KCKPS Students of the Month – May 2021

Timothy HmungTimothy Hmung— Preschooler
Earl Watson Jr. Early Childhood Center
Nominated by: Angie Bell: Teacher

Timothy has made amazing progress since the beginning of the year. When we started zoom meetings, he would refuse to turn on his mic or talk. He now actively participates daily and we are able to assess how much he has learned. I am very proud of his willingness to adapt and learn.



Sofia Arias CastilloSofia Arias Castillo—5th Grade
Noble Prentis Elementary
Nominated by: Taylor Stuart: Teacher 

Sofia has a remarkable attitude, natural academic gifts, and a strong, kind heart. She loves to learn and sets high expectations for herself. When I ask students to write a paragraph, she writes a whole essay, and she has consistently done all of her assignments since the school year began. She is humble with her gifts, a friend to all, and an inspiration to all she meets.




Ashley Perez-VasquezAshley Perez-Vazquez—6th Grade
Gloria Willis Middle School
Nominated by: Amy Gao: Math Teacher

Ashley is one of the most hardworking students I have ever encountered. She has a wonderful sense of humor, is incredibly modest, and is a very talented artist! I am consistently blown away by her work ethic; she doesn’t just do enough to get by, she strives to challenge herself and do the absolute best she can, while still pushing to improve. Ashley will answer questions in multiple ways, just to see which method makes the most sense and she prefers to use. Every single teacher she has, has shared the same feelings, she puts forth so much effort, into not only the accuracy of the work, but what it looks like. She will format and edit her writing to make it look better, she will write elegant sentences in math to make herself clear, showing that she truly can interpret the information. Ashley is truly a special individual, and her teachers want her to know how much we enjoy being able to teach her.


Khiyonna BelcherKhiyonna Belcher—12th Grade
J.C. Harmon High School
Nominated by: Claudio Flores: Principal/ Patricia Egans: Assistant Principal/ Chelsea Krapcha: English Teacher/ Emily Stortenbecker: Social Worker.  

Khiyonna has been dealt a tough hand at life. She has been through incredible types of pain, loss, hardship, but she is always fighting through her pain with a smile on her face. Khiyonna has grown leaps and bounds in her years at Harmon, culminating in a particularly impressive showing this past month. Khiyonna uses the tougher parts of her past to motivate her to live for a better future, and has really leaned into school to help her achieve that. She has always found confidence in excelling in school, in performing well in school, and seeking positive support to advocate for herself and her needs, especially through her journal writing and free verse poetry. Khiyonna is a true KCKPS baby, grown up before us all, into great achievement in her senior year. Her ability to maintain her sense of self, and put one foot in front of the other, to keep going, each day, is an inspiration to us all. We would like to nominate Khiyonna Belcher as the Student of the Month.







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