Guide for Guaranteed Viable Curriculum

GVC Guides

Guaranteed Viable Curriculum (GVC) Guides provide a guide for what should be taught and when it should be taught throughout the school year to include the focus on literacy across all contents, particularly in writing. The Pacing Guides within the GVC Guides identify when each standard is addressed in the curriculum and the resources available to teach those standards. By following the Pacing Guides and aligning their instruction to the other components of the GVC Guides, teachers in the district are providing a guaranteed and viable curriculum for all students. GVC Guides listed below address English Language Arts/Literacy, Math, Science, and Social Studies in grades K-12.


High School

Subject Courses

High School Advocacy

Freshmen – Year One

Sophomores – Year Two

Juniors – Year Three

Seniors – Year Four

High School Math

Algebra Geometry 1

Algebra Geometry 2

Algebra Geometry 3

Intermediate College Algebra (ICA)

Math Enhancement

Math Trig Analysis (MTA)


High School English Language Arts

English 1

English 2

English 3

English 4



Creative Writing



Film and Literature


Strategic Reading High School

High School Science

Anatomy and Physiology (High School Science)



Chemistry 1

Chemistry 2



Physical Science



High School Social Studies

American History

World History

American Government


World Geography


Human Rights


Street Law

Middle School

Subject Courses

Middle School Math

6th Grade (Math)

7th Grade (Math)

Algebra Geometry

Middle School ELA

6th Grade (ELA)

7th Grade (ELA)

8th Grade (ELA)

Strategic Reading Middle School

Academic Thinking Middle School

Middle School Science

6th Grade (Science)
7th Grade (Science)
8th Grade (Science)

Middle School Social Studies

6th Grade (Social Studies)
7th Grade (Social Studies)
8th Grade (Social Studies)

Middle School Speech

8th Grade (Speech)

Middle School Debate

8th Grade (Debate)

Middle School Forensics

8th Grade (Forensics)

Early Childhood

Subject Courses

Early Childhood

Early Childhood Curriculum Guide

Elementary School

Subject Courses
Elementary School Kindergarten

First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

World Language

Subject Courses

World Language

French I

French II

Spanish 1

Spanish 2

Spanish 3

Heritage Spanish 1

Heritage Spanish 2


Subject Courses


Technology Grade K

Technology Grade 1

Technology Grade 2

Technology Grade 3

Technology Grade 4

Technology Grade 5

Computer Applications A (MS)

Computer Applications B (MS)

K-12 Art

Subject Courses

K-12 Art

Art Grade K

Art Grade 1

Art Grade 2

Art Grade 3

Art Grade 4

Art Grade 5

Visual Art 1 Grade 6

Visual Art 2 Grade 7

Visual Art 3 Grade 8

Ceramics A

Design Fundamentals

Graphic Design (K-12 Art)

Graphic Design Fundamentals (K-12 Art)

Jewelry A

Painting A


K-12 Music

Subject Courses

K-12 Music

Elementary Music



6th Grade Vocal Music

7th & 8th Grade Vocal Music

HS Vocal Music Proficient

HS Vocal Music Advanced

K-12 PE

Subject Courses

K-12 PE

PE Grade K

PE Grade 1

PE Grade 2

PE Grade 3

PE Grade 4

PE Grade 5

PE 6th Grade

PE 7th Grade

PE 8th Grade

Principles of PE A

Principles of PE B


Subject Courses


Freshman 101

Senior 101

A/V and Web and Digital Communications

21st Century Journalism


Audio Visual Production Fundamentals

Business Essentials (A/V and Web and Digital Communications)

Computer Applications A

Computer Applications B

Computer Graphics (A/V and Web and Digital Communications)

Computer Programming

Digital Media Design and Production

Digital Media Technology

Emerging Technologies A

Emerging Technologies B

Game Design and Authoring for the Web

Graphic Design (A/V and Web and Digital Communications)

Graphic Design Fundamentals (A/V and Web and Digital Communications)

Interactive Media

Internet Marketing (A/V and Web and Digital Communications)

Marketing (A/V and Web and Digital Communications)

Media and Public Relations

Middle School Intro to Journalism

Photo Imaging

Video Production

Web Design

Architecture and Construction

Advanced Studies in Architectural Design

Architectural Design

Cabinet Making and Furniture Design 1

Cabinet Making and Furniture Design 2


Interior Design

Introduction to Design and Pre-Construction

Residential Carpentry

Engineering and Applied Mathematics

Civil Engineering and ArchitectureComputer Applications A

Computer Applications B

Digital Electronics

Gateway to Technology 6

Gateway to Technology 7

Gateway to Technology 8

Principles of Engineering

Robotics A

Robotics B

Technology Innovation and Assessment

Health Science

Anatomy and Physiology (Health Science)

Biotechnology B

Care of Athletes

Health Science I

Health Science II

Health Science III

Medical Terminology

Human Services

Career and Life Planning (Human Services)

Career and Community Connections

Consumer Education A

Consumer Education B

Entrepreneurship (Human Services)

Family Studies

Human Growth and Development (Human Services)

Nutrition and Wellness

Law and Public Safety

Business LawIntro to LPSS

Practical Law

Marketing and Business, Entrepreneur


Applied Business Development

Business Commmunications

Business Essentials (Marketing and Business, Entrepreneur)

Business Law

Business Management

Computer Graphics (Marketing and Business, Entrepreneur)

Entrepreneurship (Marketing and Business, Entrepreneur)

Graphic Design (Marketing and Business, Entrepreneur)

Integrated Marketing Applications

Internet Marketing (Marketing and Business, Entrepreneur)

Marketing (Marketing and Business, Entrepreneur)

Marketing Communications

Marketing Management

Web Page Design

Restaurant and Event Management

Bakery and Pastry 1

Culinary Applications

Culinary Arts I

Culinary Arts II

Culinary Essentials

Foundations of Travel and Tourism

Teaching / Training

Career and Life Planning (Teaching/Training)

Human Growth and Development (Teaching/Training)

Teaching as a Career

Teaching Internship

Teaching Internship – Workspace