Parent Portal for Transportation

KCKPS is excited to announce that you now have access to a revolutionary smartphone app that helps to improve communication, school bus safety, and efficiency. The Edulog Parent Portal app provides you with planned time and location information for your children’s bus ride to and from school. The app will show you the GPS location of the bus, and send you a push notification when it is nearing your bus stop.

This app is free of charge for our parents, caregivers, and students. In addition to displaying the location of your bus and sending the notifications, you can also receive time-sensitive messages from our transportation department. You will also receive notification when a substitute bus is running your route due to scheduled maintenance.

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store by searching Edulog Parent Portal.

Security is important.  Only you have access to your student’s transportation information through the app via a secure login process. You must know your student’s school of attendance, ID number (which is printed on their bus pass), and date of birth. In addition, the exact spelling of the bus riders first name and last name.

Note: If you cannot find your child’s ID number on the card, you will be able to locate it in Infinite Campus.  

If your child attends preschool or rides a specialized bus, they may not have been issued a keycard. Parents/guardians can still use the service. You will need to find the students ID through Infinite Campus. Bus drivers will be imputing your child’s information at the time they board the bus and when they exit.

Please know that our goal is to provide safe and efficient transportation for all KCKPS children riding a school bus. By improving communication and expanding the information available to you through this app, we are working hard to meet and exceed that goal.

Please remember that bus riders are asked to have their bus keycards with them every time they plan to ride the bus. Making it a habit to put the passes in their backpack in the same spot will limit the changes of misplacing it.

If a student misplaces their card, please notify the school. There will be a $20.00 lost card fee.  Payment will have to be received by the school before a new card is issued.

Downloadable PDF Instructions

Parent Portal Infographic PDF – English
Parent Portal Infographic PDF – Spanish
Parent Portal Infographic PDF – Burmese
Parent Portal Infographic PDF – Karen
Parent Portal Infographic PDF – Nepali
Parent Portal Infographic PDF – Swahili

Instructional Videos

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Edulog’s Parent Portal? How do I sign up to use it?
The Parent Portal mobile app by Education Logistics, Inc. (Edulog) allows school districts to share planned and actual school transportation information with parents and caregivers. The app provides the latest information on the planned time and location of the student’s school bus stop. It can show the position of the school bus and give an alert as the bus nears the bus stop. With Edulog’s Student Ridership module, parents and caregivers receive notifications when their student swipes an ID card on an RFID card reader as they board and disembark the bus.

Download the Edulog Parent Portal from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Search for “Edulog Parent Portal” and choose the app with the white bus on the teal background.

Once you have the app downloaded, sign up using your email address.
QR Codes for the Parent Portal app
NOTE: Edulog’s other parent app, Parent Portal Lite, has a teal bus on a white background, so take care to download the correct app.  Using the QR code pictured here will access the correct app.

Is there a Spanish version?
Yes. Once you have the app installed, the language can be changed from English to Spanish on the SETTINGS tab. Make sure to select SAVE to continue in the language of your choice.

Should I register separately for each of my children?
Just register once for your school district. A single registration allows you to access information for all students for whom you have the security information.


How do I register my student in the Parent Portal?
This is done from the STUDENT LIST tab by selecting the “+” icon or the ADD STUDENT button. In order to register your student, you must have 5 pieces of information to ensure security.

  1. Student’s First Name (spelled correctly)
  2. Student’s Last Name (spelled correctly)
  3. School to which the student is assigned.
  4. Student’s data of birth
  5. Student ID Number, assigned by the school district.

My student’s first or last name is often misspelled or has multiple spellings. Which spelling do I use to access his/her information in the app?
You must use the spelling of the first and last name that matches the spelling used by the school district’s student information system.

I am having trouble finding my student’s school to fill in the SCHOOL field. What am I missing?There are two ways to select your student’s school.

  1. One is to search based on the school name. As you type part of the school name, you will see schools that match that name, in full or in part. For instance, for Booker T. Washington School, you can begin typing “Booker” or “Washington” and a list of matching schools will appear.
  2. Alternatively, you can click on the small map icon to the right of the school field and then locate the school on the map, selecting the icon displayed at the school location.

My student shows as PENDING or REJECTED. What do I do?
Typically, a student registration shows as PENDING or REJECTED if all 5 security fields do not match. You can see the data that you entered by selecting this student in the app and examining the data to check for typographical errors. If you have questions about the spelling of the name or the district ID number, you should contact the student’s school.

How do I delete a student from my app?
From the STUDENTS tab, just swipe left for that student. This is also the process you use to delete a PENDING or REJECTED registration.