Student Services

Student Services Virtual Office

Here you will find many of the resources available to you through Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools’ Student Services Department, including McKinney-Vento, Alternative Education Pathways, Attend to Achieve (A2A), Social Emotional Learning (SEL), KidZone and Behavioral Health. Click any button on the virtual office to go where you want to go.

How to Use the Virtual Office

You’ll first notice that you can access KCKPS website, social media and even the district calendar from the virtual office.

The Chalkboard includes more links to information regarding these Student Services resources.

If you need to get a hold of our Director, Lisa Garcia Stewart, or Assistant Director, Octavio Estrella, you can click here to send them an email.

You can also access information about the CARE line, Trauma Sensitive and Resilient Schools, and our SEL Website through the chalkboard.

Additionally, many of these friendly faces are also links to resources and information. For example, by clicking on Tracie, you will go to SEL KCK Website which houses lessons from our counselors as well as SEL @ home.

Other ways to use this office include accessing documents. Clicking on the file cabinet takes you to the documents page. To request a transcript or your records, you can fill out the records request online. If you have a concern about your child’s school, click here to complete this google form and a Coordinator will get in touch with you.

You can also request an appointment with student services. Due to COVID-19, Central Office is closed to the public, so you will need an appointment to chat with someone in our office. Just like in person, you will check-in via the iPad. You’ll see here that these three direct you to email the person in charge of these programs and they will coordinate an appointment time with you.

Click on Schedule an appointment and a new tab will open. Fill out the form to request an appointment. All appointments with Student Services are virtual through Google Meet. You will receive the link to your virtual appointment in your confirmation email. Please be sure to include a good phone number in case we need to reach you that way. If you are wanting to utilize your mobile phone for the appointment, you will need to download the Google Meet app (it’s free!).

By clicking on the phone, you will be directed to our “Contact Us” page that includes our phone number and the email addresses for contacting these resources.

In the corner of this virtual office is Lia McLoughlin, our KidZone program specialist. KidZone is working hard to reach our students, and they have their very own virtual KidZone space for you to checkout! You’ll click on this link, and make sure it’s in “present” mode. Now you can access all of the tools and activities in KidZone!

Divisions of Student Services

  • Alternative Education Pathways: Provides high school students with the opportunity to learn by using different teaching methods and learning materials.
  • Attend to Achieve (A2A): Truancy Services
  • Kidzone: Childcare Services, Academic Enrichment and Youth Development
  • McKinney-Vento: Homeless Liaison
  • Social-Emotional Learning
  • Trauma Sensitive & Resilient Schools