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KCKPS Honors the October 2021 Students of the Month

Elena Felix portraitElena Felix
Banneker Elementary School
Nominated by: Cayce Gilhousen, Teacher

Elena has not missed a single day of school. She arrives with a positive attitude and follows our rules and routines without reminders or redirection.  She gets along well with all of the children and likes to be a helper in the classroom.  She is excelling in our activities and works hard both at home and in school.  She does not ever complain and stays focused. She knows that the reason that she is at school is to learn shows evidence that she is growing and learning every day!  She is a wonderful part of our morning class!

Oswin Torres-Martinez portraitOswin Torres-Martinez
3rd Grade
Frances Willard Elementary
Nominated by: MaiSee Xiong

Oswin is an amazing and remarkable student! He is kind and caring, always willing to lend a hand! Oswin is hard working and always strives for improvement. He is a leader to his peers as a constant reminder that hard work leads to success.

Uriel Sanchez portraitUriel Sanchez
8th Grade
Arrowhead Middle School
Nominated by: Heidi Prokop, Teacher

Uriel is an 8th grader who stands apart from the rest. He is kind to both adults and students. He takes notice when his peers are struggling and goes above and beyond. Without being asked or coerced, he will take the initiative to translate for his peers and teachers to help them be successful. He brings enthusiasm with him to class and carries it with him throughout the day. Uriel deserves to be Student of the Month.

Wendy Fernandez portraitWendy Fernandez-Mar
11th Grade
Sumner High School
Nominated by: Sean Fitzgerald, Teacher

Wendy has led her classroom cluster well and has done a great job of applying soft skills of critical thinking and empathy in her history classroom. This has enabled Wendy to apply the texts in class to herself and therefore make history relevant to herself and classmates in her own way.

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