KCKPS Students of the Month – March 2021

Damina Gutierrez portraitDamian Gutierrez
Kansas City Kansas Early Childhood Center
Nominated by: Katie Miller-Lopez
This is Damian’s second year of preschool, over this last year Damian has mastered all of his pre kindergarten skills and has begun to work on kindergarten skills. Even though we have been online since last March, Damian and his family have made every effort to log into zoom daily if not twice a day. Along with completing all the activities in zoom on time and with excitement. Damian is going to have an amazing future and will have a positive attitude when doing it.

Yazlin Acosta Rivera portraitYazlin Acosta Rivera
Mark Twain Elementary
Nominated by:Rebecca Perkins, School Counselor

Over the past couple of years, Yazlin has developed a quiet confidence which has continued to grow even throughout online learning. She was part of Girls on the Run in the spring before everything shut down and rejoined in the fall for a virtual season. During our Girls on the Run lessons, she was one who always participated and was willing to try anything! She encouraged the other girls to do their best, and was continually offering ideas, while also allowing for others to grow and share as well. She even created a slide show as part of our Girls on the Run community impact project on kindness, which was shared with our whole school community. While many fifth graders have their cameras off and will only answer in the chat, Yazlin will keep her camera on, and will answer questions out loud which has encouraged a couple of others to do the same. Just before winter break, she wanted to recreate an idea she had seen of students writing a thank you note to their teacher and sharing it in a meeting with the teacher, and managed to get several of her classmates to write notes and attend. When another student in our other fifth grade class heard about that idea, Yazlin explained how her class did it, and another teacher received some “thanks” and “love” as well. Yazlin is a very sweet girl and does what she can to lift up others. She has shown such reliance, perseverance, and responsibilityduring this quite challenging year, and she is very deserving of being the “Student of the Month”.

Zulmy Berbena Juarez portraitZulmy Berbena Juarez
Carl B. Bruce Middle School
Nominated by: Ambroshia Usman, Teacher
Zulmy is an amazing student. She has worked very hard to ensure that she attends class daily, focuses on her school work, completes all of it and showing mastery of the content as well. She is a very dedicated student and I have seen her progress so much from last year to this year. Her English skills were limited but she has not allowed that to be a barrier. She is my hardest working student out of all my classes and I know that she will do her best in anything that she tries. I appreciate having students like her in my class and it makes me remember that I am reaching some students. Thank you again for your consistency and hard work!

Kameron Daboe portrait Kameron Daboe
F.L. Schlagle High School
Nominated by: Deon Whitten, JAG-K Career Specialist, Assistant Basketball & Track Coach
I am nominating Kameron because he has demonstrated academic excellence in the classroom as well leadership outside the class and in the community. Kameron recently made the honor roll and was selected to participate in the Bizfest competition hosted by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Kameron is a member of the 9th and 10th grade JAG-K career association where he works towards achieving his career goals through Project Based learning, and career development opportunities. Kameron has consistently volunteered for the Schlagle and Washington Harvesters distribution twice a month and has amassed well over 15 hours of community service. He is also member of the basketball team and has asserted himself as leader among his peers. All of this while maintaining a parttime job at the Great Wolf Lodge.

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