KCKPS Presents the 2021 “Beyond the Classroom” Art Exhibit

Students express themselves in many ways—the way they dress, the shoes they wear or how they style their hair are a few examples. But students’ hobbies can be one of the greatest ways they seek to express themselves and Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools staff are always there to support.

Each September, KCKPS holds the “Beyond the Classroom” Art show. These pieces of art are completed by students from kindergarten through 12th grade. The district displays the artwork around Central office for a month before sending the pieces off to be displayed in local businesses.

This year’s show has roughly 160 pieces which features pencil drawings, digital arts, paintings, and 3D work.

“There is a variety of things that we look for within our students that are sort of their artistic voice, so it’s not just everyone has to draw,” said Adam Kelne, Banneker Elementary and district Co-Lead Art Teacher. “You find the voice they have and we capture it in a visual form and put it out on display.”

A big shout out to all of the KCKPS students whose art was selected to be displayed in this year’s “Beyond the Classroom” art show.

Posted October 4, 2021

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