New Initiative Focuses on Increasing Teachers for KCKPS

New Initiative Focuses on Increasing Teachers for KCKPS

Students interested in becoming teachers heard about an exciting new district initiative that puts them a step closer to becoming a teacher for Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools (KCKPS). This exciting new initiative also helps the district grow future teachers for the school district.

That initiative, known as the Kansas Statewide Teacher Education Pathway for Underserved and Place-bound Students or K-STEP UP, was introduced to students interested in entering the ??teaching profession and their parents during a presentation at the district office on Monday, April 22.

Students heard details about the program from staff of KCKPS, Kansas State University (K-State), Kansas City Kansas Community College (KCKCC), and a student. All three entities are partnering to make this initiative successful.

How the Program Works:

Students complete their general education classes (two years) at KCKCC then transfer those credits to K-State, where they will complete their education-related courses online from the comfort of their homes.

Students also participate in a week-long summer camp for future teachers at K-State through the Kansas Advanced Teacher Academy (KATA).The final requirement, the student teaching experience, will be completed in KCKPS. This is a year-long internship in the school district. It is an opportunity for students to put their years of learning into action in classrooms.

K-STEP UP event
A student speaks with representatives from K-State about K-STEP UP.

K-STEP UP event K-STEP UP event

For more information about this program, contact Professional Workforce Development Director Shelly Beech at 913.279.2259 or at

K-STEP UP Pathway to Teaching

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Posted April 23, 2019

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