KCKPS Social Media Policy

KCKPS social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube) were established to keep an open line of communication between the district, our staff, families, students and the community. We ask that you refrain from the use of bad language or attacking others.

We ask that you not advertise businesses or items that are not related to the school district.

KCKPS holds the right to remove, delete or report any comments they feel breach the Social media policy.

Due to the high volume of requests the Communication and Marketing department sees, the district does not hold any obligation to share flyers, graphics, photos…etc. from outside organizations or community partners.

The purpose of the KCKPS Social Media pages is to communicate information relevant to the school district. These social media pages were not created to advertise. Thank you for your understanding as we continue to work to communicate effectively with our KCKPS families.

The District reserves the right to make any final determination on what is suitable to be shared through our social media platforms from partnering agencies.

KCKPS Social Media Commenting Policy

Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools social media pages are managed by the KCKPS Communications and Marketing Department. These pages are intended to provide another resource for students, staff, families and the community to get district information. We encourage you to share your support for our students and staff and connect with other supporters here on our page.

The district is not responsible for comments made by visitors to the page. Site administrators reserve the right, but assume no obligation, to block users, hide and/or delete comments, posts, images, etc. with or without notice as a result of violating the below conditions. We reserve the right to amend these guidelines at our discretion.

We do not permit:

  • Comments that are racist, sexist, abusive, profane, violent, obscene, vulgar, falsehoods or are widely off-topic
  • Comments that Libel, incite, threaten or make ad hominem attacks on students, staff, guests or others
  • Personal attacks or name calling of students, staff, or other individuals
  • Complaints of any nature that specifically identify individuals
  • Comments that are inciting disrespect, hate, harassment or bullying nature
  • Comments selling products or promoting commercial or other ventures (Spam)
  • Comments advertising businesses or items that are not related to the operations of KCKPS

Social media sites are third party applications and do have their own Terms of Services and Policies that are not governed by the district.

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