kingdom together and dancing the afternoon away as we get ready for the bus.


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