New Changes to the KCKPS Athletic Eligibility Policy

The District’s Athletic Eligibility Policy has been amended to the following:

Any High School or Middle School student below a Grade Point Average of 2.0 or any failing grades of “F” on the mid-quarter and quarter grade reports will be required to participate in the Student Support Plan (SSP) at his/her school site in order to practice or play.

Students who do not follow their SSP will not be allowed to practice or play.

KCKPS Board Policy JH requires a Student Support Plan as defined below:

  1. The Student Support Plan (SSP) shall be designed by each high school site to meet the needs of individual students. The plan must contain one or more of the following:
    • After school tutoring prior to attending practice – each school at a minimum will have 30 minutes afterschool prior to practice
    • Athletic Directors will be responsible for providing weekly grade checks to coaches on Wednesdays to go in effect the next week.
    • Students have Thursday & Friday to make an appointment to work with teachers the next week
    • Teachers will sign a pass/sheet to indicate student attended the appointment
    • Coach collects pass/sign in sheets from all students prior to practice – No teacher sign in – No practice
    • Athletic Directors collect sign-in sheets from coaches to follow up with teachers if needed
  2. Wednesday early release tutoring – where resources are available for supervision and academic support (ex: Gear Up)
  3. Other: as documented by a principal approved intervention plan, these Student Support Plans will provide students who have been quarantined from school the support needed without losing the opportunity to represent their schools in athletics and activities.

In addition to voting in favor of the SSP changes, the KCKPS Board of Education also voted in favor of requiring COVID-19 testing to all non-vaccinated athletes. Testing is expected to start in December. We will have more information on the plan in the coming weeks to share with all of you.

Posted October 12, 2021

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