School Board Approves a Move to Start in-person Classes in the 3rd Quarter

The KCKPS Board of Education approved a recommendation by the administration to postpone the return to in-person instruction until April 5th. The decision was made during the regular school board meeting on Tuesday, December 1st.

The decision to postpone in-person instruction was driven by the recent increase in positive COVID-19 rates in Wyandotte County. Presented with three options, the board voted to change their earlier decision to a phased in hybrid learning model with students returning on January 19th.  Tuesday’s night vote means the district will now be following the Option A Plan listed below:

Revised School Reentry Plan:

  • Option A– Approve postponing the January return of students for
in-person learning until the end of 3rd quarter
    • Students return April 5th
    • Instructional staff return March 22
  • Option B- Approve postponing the January return of instructional staff 
and students for in-person learning until COVID-19 positivity rates 
decrease (<15%)
    • 2 week notification to get instructional staff back into the buildings to allow for classroom/building transition
    • Another 2 weeks to allow for phasing students back into our buildings
  • Option C- Continue with the decision to return in January.

The District used the Gating Criteria recommended by the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE). The District will continue to work closely with Unified Government Public Health Department as they monitor the COVID-19 numbers in the county.

The district began the vital planning work for reopening schools early this summer and presented options to the board for consideration in June, but the continued reports of a high number of COVID-19 cases in the county have continuously altered reentry plans and delayed the decision to return to the classroom much sooner.

For more information about the District’s Reentry Plan, please visit the District’s website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t the last day of school still in May?
The board decision to postpone the return of students until April will not impact the last day for students which is May 27, 2020. Please use the following link to access the 2020-2021 District Calendar.

Why are they even going back now if we are waiting until April?

  • It is still important for students to have the opportunity to return to school if for a shorter amount of time.
  • In those two months, teachers and students can build relationships that could not be accomplished online.
  • Students have the opportunity socialize with their peers that they haven’t seen face to face.
  • Students have access to in-person services such as counseling, athletics, clubs, etc.
  • Teachers can better identify gaps in learning and can work with students in small groups or on an individual basis to close those gaps.
  • Teachers can help identify which students may need access to summer school to help fill in learning gaps or to recover credits for failed courses

What if my child is really struggling?
If your child is struggling with remote learning, continue to reach out to your child’s teacher and principal to share your concerns and to get more guidance on how to best support them during this time.

What about sports?
On Tuesday, January 12th, the KCKPS Board approved to start the Wrestling Season on Wednesday – January 13, 2021.  The decision comes after suspending the season following the rise of Covid-19 cases in the Wyandotte County area and the fear wrestling involved such close contact.

All Unified Government Secondary Sports Recommendations will be followed including: masking requirements, cohorting teams, no spectators at competitions (competitions will be livestreamed) along with KSHSAA mitigations of screening, keeping daily logs and temperature taking prior to every to practice/competition.

In addition, the Board approved leniency in the District Eligibility Policy by allowing students who are not academically progressing.  Students with F’s will be required to have a Student Support Plan and attend tutoring/academic help prior to being able to practice.  This only last through January 25th when the first semester ends. The District Eligibility Policy will be in full effect beginning  second semester.

All Athletic Directors will soon be posting the match schedules on athletic websites as soon as they are completed.


What if I have an IEP and I am struggling to continue to learn? 
If your student has an IEP please contact our Special Education Department at 913-627-5600. You can also call or text our Parent SPED Support line at (913) 608-4696 to connect with a member of our Special Education Leadership team. Thank you.

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