New Law Restricts Remote Learning Options

Hello KCKPS Family,

The 2021-22 school has started and just a few weeks into in-person instruction, we have already begun to see rising COVID-19 case numbers in our schools.

We understand that the sudden increase in positive COVID-19 cases creates health and safety concerns for our families. As we continue to receive more inquiries, we want to address the situation the district is facing when making that decision around remote learning and in-person learning.

Different from last school year, the option for remote learning is no longer something Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools, or any school district in the state of Kansas, can rely on at this time. The state legislature passed HB 2134, which prohibits school districts from offering more than 40 hours of remote learning to any student enrolled in in-person learning with a school district. This legislation went into effect on July 1, 2021.

At the beginning of the school year, KCKPS allowed families to sign up with Greenbush for the virtual learning option. Due to limited capacity, that option is now closed.

We believe that schools are the best place for our students during these difficult times. This is why we all must do our part to help ensure that we maintain a safe and healthy teaching and learning environment for us all.

We will continue to monitor evidence of transmission within every school campus and consult with the local health department and health experts if we have concerns about ongoing transmission. We have implemented an operational plan to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and the Delta variant on all of our school campuses. All school administrators, teachers, and support staff are aware of the procedures and are responsible for ensuring they are enforced.

We have upgraded our COVID-19 webpage, which provides a more detailed and transparent account of the number of cases in our school district and schools. When visiting the Dashboard, please keep in mind that the data is subject to availability at the time of reporting. The information is updated weekly.

We understand and appreciate everyone’s concerns, but we must stay vigilant and follow the safety measures in place. We want to thank everyone for your collaboration in helping to reduce the number of positive cases in our community and school district.

Posted August 31, 2021

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