Students of the Month for December 2020

Kai JohnsonKai Johnson
Nominated by: Sarah Schulze, Teacher
Kai Johnson and his family have been working and playing hard at home. Kai has perfect attendance and has done every activity on Seesaw. The teachers especially love seeing Kai and his mom practicing I Love You Rituals each week. We can see that Kai has been working hard learning his numbers, colors, and shapes. He is also a great peer model for his other friends in that class that are English language learners. We are so proud of Kai and his family!




Corbin Garcia portraitCorbin Garcia
Eugene Ware Elementary
Nominated by: Cristina Robb
I would like to nominate Corbin Garcia for student of the month. I have had the pleasure of working with Corbin this year remotely and got to know him last year when we were in person eventhough he wasn’t one of my students. He always comes with a smile and great warmth and is always energetic and excited to learn. This year while working with him remotely I was made aware the math could be a trigger for him and he has not only battled through that trigger but has made great growth in all subjects. He is kind and gentle and is always asking how I am doing and how other students are doing. While he can struggle academically he is making great progress despite the challenges of remote learning. He is the reason I teach and the joy he demonstrates is why I look forward to all my learning sessions with all students. He is more than deserving of this honor and award.


Mauricio Tiznado portraitMauricio Tiznado
Rosedale Middle School
Nominated by: Katlynn Templeton
Mauricio Tiznado is such a delight to have in class. Each period he always asks how I am doing when he enters. He also is extremely engaged in class. Mauricio has truly stepped up as a leader in my class. It is a high ELL class, and he has stepped up to help with a breakout room to translate for a few newcomer students. He did not have to take on this responsibility but took it upon himself and always reminds me of the breakout room. Mauricio also ends each class saying “PEACE OUT.” It puts a smile on my face at the end of the day. A few weeks ago for some reason the chat messages were not coming through on my end during work time for about twenty minutes. Mauricio took it upon himself to answer his peers’ questions. He continues to go above and beyond each day. He submitted a picture with a mask, because he knows the importance of wearing a mask if we want to get back to school.

Moziah Taylor portraitMoziah Taylor
F.L. Schlagle High School
Nominated by: Jonann Ellner, ELA Teacher
I had the honor of having Moziah Taylor for a small part of freshman English last year and am blessed to have him again for Sophomore ELA II. Moziah is a thinker, a doer and a cultivator of respect and kindness. He always has a positive attitude towards study, and displays GRIT when the assignments get tough. Moziah has a passion for learning and respects the opportunities education affords his future. He has an ability to think and work independently. Moziah has an ability to persevere and complete tasks. His inquiring mind is a wonderful gift to the classroom and his peers, this is what allows him to be a natural leader, as well as work well in groups. Moziah is well spoken and utilized good written English when transferring his thoughts to paper. Moziah Taylor is a stellar student and stand out in KCKPS, we are proud to call him a Stallion.

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