Kansas City Math Week Is Here!

Kansas City Math Week Is Here!


May 9-13

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Math week is a unique opportunity to come together as a community and engage all families for 5 nights with delightful math games and stories in the comfort of their own home. The games are provided FREE in English and Spanish.

Through rich story-based mathematical experiences, families can build math confidence and lessen “math anxiety.” The stories serve as a catalyst for the community math week and are all grounded in the world around us, allowing the experience to be about math, literacy, history, and geography in a culturally relevant way. The games and stories feature several countries including Lesotho, Madagascar & China.

These activities can be played by as few as 2 people and as many as 35. They take only 15 minutes to play yet can fill an entire hour. When you are done simply fill out the survey so your play time is added to the official school tracking system and we can recognize your family’s contribution to the community math week goal.

TEACHERS: Help us reach our GOAL of 12,000 minutes per school by logging any math activities done in your classroom during the week. You can include your math lesson, allowing students to play the games during class or integrating other math activities throughout the week.

The games can be played on iPad, iPhone, Chrome Books or any other mobile device.

Join the fun and solve a problem or two.

Goal: 12,000 Minutes per Building

The CLASS with the most minutes will win a prize!

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