School Supply List

For many parents and students when you think of the start of school, you also think of school supplies. Thanks to state funding and generous donations, KCKPS is happy to announce we have your backs, or in this case your pocketbooks covered.

The district will be providing every student from early childhood through 12th grade, ALL of the supplies they will need. It’s not just their pens and pencils, but the district will also be providing binders, notebooks, crayons, scissors, index cards, and for some age groups ear buds. The only purchases that parents are requested to make:

  • Backpacks: All age groups
  • Pencil Box: Early childhood- 5th grade

The start of the 2020-2021 school year will look much different than in years past, the school board recently voted to move the start of the school year back to Wednesday, September 9th, for all students.

While school supplies do not seem like a must-have when students are still at home, experts suggest keeping your student organized, just like they were in class, will help in their success. The folders, notebooks, and other items used at home will one day be used when their classes are moved back to in person learning.

The next question many parents will now have: when will students get their supplies? The district is working on a plan to get all supplies to students before the start of the school year. Please stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

For students new to KCKPS, the district is also working on a plan to distribute technology to all new students.