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In addition to the long-distance learning program going into effect from Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools, we also want to make sure that our parents and students have an abundance of educational activities, projects, games, and other resources available as needed. For that reason, KCKPS staff have compiled the following items for your own use, to supplement learning for all who might need or want more in the coming months. If you have any question, concerns or additions to these listings, please contact us at

Exercise & Physical Activity

Keeping Active with Yoga

Kids doing yoga

Why Starting your Child’s Day with Yoga may be Beneficial

Studies prove that there are numerous benefits to starting a child’s day with yoga and may in fact show significant positive results. Here are a few benefits:

  1. Helps child to develop focus and concentration.
  2. Boosts self-esteem and confidence
  3. Enhances physical flexibility
  4. Strengthens mind-body connection.
  5. Helps relieve stress and child to relax

Again, Pinterest is a great resource for different routes to take when beginning this new path. However if you do not have access to Pinterest, here are a few poses to consider:
Tree Pose: Balance on one leg. Bend other knee and rest foot on your inner thigh. Place palms together and extend arms above head. To make this pose a little challenging, instruct child to slowly sway back and fourth.
Squat Pose: This pose is similar to how a frog appears. Have child squat down with their knees apart and arms resting between their knees. To make pose more challenging, have child place their hands on the ground and jump like a frog.
Child’s Pose: Have child lay on ground with their knees tucked and touching their chest. Then have child rest head on floor and stretch arms straight back towards their feet. During this time, have child focus on deep breaths.
Butterfly Pose: Have child sit on ground with a tall spine. Child should then bend their legs and have both feet together. This will appear to be the butterfly stretch. Have child flop legs like the wings of a butterfly.
Snake Pose: Have Child lay with their stomach on the ground. Extend their legs straight back. Using their arms they should lift the top half of their body while keeping their palms on the ground.
Warrior Pose: Have child stand. Extend their front leg in front of them. Have them bend their front leg slightly. Extend their back leg straight back. Raise arms straight out on both sides.

Online Resources

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