Alternative Education Pathways

KCKPS is dedicated to ensuring each student is ready for college or a career by the time they graduate from high school. Alternative Education Pathways provides high school students with the opportunity to learn by using different teaching methods and learning materials.

If you want to know more, please call Student Services at 913.279.2249.

Fairfax Learning Center

Fairfax Learning Center (FLC) is a school for students in grades 9-12 who are behind in credits or who are not on track to graduate from high school.?? FLC gives students a chance to do their school work on a computer with a certified teacher in the room to help them. The school district works with Greenbush and Southeast Kansas Education Service Center to run the school. Please call Student Services to apply to go to FLC.

500 REACH Virtual Learning Center

500 REACH is a virtual school that gives students grades 10-12 and adults a chance to earn a KCKPS high school diploma. Students can work on their classes any place where they can connect to the internet or they can go to the 500 Reach office to use the internet. Students work at their own pace using virtual, computer-based instruction. Students have access to face-to-face support from a teacher at the 500 REACH office. Students can sign up at any time. High school age students must call the Alternative Services Coordinator at 913.279.2091 to enroll. Adults (students 19 years and older) can call 500 Reach directly at 913.287.1718 to enroll, or email Linda Paul directly.

G.E.D. Prep and Workforce Programs

In addition to KCKPS Alternative Pathway schools, students can also get help in learning about getting a GED. Kansas City Kansas Community College and other community programs such as Job Corps, YouthBuild and Made Men offer GED services. Students can also get information about Workforce Partnership, an agency that helps students build job skills find a job. If you want to know more, please call Student Services at 913.279.2249.