September 2020 Students of the Month Honored by the KCKPS Board of Education

Naeja Cunningham-Newman

Naeja Cunningham Newman portraitNorth Central Office Early Childhood Center
Nominated by: Justine Powls, Teacher at NCOECC

Naeja shows up to school every single day! There is great communication with the family and we are always impressed with her participation in school activities!

Naeja is kinda and respectful to her peers and teachers and always shows an interest in learning.

Rhythm Wilson

Rhythm Wilson portraitBanneker Elementary
Nominated by: Vincent Boreas, Elementary Gifted Facilitator

From Vincent Boreas, Elementary Gifted Facilitator

Rhythm Wilson is a fifth-grade student at Banneker Elementary School. I would like to nominate Rhythm for the “Student of the Month Award” because of the effort and diligence she demonstrates in her school work every day. I have worked with Rhythm for the last two years in a Challenger Group to extend her learning beyond the requirements of the general education curriculum. Rhythm is always looking for a challenge and is curious and steadfast while learning new interesting content.

One of the subjects Rhythm studied was the causes and effects of extreme weather, a subject that affects everyone, and is becoming more frequent and intense every year. Rhythm learned about heat transfer, pressure gradients and energy conservation and how they can cause our weather to become dangerous and extreme. Rhythm demonstrated her learning through artistic expression, creating a poster for the Cool Science Program, a collaboration between the University of Massachusetts and the University of Kansas in partnership with the National Science Foundation. The Cool Science Program runs a poster competition to instruct and inform the general public about extreme weather.

Rhythm’s poster was selected as the winner in the elementary category, from all of the entries across Kansas and Missouri. As the winner, Rhythm’s poster will be mounted on the Kansas City – RideKC Metro Area busses. Her artwork will inform thousands of bus riders in the Kansas City area about how storms form and can impact everyone’s life.

Joshua A. Moreno Galvez

Joshua Moreno portraitEisenhower Middle School
Nominated by: Dr. Tom Sowers, Principal at Earl Watson Jr. Early Childhood Center

I wanted to recognize Joshua, a student at Eisenhower Middle School, for demonstrating what it means to be selfless. Selfless is defined as being concerned more with the needs of others than with one’s own needs. Joshua called his brother Emanuel’s school, Earl Watson Jr. ECC asking about how to get him connected on the iPad that was provided to his younger brother.

He was helping to make sure that his brother Emanuel could get connected to the live learning sessions on the iPad. We worked through the issue over the phone and as I thanked him for his help he was extremely kind and seemed happy to help his younger brother. We spoke briefly about his own learning at the middle school level and I thanked him for his act of kindness.

This is a quality that is not found in everyone and is one that will undoubtedly serve Joshua well. Additionally, he is modeling this behavior for his younger brother Emanuel to display himself. During Remote Learning I often find myself saying to the amazing staff members within my school that we are, “All in this together”. Joshua’s actions embodied exactly what that means. As a school family, district, community, nation, and global society, we should all strive to be just like Joshua. Thank you Joshua for showing us what it means to be selfless and to his family for instilling this crucial character trait within him.

Angel Cordova Duran

Wyandotte High School
Nominated by: Cindy Beecher, Counselor at Wyandotte

Angel Cordova Duran portraitWe are nominating Angel as student of the month in recognition of his impressive performance as a summer intern with the JE Dunn Construction company. He was initially recommended for the internship based on his excellent grades, exemplary attendance, and honorable character. He went on to impress those at JE Dunn who worked and met with him. This internship solidified his desire to become an architect and connected him with architects who offered their continued support as he pursues his architecture degree. Based on what he learned both in the offices and construction sites run by JE Dunn, Angel believes he will be a better architect because of this experience.


Posted September 23, 2020


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